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Monday, October 29, 2012

An appeal to Divisional/Branch Secretaries

Dear Comrades,

            It is proposed to release “Hand Book 2013”, in the second week of December 2012 with updating all the material including the address of all Divisional Secretaries, Mobile Numbers and E-mail IDs. It is therefore requested to kindly furnish following information immediately by next post or through E-mail.

With greetings,

(R. Sivannaryana)
General Secretary

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Thousand lies can never become a truth
nobody can break the unity of postal workers
* lessons of the fragmented strike *
               The GDS strike of Mahadeviah group ended on 22.10.2012.  In fact it was fizzled out.  Eventhough from 16.10.2012 onwards the leaders claimed 100% participation in all circles, the truth was entirely different.  Out of 22 circles, in 10 circles it was less than 5% and 6 circles only less than 10% of the Gramin Dak Sevaks went on strike.  In the remaining six circles it varied from 12% to 27% of the GDS. All India average of the strike is 18.1% of the total GDS.  This is the real picture of the strike.  All other claims are false and naked lies.  The percentage came down day-by-day and on 22nd the All India average was only 5% of the total of about three lakhs GDS.  Thus the strike fizzled out without any settlement.  (Those who have doubt about the figures can get it under RTI from all Circles and verify the truth).  Senior officers of the Department including Secretary, Department of Posts, Member (Personnel) and Minister Communications and Minister of State for Communications also rejected the request of the leaders for a last minute face-saving settlement.
               NFPE has not made any adverse comment or statement against the strike or against the false claim of the leaders regarding All India Strike percentage, eventhough the Mahadevaiah group spread canards against NFPE and its leaders before the strike and also during the strike.  If NFPE had put it in its website the actual percentage of the strike in each circle, the strike would have fizzled out in the second day itself.  But NFPE never wants to break any strike, whether percentage is less or large.  Breaking the strike is not the tradition of NFPE.  So we tolerated every malicious attack against NFPE and its leaders till the strike is over.  Even now, while exposing the lies and hidden agenda of the Mahadevaiah group, we respect the sentiments of the GDS who participated in the strike without knowing the evil designs of the leadership.  We hope that those GDS who are misguided by the leaders, shall join the united struggle of the Central Govt. Employees on 12th December 2012 and also join the united movement of the Postal Employees led by National Federation of Postal Employees.
               Everybody knows that the attack against the Postal Employees, whether it is GDS regularization or New Postal Policy 2012, is due to the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the Central Government.  To fight against these policies, the largest unity of the employees and workers is the need of the hour.  Other than united struggle there is no shortcut.  When NFPE is trying to build up such a united struggle, unfortunately everytime the Mahadevaiah group is trying to break the unity at any cost.  During 2008 when NFPE and all its affiliated unions decided to go on indefinite strike from 06.01.2009, against the retrograde recommendations of the Natarajamurthy Committee, Mahadevaiah gave a call for indefinite strike from 17.12.2008, i.e.,  20 days ahead of the joint strike of NFPE.  Now again, due to our efforts when all the employees unitedly decided to go on strike on 12th December 2012, in which GDS demand is also one of the main demands, Mahadevaiah gave another sudden indefinite strike call from 16.10.2012.  He is playing in the hands of the ruling class and deliberately trying to break the unity among the departmental employees and Gramin Dak Sevaks.  The leader is behaving as an agent of the Government and poor GDS are the victims.  GDS are not going to be benefited by such sectarian strike.  Realising this majority of the GDS refused to join the ill-motivated strike this time.
               On 10.05.2012, Sri. Mahadevaiah made following comments in his signed circular, copy of which is available with us:-  “The AIPEDEU is the single largest Postal Union, larger than all other Postal organisations, including NFPE......  They are afraid of AIPEDEU” (!!!).  When somebody claims that I am bigger than everyone else and all are afraid of me, we can imagine the mindset of such a person.  NFPE leaders will never make such egoistic statements.  Again in another circular which was circulated among the GDS throughout the country without putting name, the following derogatory and insulting comments are made against the legendary leader of the Postal Trade Union movement Late Com: K.Adinarayana - “Nobody including the great person repeatedly mentioned as the messiah of Postal workers including EDAs could even stir.  What was he doing?”  Thus it is very clear that the intention of Mahadevaiah is to project himself above all the leaders of the Postal Trade Union movement right from Tarapada to Adinarayana.  In fact he was elected in the year 1999 and became the General Secretary of the only recognised Union with the help of Com. Adinarayana and NFPE.  But after 1999, there was no gain for GDS, eventhose benefits achieved by NFPE through several years of struggle upto 1999, was taken away by the Government during the tenure of Mahadevaiah.  He continued his attack against NFPE.  His number one enemy is NFPE.  This time the leader thought he can score through making it a fragmented game.  He want to avoid larger unity of entire Postal employees (Departmental and GDS) and also he want to avoid NFPE as he thought that if he join the joint struggle with NFPE he cannot become the hero.  He wanted to play one-upmanship over NFPE.
               Naturally those who loved NFPE said “goodbye” to such a leader who is undemocratic, anti-NFPE, egoistic and decided to form separate GDS Union called AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) declaring themselves that they will work under the banner of NFPE and will be a part and parcel of NFPE.  NFPE decided to give associate membership to the new GDS Union led by Com. Panduranga Rao.  After formation of the new NFPE GDS Union Gramin Dak Sevaks of majority of the Circles joined the new union enbloc.  Remaining circles also GDS stated deserting Mahadevaiah group in a big way and joined NFPE GDS Union.  The very existence of the so-called recognised union was challenged due to the mass-scale exodus of the GDS.  Even in Karnataka which is the home-circle of the leader, 60% of the GDS joined the new union.  (Anybody can collect the strike percentage of Karnataka Circle under RTI and verify the fact).  It is at this moment the leader decided to declare a sudden strike from 16.10.2012 for his own existence and to prevent remaining GDS from deserting him.  But majority of the GDS realised his hidden agenda and refused to join the ill-motivated strike.  That is why the strike fizzled out and ended without any settlement.
               NFPE calls upon the entire Postal Employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks to draw lessons from this fragmented strike and guard against those elements who are trying to break the unity of Postal employees again and again by spreading hatred among Departmental employees and Gramin Dak Sevaks.  Let us defeat such forces of destruction and unite together under the banner of our great organisation, National Federation of Postal Employees.  Let us strengthen the new GDS Union, AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) and ensure cent per cent unity among all Postal employees.  Let us work unitedly to make the historic strike of 12 December 2012 a grand success.
               Remember, we are fighting against the anti-people, anti-working class policies of the Central Government.  Only a class oriented militant trade union like NFPE can alone build the unity of the entire Postal Workers and lead such a struggle in the Postal department.  Fragmented strike will create disunity and disappointment and will weaken the striking potential of the Postal employees and  ultimately the Govt. will take advantage of it.  Our enemy is the ruling class and all the toiling masses are our comrades-in-arms in the struggle against the imperialist neo-liberal globalisation policies of the ruling class.  Let us not allow anybody to break this unity.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Confederation Circular No. 17/2012

