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Saturday, January 30, 2010



    The Department is causing retrograde orders one after another affecting the interest of GDS comrades. It has tightened the norms to the extent of 1 point for cash handling of Rs.20000/- and its application. No norms for RPLI, NREGS has been fixed so far even as per the GDS committee report. Now the recent attack has come in the form of closure of all existing EDSOs before 28.02.2010 by an order dated 14.01.2010. The reason for such move is that there is no much distinction between the functioning of EDSOs & Pos and the decision is based on the Nataraja Murti's accommodations. The present incumbents holding the post of GDS SPM will be give protection in the TRCA scale of Rs.4575-85-7125 corresponding to five hours/125 points. The downgraded EDSO will function with the establishment of GDS SPM, GDS MD/MC depending on the justification for such a post. If there is justification for upgradation in to Departmental Sub offices. It can be upgraded by utilizing may surplus post of PA.

The GDS Divisional Unions of Pathanamthitta, Tiruvalla & Aluva divisions approached CAT Ernakulam against the departmental's decision in revising the time factor for cash handling and reduction of allowance and obtained stay orders for its implementation due to the efforts our CHQ President, Com. M. Krishnan. The Postal JCA is scheduled to meet on 03.02.2010 at Delhi. It may take some agitational programme decisions against the continuous onslaughts unleashed against GDS comrades by the Postal Department.

D.A. RISE - 8% W.E.F 01.01.2010


The statistic Department Government of India has announced the All India Consumer Price Index number for (industrial workers) Base 2001-100 for the month of December 2009 as 169 (i.e. one point rise from November 2009)


Accordingly, the Central Government employees will have a D.A. hike to the extent of 8% w.e.f. 01.01.2010. The revised D.A w.e.f 01.01.2010 will be 35%. Normally the revised D.A rate will be approved by the cabinet and given effect in the month of March every year.  

Friday, January 29, 2010



No. 3603812/2008-EsH(Res)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, P.G. Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training


New Delhi, Dated the 15th January, 2010




Sub: Reservation for the Persons with Disabilities - Filling up of the backlog reserved vacancies through a Special Recruitment Drive.


The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Department's O.M. of even number dated 27.11.2009 whereby a Special Recruitment Drive has been launched to fill up the backlog reserved vacancies of persons with disability. Attention is also invited to this Department's O.M. No. 360351812003-Estt(Res) dated 26th April, 2006, which, inter alia, required preparation of reservation roster registers and earmarking of reservation for persons with disabilities in accordance with the instructions contained in this Department's O.M. No. 360351312004-Estt(Res) dated 29.12.2005 starting from the year 1996. The OM provided that if some or all the vacancies so earmarked had not been filled by reservation and were filled by able bodied persons either for the reason that points of reservation had not been earmarked properly at the appropriate time or persons with disabilities did not become available, such unutilized reservation might be treated as having been carried forward. There may be some vacancies which might have become available for persons with disabilities in terms of the OM dated 26.4.2006 It has been decided to fill up all such vacancies during the Special Recruitment  Drive referred to above.


2. All the Ministries /Departments etc, are requested to scrupulously implement the above decision.


(K.G. Verma)


Tel. No.2309 2158

Earlier orders referred in the O.M.






Government of lndia

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training

****** -

North Block,New Delhi

Dated the 27th Nov., 2009



Subject : Special Recruitment Drive to fill up the backlog reserved vacancies for Persons   with Disabilities.


The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Department's OM of even number dated 10th December, 2008 whereby a Special Recruitment Drive was launched to fill up the backlog reserved vacancies of the persons with disabilities. The OM stipulated that reservation and backlog reserved vacancies would be determined on the basis of vacancies arising in the establishment in accordance with the instructions contained in this Department's O.M. No. 36035/3/2004-Estt(Res) dated 29.12.2005. However, the High Court of Delhi in W.P.(C) No.l5828/2006[National Federation of the Blind Vs. UOI & Ors.] held that reservation to persons with disabilities should be calculated on the basis of the strength of the establishment and passed orders for computing the quota and backlog of reservation as per their directions. This Department, subsequently filed a Special Leave Petition (No. 7541 / 2009 ) in the Supreme Court challenging the order of the Hon'ble High Court, and without prejudice to the outcome of SLP, issued OM No. 36012/23/2009-Estt.(Res.) dated 4.5.2009 requesting all the Ministries I Departments etc. to implement the order of the High Court. Since the principles on the basis of which the Special Recruitment Drive dated 10.12.2008 was launched were not in line with the orders of the High Court, the Drive could not be continued after the decision of the High Court.


