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Friday, June 29, 2012

Memories of CWC Vellore held on 23rd & 24th June 2012


Confederation Circular Dated - 25.06.2012

Conf/ 07 /2012 Dated:25.06.2012

Dear Comrades,

                The campaign programme chalked out by the National Executive to ensure the successful implementation of March to Parliament on 26th July, 2012 is progressing well.  Apart from the arrangements made by the major affiliates for the boarding of participants at Delhi on 25th and 26th, Confederation CHQ has made independent arrangements meant for those comrades who are members of smaller affiliates.  The State Committees, who take care of these comrades are requested to indicate the number of comrades for whom the Confederation CHQ is to take responsibility so that allotment  for accommodation for each State could be made and intimated.

                Many comrades have demanded the updating of the brief on each demand included in the charter.  Due to paucity of time, this could not be done .  We may be able to do so only after the 26th July, programme of March to Parliament.  In the meantime , the affiliates may please inform us as to the status of the functioning  of the JCM Departmental Councils/Regional Councils , especially the date of the last meeting of the Departmental Council.  We have been informed that the next meeting of the National Anomaly Committee would be held on 17th July,2012.  The telegram campaign  undertaken by the affiliates of the Confederation had its salutary impact.  We must continue our endeavour to ensure that the Departmental Councils regularly meet and its composition as at the beginning is maintained. 

                We have prepared a comparative chart of the price of 14 commodities, which go into the computation of minimum wage. Placed there-under is the computation of the Minimum wage on the basis of the prices of the requisite articles as in January, 2012.  It could be seen there-from that while the prices on an average registered an increase of 152% the DA compensation had only been 65%. This fact may kindly be used to bring home the necessity of revision of wages immediately. 

With greetings,

Yours rraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General


The Official Side of National Council JCM has come forward to convene the ‘National Anomaly Committee’ on 17.07.2012 just nine days before the March to Parliament Rally by the Confederation of CG Employees on our 14 Point Charter of Demands that includes convening of the National Anomaly Committee. This is due to the effect of our earlier Programme of Telegram Campaign as well as the preparations for the Parliament March.
The Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee will be held at 3.00 P.M. on 17th July, 2012 in the Committee Room No.119, North Block, New Delhi.

Alarming and Shocking News

At a time when the government is tightening the belt on unnecessary expenditure, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has, in an ambitious move, initiated a manpower audit for rationalization of staff.
Government sources said the exercise is aimed at “right-sizing the staff strength”’ across all ministries and department. “We want to clarify that we are not downsizing the staff but just right-sizing or rationalizing it to distribute it evenly all over,” a senior DoPT official said.
Sources added that once the survey is done excess staff from a particular ministry or department will be transferred to the ones facing a staff crunch.
The government as of now is not favourably inclined to go in for fresh recruitment unless absolutely necessary.
Eventually this exercise will end up saving money for the government.
Both the finance ministry and the DoPT in the last few days have announced a slew of measures aimed at cost cutting which include restrictions of foreign travel, stay and meeting in five-star hotels, buying new vehicles and big ticket appointments.
“It has been noticed that some ministries and departments are heavily over staffed. Some of this staff is not governed by the DoPT but by the concerned ministries only. We are in touch with such ministries so that their extra staff can be adjusted somewhere else,” the DoPT official added.
According to DoPT the excess staff is mostly at the level of Class III and IV employees and it was a priority to rationalization them first.
A number of senior officials who have exceeded their five-year deputation but continue in their present positions will also be repatriated, sources added.





Thursday, June 28, 2012


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi,
Dated, the 18th June, 2012 


Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee – 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM
      The undersigned is directed to refer to OM of even number dated 2nd December, 2011 regarding the 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee which was held on 5th January, 2012. All the Agenda Items placed before it could not be discussed and the meeting had to be adjourned. This meeting will now be held in Committee Room No.119, North Block, New Delhi on 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM.

            It is requested that you may kindly make it convenient to attend this meeting and also kindly confirm your participation urgently. Agenda Notes for the meeting will remain the same as were circulated earlier vide this Ministry’s OM of even number dated 16th December, 2011.