Conf/ 17 /2012 Dated: 22.10.2012

Dear Comrades,

As per the decision of the National Executive as conveyed by our circular letter dated 29th July, 2012, we are to conclude our first phase of campaign programme by September and to commence the second phase in October, 2012. In order to undertake a review of the implementation of this decision, we require a brief report at the CHQ.  The following National Sectt. members were entrusted with the State level campaigns.

Coms. S.K. Vyas, K. Raghavendran, Mani Achary, K.V. Sridharan, M. Krishnan, K.P. Rajagopal, Somayya, Doraipanbdian, K.K.N. Kutty, Narasimhan, Giriraj Singh, Vrigu Bhattacharya, M.S. Raja, Ashok Kanojia, Ashok Salunkhe and Jayaraj, Pijush Roy and Nageswara Rao. 

The Sectt.  members are requested to kindly send in a brief report of the tour undertaken and the campaign conducted immediately on receipt of this letter to enable us to undertake a review of the progress in the matter.

We reproduce the relevant portion from our circular letter dated 29th July, 2012 about the action programme decided upon for the month of November, 2012.

1.       19th November, 2012.  Serving Strike notice to all Heads of Departments/offices.
2.       20th to 23rd Evening Dharna between 17 to 21 hours.
3.       Organise vehicle jathas in District capitals.

The following comrades will undertake a brief review meeting in each State Capitals with the participation of the State Committee members and active workers during the 3rd and 4th week of November, 2012.  The Comrades may fix the date in consultation with the State Committees.