2. The Supreme Court vide their interim order dated 6.1 1.2009 in SLP No.7541/2009 (Union of lndia & Others Vs. National Federation of Blind) stayed the directions of the High Court and reaffirmed the interim order passed by it on 31.8.2009 whereby the Union of lndia was directed to file a detailed status report regarding the extent to which the posts had been identified and filled up and also indicating the steps taken to fill up the vacancies that had arisen after the commencement of the 1996 Act.


Pending final decision of the Supreme Court, reservation for persons with disabilities shall now be determined and implemented in accordance with this Department's O.M. dated 29.12.2005.


3.     Keeping all aspects in view, it has been decided to launch a fresh Special Recruitment Drive to fill up the backlog reserved vacancies of persons with disabilities existing as on 15.11.2009 according to the following schedule :-


[ Not printed ] 


4.     The following points would make the meaning of the "backlog reserved vacancies of persons with disabilities" clear, which should be kept in view while determining the backlog:-


(i)     If any vacancy earmarked reserved for any category of disability in the initial year of recruitment cannot be filled due to non-availability of a suitable person with that disability or for any other sufficient reason, such vacancy is left unfilled and is treated as a 'backlog reserved vacancy' in the subsequent recruitment year. Further details in this regard may be seen in this Department's O.M. NO. 36035/3/2004-Estt(Res) dated 29.12.2005.


(ii)     Prior to the issue of the 0:M. dated 29.12.2005, if in any year, suitable physically handicapped candidates were not available to fill up a reserved vacancy, the vacancy was filled by another category candidate and reservation was carried forward for a period of upto three recruitment years. During that period, in the event of non-availability of suitable persons with disability, the reserved vacancies were not kept unfilled. Nevertheless, it is possible that some Ministries/ Departments /establishments might have kept some vacancies earmarked reserved for the persons with disability unfilled due to non availability of persons with disability. If such vacancies exist, these will be treated as backlog reserved vacancies for the purpose of the Drive.


5.     It is important to note that the Government has to file a report in the Supreme Court in terms of the interim order dated 31.8.2009 referred to in para 2 above. All the Ministries/Departments are, therefore, requested to scrupulously monitor the Drive and review its progress from time to time. 


The Liaison Officer in the Ministry I Department should keep a vigil on the progress of Drive in the Ministry I Department and all its attached offices / subordinate offices I public sector undertakings 1 autonomous bodies etc.

If he finds any problem in the matter, he may bring it to the notice of the Secretary of the concerned Ministry I Department who may in turn issue necessary instructions.


6. The Ministries I Departments should collect information from all the appointing authorities under them and send the following reports to this Department:

[ Not printed ]



7.     It is expected that a large number of the backlog vacancies would be filled up by 15.2.2010 and remaining by 30.3.2010. If any vacancy still remains unfilled, it should be filled up latest by 15.7.2010. In order to enable this Department to assess the progress of the Drive, the above referred reports should be sent to this Department three times - first by 15.2.2010, second by 30.3.2010 indicating the progress made upto these , dates and final report by 31.7.2010.


8.     The Attached Offices/ Subordinate Offices /Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings should not send the report direct to this Department. They should send the information to their administrative Ministry/ Department which will consolidate the information and send such consolidated information to this Department.



9.     It is also emphasized that while filling up the current vacancies, instructions about reservation for persons with disabilities contained in this Department's O.M. dated 29.12.2005 should be strictly followed.