(Ashok Kumar)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Felicitation meeting to Com. K. V. Sridharan

A felicitation meeting is organized by TN Circle Union to Com. KVS, GS on the eve of his retirement at Alamelumanga Kalyanamandapam, Near T. Nagar HPO, Chennai 600017 on 05.08.2012 in a befitting manner. Thus we got a occasion to honour our beloved leader. Therefore, it is, requested to book train/flight tickets in advance so as to avoid last minute problem.

Extension of Risk Allowance till 31.12.2012

Award of Scholarship to the Children on Non-Statutory Departmental Canteen Employees

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Untimely demise of Com B.D.Boro ,Circle Secretary,Assam

Our beloved and dedicated leader Com B. D. Boro, Circle Secretary, Assam lost his last breathe at 6 PM on 16.06.2012 at Gawahati due to heart attack . His Untimely demise is great loss to the  Postal trade union movement in general and specially AIPEU Group "C" and NFPE in Assam circle . We pay our respectful homage to departed leader and convey our heartfelt condolences to the family members & comrades of Assam Circle .

Friday, June 15, 2012

Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K for further period of two years


D.G. Posts No. 1-01/2009-WL/Sports         Dated 11.06.2012
            A meeting of Postal Services Staff Welfare Board(PSSWB) was held on 16.05.2012 in Shri G.P. Roy Committee Room , Dak Bhawan, under the Chairmanship of Hon`ble Minister of State for Communications & IT.

            Secretary (Posts) , while welcoming the Hon`ble Chairman, explained in brief the various welfare schemes being run by the Department of Posts, with special reference to the initiatives recently taken in regard to Garmin  Dak Sevaks. It was assured that the schemes would be run more efficiently under the guidance of the Chairman.

            After the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board and the action report thereon, was confirmed by the Board, discussion on the agenda items began. During the deliberations of the meeting, the following decisions were taken:

1.         Opening of Holiday Homes.
            The members of the Board were explained that the power to set up holiday homes stands delegated to the Heads of Circles. However, the proposal to have Holiday Homes at various places was discussed and it was decided to issue instructions to all the circles to take action keeping in view the demand as also the powers delegated. In regard to booking of holiday homes on line, the Board was informed that this facility would become available shortly.  
2.         Timely allotment of Welfare Funds.
            The Board was explained that whatever delay occurred in allotment of funds in the recent past was due to late receipt of audited accounts from the Circles. The matter has been re-considered and it has been decided to ensure timely release of funds to those Circles whose audited accounts have been received in time. The Circles which delay submission of accounts will be released funds in the second installment.
3.         Enhancement of powers of head of circle for grant of financial assistance in case of prolonged illness/major surgical operations to postal employees/Gramin Dak Sewaks/full time and part time casual lbourers.
            The following decisions were taking in this regard.
-       In case of Gramin Dak Sewaks, the limit of Rs. 5000/- which is being observed for grant of financial assistance for prolonged illness/ major surgical operations was raised to 10000/-.
-       All cases for grant for financial assistance under category (both regular employees as well as GDSs)will be considered by a committee comprising of the CPMG, DPS and DAP..
4.         Enhancement of immediate death relief of the family / dependents on the death of postal employees and Gramin Dak Sewaks/full time and part time casual labourers.
      -     All other things remaining unchanged, it was decided to raise the amount of financial assistance payable to family/dependents of Postal Employees/GDSs /full time and part time casual labourers from the existing Rs.7000/- to Rs. 10000/- in case of death due to accident while on duty.
5.         Enhancement of financial assistance under Education Scheme:
            The following decisions were taken in this regard.
a)         It was decided to increase the existing amount of scholarships both for technical and non-technical courses by 25%.
b)         It was agreed to increase the mount of book award to Gramin Dak Sevaks by 25%. However, the grant of book award to regular employees of he Department was dropped as this facility is now a component under CEA being granted for school education.
            The issue of revision of pay ceiling for grant of Scholarship was also decided to be examined in the context of MTS where both husband and wife are working.