Com. S. K. Vyas: Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh.
Com. Narasimhan. Hyderabad
Com. K. P. Rajagopal: Bhubanbeswar, Ranchi and Jaipur
Com. K. K. N. Kutty. Agarthala, Raipur, Nagpur, Dehradun, Lucknow and Chennai
Com. M. S. Raja.  Mumbai. Guwahati, Ahamedbad, Shillong, and Bhopal.
Com. M. Krishnan, Trivandrum and Bangalore.
Com. Pijush Roy. Kolkata and Patna.

Since only a month and half is left, the State Committees are requested to intensify the campaign programme and send periodical reports over phone to the undersigned.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General


No. PF-1 (e)/2012                                                                   Dated: 10th October, 2012


            All General Secretaries,

Dear Com.

                        As all of you are aware the financial position of NFPE is not sound. For better functioning improvement in financial position is a must. Taking into consideration the above position, the Federal Executive of NFPE has decided to collect bonus fund from all members when bonus is disbursed. The amount is fixed as Rs. 10/-(Rs. Ten only) per member minimum.
You are requested to circulate this Circular to All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries with a request to collect the amount and remit it to the following address:

            Financial Secretary,
            National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE)
            1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building
            With greetings.

                        Yours fraternally,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General




Saturday, October 20, 2012


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi, October 18th 2012


Subject: Risk Allowance to Central Government employees 

            The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. No.21012/4/88- Estt.(Allowances) dated 22nd August, 1988, on the captioned subject and to state that in partial modification of the aforesaid O.M., the President is pleased to revise the rates of Risk Allowance in respect of the existing categories of Central Government employees with effect from 1st September, 2008, as under:

Categories of employees
Revised rates in rupees per month
Unskilled workers
Semi-skilled workers
Skilled workers
Non-gazetted officers engaged in Nitro Glycerine preparation
Gazetted officers engaged in Nitro Glycerine preparation
Danger Building Officers

2.         The amount of Risk Allowance would be automatically raised by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%. No separate instructions on this count would be required.

3.        All other terms and conditions envisaged in the O.M. dated 22.08.1988 shall continue to apply.

(Vibha G.Mishra)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The recommendation of the DDG level committee is grant protection for one year and to give chance to the GDS to improve the workload: Directorate orders issued accepting this recommendation as assured by our Hon MOS to the JCA leaders.


The Trade Union Camp for the South Zone viz., Andhra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala  commenced on 13th October, 2012 at Chennai . The two days camp commenced with the hoisting of the flag of the Federation and paying floral tribute to the Martyrs Column.

Comrade M. Krishnan Secretary General introduced all leaders to the house and requested the General Secretary of Reception Committee & Circle Secretary Postal Accounts Comrade R. B. Suresh to invite the leaders to dais. The first session of the Camp was presided over by Comrade M. Kannaianthe Convener of the Postal Circle Co-coordinating Committee  of Tamilnadu Circle. Comrade R. B. Suresh General Secretary of the Reception Committee delivered the welcome address. Dr. Venkatesh Athreya  renowned economist took the first class on INDIAN ECONOMY IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBALIZATION”.  He narrated the harmful policies being implemented since 1980s in the name of LPG in a vivid manner. Comrade J. Ramamurthy Circle Secretary P3 Tamilnadu gave vote of thanks.

The Second Session in which Honourable Member of Parliament Comrade P. Rajeev took a class on “INDIA – PROBLEMS AND REMEDIES”. He covered all the basic problems of Indian Economy since Independence and concluded that only the reversal of all policies of Liberalisation will help Indian economy to stables. Comrade J. Sreevenkatesh Circle President of P3 Tamilnadu presided over the session. Comrade Dhanraj GDS NFPE CHQ Deputy General Secretary delivered vote of thanks.

The third session was presided over by Comrade N. Gopalkrishnan CHQ Working President of P3. Comrade K. Ragavendran Working President of Confederation of CG Employees and Workers took a class on “JCM FUNCTIONING AND THE IMPORTANCE OF 12TH DECEMBER STRIKE”. Comrade Kannan Circle President P4 TN Circle delivered vote of thanks.

There were question answer interactive sessions after every topic. Over all around 200 Delegates attended the TU Camp and they got themselves fully involved in the session by their calm observance and interesting interaction at the end of the sessions. Some photos taken during the TU Camp are exhibited here.

The second day of the TU Camp of South Zone had three sessions. The first session was a class on “Disciplinary Proceedings” taken elaborately by Shri. M.C. Nair Retired Senior Superintendent of Post Offices. The session was presided over by Com. Sankar Circle Secretary R3 TN Circle. 