No. 36035/8/2003-Estt(Res)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, P.G & Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training


New Delhi

Dated the 26th April, 2006


The undersigned is directed to say that the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 which came into existence on 1.1.1996 provides for reservation for persons with disability in the posts identified for three categories of disabilities namely 

(i)                blindness or low vision, 

(ii)             (ii) hearing impairment and 

(iii)           (iii) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy.


Instructions have also been issued by this Department for providing reservation for such persons. In spite of the Act and the instructions of this Department, vacancies were not earmarked reserved or were not filled by reservation in some establishments.


2. The matter has been considered carefully and it has been decided that reservation for persons with disabilities should be implemented in right earnest and there should be no deviation from the scheme of reservation, particularly after the Act came into effect. In order to achieve this objective, all the establishments should prepare the reservation roster registers as provided in this Department's O.M. No. dated 36035/312004-Estt(Res) dated 29.12.2005 starting from the year 1996 and reservation for persons with disabilities be earmarked as per instructions contained in that OM. If some or all the vacancies so earmarked had not been filled by reservation and were filled by able bodied persons either for the reason that points of reservation had not been earmarked properly at the appropriate time or persons with disabilities did not become available, such unutilized reservation may be treated as having been carried forward to the first recruitment year occurring after issue of this O.M. and be filled as such. If it is not possible to fill up such reserved vacancies during the said recruitment year, reservation would be carried forward for further two years, where after it may be treated as lapsed.


3. It has been observed that some recruiting agencies declare in their advertisements that blind / partially blind candidates need not apply and that separate examinations would be conducted for visually handicapped candidates. Attention is invited to para 7 of this Department's O.M. No. 36035/3/2004-Estt(Res) dated 29.12.2005 which provides that persons with disabilities selected on their own merit will not be adjusted against the reserved share of vacancies. It means that persons with disabilities who are selected on their own merit have to be adjusted against the unreserved vacancies and reservation has to be given in addition. If visually handicapped candidates or any other category of handicapped candidates are debarred from applying on the ground that a separate examination would be conducted for them, chances of handicapped candidates being selected on their own merit would be eliminated. Thus debarring of any category of handicapped candidates in the above manner is against the provisions contained in the aforesaid O.M. It is, therefore, requested that persons with disabilities should not be debarred from applying for the posts identified suitable for them and should be provided opportunity to compete for the unreserved vacancies as well by holding a common examination.


Contents of this O.M. may be brought to the notice of all ~


Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India


See original order http://www.persmin.nic.in/writedata/CircularNotification/ScanDocument/36035_8_2003-Estt(Res)_26042006.pdf


O.M. No. 36035/3/2004-Estt(Res) dated 29.12.2005





Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training
North Block


New Delhi, dated 10th June, 2009


Sub: Benefit of reservation to persons with disability who acquire disability after entering into Govt. service..

The undersigned is directed to say that various Ministries/Departments have been seeking clarification whether a person who acquires disability after entering into Government service shall get the benefit of reservation in services as provided in this Department's OM No.36035/3/2004-Estt.(Res.) dated 29.12.2005.

2. It is hereby clarified that the OM dated 29.12.2005 does not make any distinction between persons acquiring disability before or after entering into service. An employee who acquires disability after entering into service will be entitled to get the benefit of reservation as a person with disability as provided in the instructions contained in the above referred OM from the date he produces a valid certificate of disability.

3. All Ministries/Departments etc. are requested to bring it to the notice of all establishments under their control. 

*                *                    *                *                 *                       *                 *                 *              *


Reservation for the Persons with Disabilities

Three percent of the vacancies in case of direct recruitment to Group A, B, C & D posts shall be reserved for persons with disabilities of which one per cent each shall be reserved for persons suffering from

(iv)  blindness or low vision, 

(v)   hearing impairment and

(vi)  (iii) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy in the posts identified for each disability;

Three percent of the vacancies in case of promotion to Group D, and Group posts in which the element of direct recruitment, if any, does not exceed 75%, shall be reserved for persons with disabilities of which one per cent each shall be reserved for persons suffering from

(i)    blindness or low vision,

(ii)   hearing impairment and

(iii)  locomotor disability or cerebral palsy in the posts identified for each  disability. 