6.         Introduction of scholarship for Post Graduation.
            -           It was decided to grant scholarship for all technical courses at Post Graduation      level on par with under graduate courses.
7.         Grant of award for outstanding performance of children of employees in the Public Examination for 10th Standard.
            -           The Board was informed that some of the education boards follow grading System in place of percentage of marks. Therefore, it was decided to examine the       issue   in         the light of grade criterion fixed by various education boards, for which all Heads         of         Circles will be addressed.
8.         Provision of Canteen in Circle Head Quarter.
            -           The Board was explained that there are centralized instruction of the            Department    of             Personnel and Training regarding provision of various             categories of canteens,        depending upon manpower of an office. All    infrastructural facilities are provided by the         Department in the running of      canteens and its employees are Departmental employees.        There is no    provision to grant any subsidy in this regard.
9.         Implementation of health insurance scheme.
            -           The proposal does not fall within the purview of PSSWB of Department of   Posts and therefore no action is warranted.
10.       To increase the subscription of Group Insurance Scheme.
            -           The subject matter concerns Ministry of Finance.
11.       Increase in subsidy to crèche.
            -           It was decided to examine the issue regarding revision of financial assistance            being provided for meeting recurring and non-recurring expenditure in the matter of        crèches which includes monthly remuneration to ayahs/helpers, visits by Doctors,          remuneration to lady supervisor, expenditure of medicine, supplementary nutrition and    contingencies like soap oil & deodorant etc.
12        .Increase of grant of scholarship/Transport charges to handicapped/physically challenged and ward of Postal employees and GDS.
            -           It was decided to examine the revision of financial assistance being provided to         physically challenged Postal Employees/GDS and physically challenged wards of          employees, including GDS.
13.       Allocation of Funds under the Head SC-Sub Plan & ST-Sub Plan.
            -           The item does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
14.       To make provision for including representatives of All India P&T SC/ST Welfare Association in all Circle Welfare Board and Circle Sports Board.
            -           It was agreed to issue suitable instructions in this regard to all Heads of Circles.
15.       To make provision of IQ for Circle/Divisional representatives of P&T SC/ST Welfare Association, irrespective of any scale/Posts.
-           The Bard was explained that provision of IQ in not one of the trade union facilities where office bearers of the association could be given preference. The eligibility for the IQ is to be decided as per standing instructions.
16.       To increase Postal Hospital as there is no facility in CGHS Dispensaries for indoor treatment, OPD in evening shift on working days and Sundays/Holidays.
            -           The Board appreciated the view point of the Circle representatives about lack of         adequate             medical facilities being made available to the Postal Employees. The Board   was informed   that this matter also came up for consideration in the 10th Meeting of the    Board and as a             result thereof, the matter was taken up at the level of Hon`ble      Minister with the Ministry of     Health & Family Welfare. The matter is being pursued and             monitored very closely.
17.       To fix time limit for deciding representation/appeals/petitions/Review Petitions etc. by the concerned Authorities.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
18.       To make provision for granting festival advance on the Birth day Celebration of Dr. Br. Ambedkar and Sant Siromani Guru Ravidas Ji.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
19.       To exempt from duty work the retirees on the day of retirement so that he/she may complete all formalities without any tension.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB
20.       Issue of Plastic Card/Smart Card to all employees /Pensioners for availing medical facilities irrespective of places/areas.
            -           The Chairman appreciated the suggestion and it was decided to start it in one or        two Circles and based on their experience, it may be followed in other Circles also. The          selection of circles will be finalized soon.
21.       Opening of Postal Dispensary at Madurai or extension of CGHS scheme to Postal Staff at Madurai Corporation.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
22.       Grant in aid to P&T Residential Welfare Association (RWA).
            -           The issue was discussed at length to understand the activities of the RWAs on           which the amount of financial assistance is to be spent. The Heads of Circles will be      addressed to invite their comments in this regard.
23.       Annual Medical check up for those who are above 45 years of age.
            -           It was decided to have annual medical cheek up of employees of and above the         age of 50 years. Suitable instructions in this regard will be issued to All Heads of Circles.
24.       Sanction of loan from Circle/Regional Welfare Fund for purchase of a computer to the wards of the employees studying Degree/Engineering /Polytechnic etc.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB
25.       Increase of voluntary contribution to Circle Welfare Fund.
            -           The members of the Board were explained that being voluntary contribution, it may   not       be desirable for the Department to make it mandatory, to contribute towards this    fund.    However, if the representatives of the union give in writing to the Department           conveying        willingness of their members, the issue would be examined.
26.       Enhancement of cost of memento presented to the retiring officials.
            -           Not covered under any of the Welfare Scheme of the Department, and hence no          action.
27.       For all Postal Colonies constitution and membership of RWAs should make compulsory so that P&T Colonies could be managed well.
            -           The item was well taken by the Board and it was decided o issue suitable       instructions to All Heads of Circles, taking into account the step taken by Rajasthan          Circle in this regard. It was also decided to ensure membership of RWAs while issuing     letters regarding allotment of quarters as also their continuation.
28.       Raising of the present limit for 500 KMS for Excursion Trip.
            -           The Board, after deliberations, agreed to raise the limit existing 500 Kms. to 700         Kms. for Excursion Trip. Further, not more than one Excursion Trip will be arranged in a             year.

