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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


v The presentation on Technological developments in Department of Posts to the Staff Side has been proposed to be held on 23.11.2010 at Directorate. The earlier decision of inviting all P3 Circle Secretaries had been dropped for the reasons best known to the Administration. Perhaps, we conveyed our resentment and also seeking another meeting inviting all Circle Secretaries to appraise the developments since they are the real leaders who are instrumental and implementing the decisions at workspot.

v Confederation of CG employees has notified it’s National Council on 1.12.2010 at Mumbai to discuss various issues.

v All India Conference of All India SBCO Employees Association & Civil Wing Association will be held on 11.12.2010 & 12.12.2010 respectively at Hyderabad. Prior to that on 10.12.2010, the Federal Executive will be held in the same city.

v CAT Principal bench New Delhi decided in its OA No. 1401/2010 on 09.09.2010 that if the employees who on fixation of ACP scales, are in receipt of lesser salary than their juniors in the same cadre/post, then their salary be stepped up accordingly. We are demanding that it should be applied in the case of promotees in our department also.

v The Department of Posts has sought ‘Expression of Interest’ for Core System Integrator (CSI) for I. T. Modernisation project on 29.10.2010. The Primary focus of the India Post 2012 is to improve and automate postal services through re-engineering and creation of efficient operations and systems.

At Present 12,604 Head Post offices & SOs are computerized. The Plan is to computerize all the remaining post offices and also 1,30,000 BOs approximately and connect all Post offices and non various applications seamlessly across the net work.

Currently there are 56 stand-alone applications. India Post 2012 intends to build a core set of integrated application covering key functions as Mail operations Retail, e-commerce operation, Logistics and warehousing, Postal Banking, Financial Services, Postal Life Insurance, Finance HR and customer interaction channels etc. ICT solution to computerize the BOs will be envisaged.

v The Department of Posts calls for Expression of Interest for working as ‘Consultant’ to develop a costing model for the project of’ Modernized Costing System’ for the products and services offered by the department and in particular to the following.

(i) Review of the existing methodology of costing followed in the Department of Posts.

(ii) To develop a system for collecting of data for traffic, revenue and expenditure in respect of each service/product separately.

(iii) Devising a costing system for segmented report of cost for premium products, foreign mails, agency services (such as savings bank, cash certificates, PLI, Pension Payments etc.) and traditional services offered by the department.

(iv) The costing system so devised should be able to analyze the cost and profitability of each service segment wise.

(v) The proposed costing method should be developed using opportunity cost, joint costing principles and should be based amongst other on Total Costing Method, Activity Based Costing Method, Marginal Costing Method.

(vi) Suggest standardized classification of cost and devise standard formats by which the cost of resources used in various services can be collected and classified for the purpose of costing of various services/products.

(vii) The costing method so devised should analysis the behavior of various costs so as to segregate the cost in to fixed and variable costs.

(viii) The costing method so devised should form a basis for management of pricing of products.

(ix) In view of above suitable costing software to be adopted by DOP may be suggested.

(x) Applying/Piloting the new methodology in at least two – three verticals for at least one – two year and training to the associated staff/officers may be completed on the basis of suggested methodology.

Offer has been sought from reputed concerns with global experience and having experts in the field.

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