Thursday, January 28, 2010



A List of 135 Issues are submitted for discussion in the JCM Meeting.

Comrades who want to read all the subjects submitted by us can download the same by clicking on the Link Below:


Department of Posts endorses DOT OMs on AAO Promotion

DOT OMs Dated 21.12.2009 & 13.01.2010 on Provisional Offer of Appointment as AAOs have been endorsed by the Postal Directorate today.

NFPE Delegation consisting of Comrade K.V.Sridharan GS P3; Giriraj Singh GS R3; and P.Rajanayagam GS Postal Accounts met Officers in Postal Directorate and urged for early relief of all AAO Promotees.

List of 385 Officials who were offered AAO Promotion as published in the DOT web site is formally thus forwarded to all the Circle Heads for necesasry further action.

NFPE is hearing complaints that some Circles are taking stand not in commensurate with these orders of the DoP and DoT in violation of the Gazette Notification and Ministry and DoT and DoP directives. This will be taken by the NFPE / CHQ for remedial action.

NFPE / CHQ will also appeal for inclusion of IPOs / ASPOs who were desiring to accept the AAO Promotion once again with the Secretary Department of Posts.

The latest orders issued today by the Postal Directorate is placed for the information of our AAO Promotees.



Sl No.

What it means ?




India Post is the largest postal network in the world. It provides postal facilities within reach of every citizen in the country through its vast network at affordable prices. From 23,344 post offices at the time of independence to 1,55,035 post offices as on 31.3.2008 (1,39,173 Post Offices are in rural areas and 15,862 Post Offices in urban areas), India Post has made a long journey. It is credited with the largest postal network in the world with one post office serving 7174 people and covering an area of approximately 21.2 sq. kms. 


Project Arrow 

A new scheme "Project Arrow" has been introduced in this plan period for refocusing on the objectives of customer satisfaction and service delivery exchange and enabling the Post Office to develop in to hub for civic and governance initiatives, which will have a direct impact on socio economic well being of citizens.  1000 post offices have already been covered and proposed to extend the project to another 4500 post offices.

Project Arrow has been shortlisted for 'Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Administration' under the category of organizational initiatives.  The initiative has been titled as 'Project Arrow - Transforming India Post'.  A team of officers from the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions along with officials from ASCI, Hyderabad may visit some of the Project Arrow offices in any part of the country for on spot evaluation of the shortlisted nominations for the award from 24th of December 2009 to 20th of January 2010.   


Secretary (Posts) is very keen that all Post Offices in Project Arrow should be able to show to the team members all the achievements and progress made under Project Arrow. 




Out of a total of 25531 departmental post offices, 12604 POs including those in the rural areas have been computerised. 1304 Post Offices have been networked through leased lines so far with the National Data Centre. Further 5170 Post Offices have been networked through broad band. The strong IT base has made it possible to offer a range of eenabled services to the customers.



Core Banking solution for Post Office Small Savings Scheme customers

Anywhere, Anytime and Any branch banking i.e. Core Banking Solutions (CBS) is included in the 11th Five Year Plan with a financial outlay of Rs. 106 crores for development of CBS software and other related activities. This will support Post Office Savings Bank and Saving Certificates business with improved operational efficiency, to Small Savings Scheme customers from 4,000 post offices.


Premium Services

The revenue from premium products such as Speed Post, Bill Mail Service and Business Post has been growing consistently per annum. From Rs. 425.74 crores revenue booked in 200304, it achieved Rs.1435 crores in 200809. One of the premium products, Speed Post, which is covering more than 1200 towns is now having a market share of 27% in the courier segment.


International Money Transfer

As a result of the collaboration   of   the  Department  of  Posts,  Government of  India with the   Western   Union Financial Services, USA, a state of    the art International Money  transfer  Service  is available through  the post offices  in India,   which  enables  instantaneous  remittance  of  money  from 185 countries   to India. The recipients can in fact collect the money  in  minutes after the sender has made the remittance.


The  service  is  targeted to fulfill  the needs  of NRI dependent families in   India,  visiting International tourists and foreign students studying in India.      