            In the summing up of the meeting, the Hon`ble Chairman stressed on the need to hold the meeting of the PSSWB at least once in a year. The need to have full utilization of the grant-in-aid for the benefit of the employees/GDSs was also highlighted by the Chairman with clear direction to the Board to submit a complete proposal towards that during the next 3 to 4 months.

            The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cabinet defers decision on pension reforms bill

Amid differences among allies, the government on Thursday deferred a decision on the changes in the crucial Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, 2011.

“It (the PFRDA Bill) was taken up and deferred”, said a Minister after the Cabinet meeting in New Delhi.

Among the UPA allies, Trinamool Congress has been quite vociferous in opposing the pension and insurance reforms.

Railway Minister Mukul Roy, who represents TMC in the UPA government, did not speak on the issue during the Cabinet meeting, sources said.

The Cabinet, as per the agenda, was scheduled to approve changes in the PFRDA Bill in light of the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Finance, to pave way for passage of the bill in Monsoon session of Parliament next month.

The Cabinet, sources said, was required to take a view on the proposal of ensuring assured returns to pension fund subscribers, as suggested by the Committee, headed by senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha.

The PFRDA Bill, which has been pending for several years, seeks to open the pension sector to private sector and foreign investment.

The proposed legislation was introduced in the Lok Sabha on March 24, 2011.
The PFRDA Bill provides for establishment of a statutory authority to undertake promotional, developmental and regulatory functions in respect to pension funds.

Interim PFRDA is functioning since 2003 through an executive order.

PFRDA, set up as a regulatory body for pension sector, is yet to get statutory powers as the Bill pertaining to that effect lapsed in Parliament with the expiry of last Lok Sabha in 2009.


DG (POSTS) No 1-6/2011                                                 Dated 04th June 2012

            The Department intends to provide specially designed bicycles to the Postmen all over the country during 12th Five Year Plan to help delivery staff carrying the mail of various sizes of articles in their beats for delivery to the public.

            It is proposed to design and develop the box of fiberglass or any other light weight durable material for carrying the mail/articles to be attached with the postal bicycle.

            A committee has been constituted comprising of PMG, Agra Region, Agra as a Chairperson, Director Postal Service (Mails & Speed post), O/o CPMG, Delhi Circle, Director (MV), Mail Business Dn. Postal Directorate and two representatives of recognized postmen service unions, Shri. I. S. Dabas, General Secretary, AIPEU Postmen & Group 'D', NFPE and Shri T. N. Rahate, General Secretary, N. U. Federation of National Postal Organizations are nominated as members who will look into the design, development of the bag/box of fiberglass/PBC or any other light weight durable material for carrying the mail/articles to be provided  with the postman bicycles.  The bicycles design should also look like as the brand ambassador of Department of Posts.

The committee will submit their report within 3 months.
This issues with approval of Secretary (P)

Government Orders

Incentive scheme for delivery of letter carrying Aaadhar number of the residents

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Proposed amendments in PFRDA bill to make NPS more attractive

The Cabinet is likely to approve three amendments proposed in the Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill, the law relate to New Pension Scheme (NPS).  Central Government Employees who joined in Government Service on or after 01.01.2004 are under NPS. This pension scheme has also been extended to all Indian Citizens.

The Cabinet will meet to move amendments to the Pension Fund

 Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill. According to reports, three changes are being made to PFRDA Bill.