The International Money Transfer process is as follows: 


1. To  avail  of  this   Service, a remitter goes to any one of the more than 100,000 Western Union   Locations  in the 185 countries   in which the Service operates , fills up a "To send   money" form   and   pays   principal  amount and   charges.  The sender  gets  a  Money    Transfer   Control    Number   on a    receipt    after   the transaction  is sent through the system.  Thereafter, the sender calls up his/her payee and gives information on  the money sent. The Payee  /  Receiver  goes  to the post   office ,   fills up a   "To receive money"   form shows  valid identification and receives money along with the receipt, once the transaction  is  verified. This entire process is completed within ten minutes. 


2. The Payee receives the full  amount in Indian Rupees.  Not more than 2500 USD can be sent at a time as per applicable RBI regulations which must however be only for personal use..


3. The Post offices treats the payee as   "Most   Favoured  Customers", which  ensures courteous and efficient service to them.


4.  For the sake of facilitating the transactions, the recipients can use any one  of  the following  documents to establish their identity:  

 a) Voter Card     

 b) Passport     

 c) Driving License     

 d) Income Tax PAN Card


5.  The  Post   office  also  provides  its   own identity card to regular customers so that   other  proof of  identity does not have to be provided by them again.


6. The  service  is  currently  available  in   all  the State/Union Territory capitals and other major cities  in  the country.


7.  This International  Money  Transfer  Service is safe, legal, fast & reliable. Also,  it is  approved by the Reserve  Bank  of   India  and  is  being   provided  by  a  Department  of  the   Government  of  India     i.e. the Department of Post.


9.   At  present  the  Post  office  will  only provide its customers with the facility of receiving money and  not  of sending money from India to other countries, as per applicable RBI instructions.


10.  On  the  request  of  the  NRI  community ,  the  department is open to extending the  services to  any other location (village/town/city) as well, which has the potential clientele.


11.  For  further  information  on  the service, the International representatives of the Western Union  Financial Services International can be contacted in any of the 185 countries from which the service is available.   




An online webbased domestic money transmission service called iMO was launched in January 2006 which enables the customer to receive money in minutes from any of the post offices providing this service. Under this service, a person can send amount from Rs.1000/ up to Rs.50, 000/ in one transaction instantly. The service is functional in 2175 locations across the country.


eMoney Order (eMO)

The electronic money order, which has been launched in October 2008, facilitates transmission of ordinary money orders through electronic media without any extra charge. At present 8003 post offices are offering this service.




ePayment is a 'Many to One' service through which bills (telephone, electricity, municipal dues, taxes etc.) are paid by customers in Post Offices which are then electronically consolidated and paid to the service provider. The service is presently available in about 8457 Post Offices across the country and will soon be extended to all 12604 computerized Post Offices.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic affairs has approved, a Project management Unit in the Department to conceptualize, plan, implement and monitor the plan schemes for computerization and networking of all the post offices in the country. The Department has engaged an IT consultant to assist in preparing the roadmap and strategy for the same.



Postal Finance Mart

Postal Finance Mart (PFM) offer all the financial products and services under one roof "One Stop Shop for Financial Services" in a fully computerized office supported by technology, at par with reputed banking institutions.


Electronic Clearance Service (ECS)

The ECS scheme provides an alternative method of effecting bulk payment transactions like periodic (monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ yearly) payments of interest/ salary/ pension/ commission/ dividend/ refund by Banks/Companies /Corporations /Government Departments. The transactions under this scheme move from a single User source (i.e. Banks/Companies /Corporations /Government Departments) to a large number of Destination Account Holders (Customers/Investors). This scheme obviates the need for issuing and handling paper instruments and thereby facilitates improved customer service by the Banks and Companies/Corporations/Government Departments effecting bulk payments.


The Scheme is in operation at 15 centres where Reserve Bank of India manages Clearing Houses, 21 centres where SBI is managing ECS on behalf of RBI and 29 other centres where PNB and other banks are managing ECS on behalf of RBI.


The ECS is being offered in the Department of Posts in connection with payment of monthly interest under "Monthly Income Scheme" (MIS). The Department of Posts introduced ECS scheme on a pilot basis in Mumbai City on 9th August 2003. Under ECS, the depositors have the facility of getting MIS interest automatically transferred and credited into their SB account on the due dates at the designated Bank of their choice. Currently, the service is available in the Department of Posts at 15 RBI locations and 19 SBI locations.


Department of Posts: 

Extensive Reach

India Post delivers 1,575 crore mails every year linking every nook and corner of the country through a network of 1,54,149 post offices and 5,64,701 letter boxes. You can use the following for your branding exercise.

Advertisement on postcards, letters, aerogrammes,       postal stationary etc.


Space sponsorship options on letter boxes.


Collection of Rural Price Index Data

Ministry of Statistics and program implementation (MOSP) has entrusted the job of collecting statistics for ascertaining the Rural Price Index from 1183 post offices across the country with effect from Oct 2009. The data so collected would be electronically transmitted to MOSP which will help them in arriving at Rural cost Price Index.

This is one of the prestigious collaborations where the Department of Posts is emerging as potential service provider to other organizations. 



Railway Ticket Booking across Post office counters.  

Railway Ministry and the Department of Posts have signed a memorandum of understanding for providing railway ticket booking services at the post offices.


This service is now available in many places across the country. The Postal Department is using computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) to issue tickets.

To avail this services at post office, customers have to pay service    charge imposed by The Railways. First class passengers would have to pay Rs. 25 per ticket other categories like AC III and II class sleeper would have to pay Rs. 20 & Rs. 15 respectively.



The Department of Posts is discharging the responsibility to disburse the wages to NREGS beneficiaries through Post Office Savings Bank account. Currently operational in 19 Postal Circles comprising of 21 States, the scheme is operational through 90,000 post offices (including HOs/SOs/BOs). Nearly 4 crore NREGS accounts opened up to November 2009, disbursed approximately Rs.4900 crores in this financial year alone.


Tieup with NABARD

The Department of Posts in collaboration with NABARD is providing the facility of microcredit to Self Help Groups (SHGs) through identified post offices on agency basis. The corpus fund for implementing this project is given by NABARD in appropriate instalments. The pilot is in operation in five districts involving seven divisions of Tamil Nadu Circle. So far, 800 SHGs have been provided with a loan of more than Rs 1.9 crores. 


ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Department of Posts has signed an Agreement on 17.9.08 with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd. to retail their Pension Products through select Post Offices on Referral Model. The company will train the postal staff at selected locations and will provide requisite materials such as application forms, literature related to products, ready reckoners, etc., to the identified Post Offices. Upto now about 817 Head Offices across the country have started distributing these pension products of ICICI Prudential.


PTieUp With SBI:

India Post has tied up with State Bank of India to sell its assets and liability products through identified post offices. Initially, started in five states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Jharkhand, the scheme is extended to 23 States and UT. The total liability products sold so far amounts to Rs. 37 crores and total asset products sold amounted to Rs.12.98 crores. The scheme is proposed to be implemented in 5300 post offices throughout the country.


Old age pension

Old Age Pension is being paid through 20 lacs Post Office Savings accounts in Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand and North East, and through Money Order in J&K, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.


Sale of Gold Coins

As a tieup with Reliance Money Limited sale of gold coins has been launched on 15th October, 2008 as part of retail post in selected post offices. Under the Scheme available in 468 Post Offices in 16 Circles, the Department has sold 331 kgs of gold since its inception earning a commission of Rs 2.25 crores.


On Line Acceptance of RTI Applications

The Department of Posts has been assisting other public authorities under the Central Government in implementing the RTI Act by providing services of its designated Central Assistant Public Information Officers (CAPIOs). For this, Sub Post Masters at Tehsil level act as the Central Assistant public Information officer (CAPIO) for accepting RTI requests and appeals from all central Government Departments. The Department has designated 4000 Post offices as receipt and forwarding points for applications under RTI.



To meet the demands of its customers and to fuel its own ambitions of growth, it has become imperative for India Post to look at business beyond the national boundaries. A Global Business Division has been set up in the Department of Posts to provide focus to its international operations and help India Post emerge as an organization with worldwide capabilities.


Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

The UIDAI project plans to create unique identification numbers for all Indians by 2011. The identification number will primarily help to 'authenticate' an individual in the country and will be issued to Indian residents on a voluntary basis. The implementation of the project will see the rural post offices collect the information with the help of its postman who reach to the doorstep of the households.


New Pension System (NPS) by Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA).

The Department of Posts (DOP) would, to start with, make the NPS available at over 800 of its branches all over the country, and expand the distribution network to more branches in a phased manner in its endeavour to make NPS available to all citizens in all parts of the country. Both PFRDA and the Department of Posts see significant potential and synergy in this partnership for the development of the NPS and believe that it will significantly further and promote the Government's initiative to provide old age income security to all citizens of India.


Mutual Funds

Department of Posts for over 150 years has been serving the 'Aam Adami' and essentially is a service organization with an ideal combination of traditional and modern services. Project Arrow initiative is a step towards the future and you can feel it on the ground too. Our latest quantum jump has been acquiring of 3 freighter aircraft carriers inducted in Chennai to serve India Post dedicatedly.

India Post's unquestionable nationwide reach has attracted many private partners. Be it Mutual Funds, Insurance or Money transfer Business. Since 2001 Department of Posts has been making select Mutual Fund products available through Post Offices. Five years ago UTI Mutual Fund and the Department of Posts joined hands to bring capital markets closer to common man in semi urban and rural areas. Realizing the critical role played by the advisory community, UTI MF partnered with CNBC as the media partner & ICRA as the knowledge partner to institute 'Financial Advisor Awards 2009' to recognize and reward the advisors.

India Post provides the last mile access to reach out to investors even in the remote corners of India. It was felt, in the growth of the category, by increasing the penetration and making mutual fund products popular,
India Post played a crucial role and to recognizing this vital proactive role played by India Post in fostering financial inclusion in semi urban and rural areas, it was felt that efforts in promoting mutual funds and making the category more inclusive be recognized.

On 24th September, 2009 in Mumbai, India Post was felicitated with UTI-CNBC special commendation award in the form of a trophy for effectively utilizing its network to promote financial inclusion in smaller places.

This is for the first time a Government Department has won above award.


E courts

"The necessity of e-courts has arisen due to shortcomings of a paper-based system like storage, maintenance and wastage of a lot of paper,"  e-courts will help courts function in a more organized way and will provide aces to any case file for anyone from anywhere across the globe.  Department of Posts will mark its presence in this project too. 




India Post offers an unique   media concept to help the Indian corporate and  the Government organizations reach potential customers  through  Media  Post.  Creative, cost-effective  and personalized ,  it  is  over  packed .  Absolutely   no  other  media  can match   the  sheer  expanse of India   Post  in terms  of volume  and reach.  Media  Post  -  an  innovative & effective vehicle for Brand  and  Marketing  managers    to communicate their corporate messages across the nation.     



India Post Forex Services

High growth Indian economy coupled with globalisation has resulted in thousands of Indians going abroad for travel, studies and business. Simultaneously, there is a huge inflow of foreign tourists visiting India on vocation and business. This has resulted in the need for a reliable and quality service provider for purchase   and sale of Foreign Exchange.


Each one of them requires reliable, affordable and convenient Forex services. At many places, there is no Bank or other facilities to avail foreign exchange. India Post, with a network of more than 155,000 post offices, is best poised to offer Forex services in an efficient and economical manner. Now India Post, in association with HDFC Bank, provides Forex services through select Post Offices across India. HDFC Bank is one of the leading providers of Forex services and through this association, India Post brings to the customers a range of Forex services in a professional and efficient manner.

Goals and objective:


 To make Forex services available across India as a 'reliable and affordable product' for the customers at a competitive price, through the vast distribution network of India Post.

     To provide convenience to the customers by making Forex services available at a large number of locations covering urban as well as rural areas, where banks and exchange companies do not offer foreign exchange service or do not have the presence.

                                                                                                                                                         - Courtesy : Dept. of Posts, Patiala Division