·         The first amendment will reportedly allow contributor to withdraw funds from the pension scheme in case of an emergency. The present law does not provide for withdrawing funds for emergency purposes from NPS.
·         Also, the subscriber will be reportedly given a minimal assured return for the investment in his fund. Since NPS is market related there is no minimum return assurance so far.
·         The third amendment reportedly says there will be a 26 per cent cap on the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the scheme. Earlier, the cap was not specified. The BJP has been demanding the FDI cap of 26 per cent to be included in the PFRDA Bill.
The pension bill or the PFRDA Bill suggests changes to how savings of nearly 25 lakh Indians are invested. Currently, these savings are invested in government securities that offer a fixed rate of return. The new bill allows pension funds flexibility on appointing a professional fund management company and lays down roles and responsibilities.

Monday, June 4, 2012





Com. K. V. Sridharan, the dynamic vibrant, hardworking and fully committed Leader of NFPE and General Secretary AIPEU Group ‘C’ has retired from service on 31.05.2012 NFPE is really proud of our beloved KVS and wishes him a more colourful, wonderful and restless retirement life. On behalf of the entire Postal, RMS and GDS fraternity we wish him ALL THE BEST. Com. KVS will be leading the movement in the coming days also. Retirement is only from departmental service and not from Trade Union service = M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE.

It is an official objection through SMS, please note it and publish in your website, objection regarding the last line of your todays post in our CHQ’s Website. You don’t have any right to write that line. So please remove the line immediately. Otherwise I have to reach Delhi right now, & you know me, that I can. Yes comrade, you do not have any right to write “good bye”. So please delete it with remarks immediately. We all love you too much.
- Pinaki

Wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life. History of Postal trade Union movement will always remember KVS for his glorious and remarkable contributions and also making the CHQ acceible for the common members.

Dear Sir,

This time Secretary Desk is painful for us. you may retire from Department, not from movement. Your memories will never fade. It is only superannuation. It is not retirement. No retirement from your union activites. All the best.

Com. Happy Superannuation. You have inched your way to our hearts with commitment & sagacious functioning. You have taken P3 to new hights.

Wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life. History of Postal trade union movement will always remember KVS for his glorious and remarkable contributors also making CHQ acceable for the common members.
Biswas, Kol, GPO

Wish you all success in life. You are making your life meaningful. We have five wide space in our heart. We will be with you always.
Chandru, Kannan S

Wish you a peaceful retirement life. We want you presentation is the NFPE organisation and trade union movement.
- Rajendran P, Kerala

With you happy retired life. You are a great leader & your services are very much required to our union.
Janakiram, Bangalore East

My regards & love on the day of superannuation. You will never retire. We don’t need to say; we love you, respect you, you are a mile stone. Special thanks for personal guidance to me ever.
-          Rashmin

Respected Sir, good morning. Entire Asansol division wishes you a very happy, healthy and peaceful life after superannuation. You will always remain our supreme leader and guardian of Asansol family. With regards.
- Asansol

My dearest Comrade,

I know that retirement in your case will be beginning of the most creative period. Workers of the country needs leaders like you at this point of time. Your responsibilities and our expectations enhanced from today – revolutionary greetings.
V. K. Sivakumar, Tirur Kerala

With you a very happy and prosperous retired life. We will always remember your valued services offered to the Postal workers of the country.
Abdul Jalil, ACS, Assam

You have been very hard working. No one can replace you. We all miss you so much. I wish you happy and prosperous life ahead happy retirement life.
- S. K. Nema

Dear Comrade KVS,

We, on behalf of Sivaganga Divisional unions ,greet you on the occasion of your retirement . You have become General Secretary of the powerful  union federated with NFPE, the mighty organisation of the Postal Workers and served for the cause of the members at all times.. Your contribution not only to the Group C employees but also to other cadres of our postal people is laudable. Your rise from the Branch secretary to the top level of the union is   phenomenal and eventful. Your knowledge in rulings and writing skills in putting the workers problems to the higher-ups  are amazing. The books you have written during the tenure will tell upon them. They will long last and tell your name in the years to come.

We salute and wish you a hale and healthy life to guide the unions after retirement for the cause of the postal employees.  

Yours fraternally

Divisional Secretaries, P3, P4, GDS Unions
NFPE, Sivaganga 

Namaskarams, Just now I came to know that you have retired from service on 31st May, 12, through our blog.  I whole heartedly pray God to bless you with good health and wealth in the days to come.  HAPPY RETIRED LIFE SIR.  At the same time we are very unhappy to know about your retirement. 

Thanking you Sir,  
Yours sincerely,  

Respected my leader,


Retirement is the phase in life when leisure and family take our focus. We put to rest the hectic schedules we once adhered to and learn a new pace of living. Many people look forward to retirement, though they fear the uncertain. The thrill of accomplishing career goals, being esteemed by co-workers and colleagues in the work environment is passing away. For those who have always been defined by their career, recognized by their role, a new person must emerge-a retired person. On the other hand, for those who have had a long and stressful career, whose days dragged on dreadfully, retirement sounds like a heaven. Like others have said, I am happy for you and sad for us due to your retirement but happy for you is the bigger piece. Your care and concern were evident in every communication - emails to the group, personal emails, and in person. You set a great example for all of us about the value of "Trade Union" and we will miss you in the department , but not in the Trade Union 

 With Red Solute,


Congratulations for his success ad red salute to Com. K.V.SRIDHARAN, G.S., C.H.Q., on his superannuation !!!

Congratulations for his success ad red salute to Com. K.V.SRIDHARAN, G.S., C.H.Q., on his superannuation
AIPEU Howah, aipeugrchowrahdiv.blogspot.com

Com. Sridharan,

I wish you a Happy, Healthy and peaceful retired life. I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt greetings and wishes to you for the love and affection shown towards me since my joining in to the union. It is unfortunate that we could not have your presence as a General Secretary for atleast up to 2014. This is the real need of the hour of your leadership. You have a clear vision and road map to lead the union in this critical situation. However do not hesitate to share your valuable suggestions and guidance whenever we disturb you comrade. 

Once again thank you and thank you very much for everything we learn and you share.

With regards
A. Shravan Kumar
Office Assistant O/O the SSPOs
Secunderabad Division

"AIPEU Group-C CHQ remembers the services rendered by you in these 6 years. Your contribution in cadre restructuring, as a leader of departmental council, publishing of Venture and GDS crusader and Hand books, Designing of website for CHQ, As a member of Anomaly Committee, presentation before 6th CPC is memorable one.? You are one of the great leader who driven the NFPE towards victory. Thank you and Thankyou very much for all we learn and you share during the period. Red Salutes to you sir"
Shravan Kumar Addetla

We all wish u a Very Very Happy, Prosperous, Healty Looooooooooooonng Retired Life...

Thank you very much for your unaccountable achievements you gifted to all.

We all proud of you and miss you very much.

Heartiest Greetings and Regards.....
Bal Raj
System Administrator
Dharamsala-176215 (HP)

"Wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life.History of postal trade union movement will always remember KVS for his glorious and remarkable contributions & also for making the chq accessible for the common members."
Sachidananda Biswas

Dear Comrade,

                         As we do not believe in farewell in our organisational life, we would not leave you a parting message. We are sure that with you, retirement means greater opportunity to serve the fight of the trade unions with greater intensity. We are more than happy that we had you with us as the G.S. at a crucial moment, as you have shaped entire Postal movement during your incumbency of these years to a new dimension.

We hope your future days of life will be even happier with a fit body and mind. See you soon at Velllore CWC.

With Comradely greetings,

"Wish your very happy retirement life with your family and also with us. I think that not only all members of NFPE but also other struggling people of working classes always remember U. Hope u may never forget us. 
Debansu Saha

Respected com,

                            I am deeply touched and emotionally moved by the achievement of this union during your tenure. You may be retired from the Govt. Service but we think you cannot take retirement from the trade union activities and also from our hearts.

B K Pathi
Secretary PIII
Aska (Odisha)

Hearty congratulation on your superanuation retirment from postal service .But we still wanted u in the forefront of our union 

Hoping a happy retired life 

Thanking you sir

Com. K V Sridharan, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C retired on superannuation

Com. K V. Sridharan, our beloved General Secretary retires from service on superannuation on 31.05.2012. His dynamic leadership enriched with a new vision and approach has greatly benefited the working class in general and the postal employees in particular.

With broken and distressed heart, the members of AIPEU, Group-C, Karimnagar Divisional branch wish him a healthy and peaceful retired life.

Red salute to Com. K. V. Sridharan
Ramesh, OA, Karimnagar DO