In the second session Com. K. V. Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary P3 and Leader Staff Side JCM Departmental Council took a class on “Staff Rulings and the role of Branch Secretaries”. This session was presided over by Com. J. Ramamurthy Circle Secretary P3 TN Circle.  

There was an interactive session on both the above topics and both the faculty members answered all questions.

In the afternoon, an Open Session under the Presidentship of Com. S. Ragupathy Assistant Secretary General NFPE was held.  Com. Ragupathy Umashankar Circle Secretary Admn. Union TN Circle delivered welcome address.  Secretary General NFPE Com. M. Krishnan elaborately narrated all the developments since two years and in detail convered the aspects of National Postal Policy and declared that through struggles our movement will advance and resist all anti-worker policies. Comrades Giriraj Singh General Secretary R3; Mohan General Secretary Casual labour union; Ishwar Singh Dabas General Secretary P4; R. Sivannarayana General Secretary P3 ; P. Suresh General Secretary R4;  P. Pandurangarao General Secretary GDS; S. Appanraj General secretary SBCO; S. Santhoshkumar CHQ President  Postal Accounts; and R. Seethalakshmi  Assistant Secretary General NFPE addressed.

The Chief Cook Ramanathan was felicitated by the Reception Committee with a shawl presented to him by the Secretary General in appreciation of the great services rendered by the catering service in a very short time. Com. R. B. Suresh General Secretary Reception Committee finally rendered vote of thanks. The feedback collected from the Delegates about the TU Camp will be compiled and published later.

Monday, October 15, 2012



The recommendation of the DDG LEVEL COMMITTEE is to grant protection for one year and to give chance to the GDS to improve the workload. Directorate orders will be issued accepting this recommendation as assured by Sri Sachin Pilot, Minister Communications for State to the JCA leaders at his residence.
-  M. Krishnan, S/G NFPE.

BONUS - 2012

Postal Board has sent the Bonus File to the Hon'ble Minister Communications for approval. 

Regarding Enhancement of Bonus ceiling to GDS from 2500 to 3500 as the Finance has again rejected the proposal, Communication Minister will be taking up the case with Finance Minister itself as per the assurance given to the JCA Earlier.

Friday, October 12, 2012


P R E S S    S T A T E M E N T

Date   08.10.2012
Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers strongly condemns the recent decision taken by the Union Cabinet to allow FDI in Insurance and Pension sectors.  Both the Pension and insurance are long time savings instruments    and the funds are greatly drawn from the common people. The Insurance Sector in which the Government had a monopoly till the advent of the neo liberal economic policies has remained as one of the most efficient, customer caring and profit making public enterprises. It contributes about 25%of the total investment of Govt. of India funded projects.

The permission to have 49%FDI in the two sectors will obliterate the Indian entrepreneurs as they would not be able to meet the challenge of the cut throat competition and unfair marketing practices to be unleashed by the giant transnational corporations.   Besides, the UPA II Govt. has chosen to ignore  the huge loss of about 4 Trillion dollars suffered by the Pension fund operators in the USA due to the global financial crisis from which the West European and American Economy is yet to come out.  This decision of the Union cabinet is clearly to bail out those transnational corporations from the financial crisis.   The Government’s decision will enable the Pension fund operators to lure the ignorant common pension beneficiaries to speculative market and the consequential liquidation of their savings and negation of pension benefit at the evening of their life.  

The present decision of Manmohan Singh Government read with the intensified desire to enact the PFRDA Bill in the winter session of the Parliament must be seen as the most treacherous and anti people decision taken at the behest  of and compulsion from the International Finance capital and especially to oblige the US Government whose President is seeking re-election.

The Confederation has called upon the CG employees to organize campaigns and organize a day’s strike on 12th December, 2012 to compel the Government to rescind this anti people decision and withdraw the PFRDA Bill.

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General                                                                                                                                   

              Copy  forwarded  to  affiliates   and  State  Committees  of  the  Confederation  with a request to issue necessary  direction  to unleash intensive campaign through meetings, demonstration, dharna  etc.  The State Committees are also requested to send a brief report of the campaign undertaken   in September, 2012 in preparation of the one day strike on 12th December, 2012. 

SB Order No. 14

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

INSPECTORS POSTS EXAMINATION:To Download Inspect Posts Examination 2012 Admits Card 

Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad-hoc Bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2011-12

Amendments in Ex-Servicemen (Re-Employment in Central Civil and Posts) Rules, 2012

Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners - Revised Rates Effective from 01.07.2012

Postal/Sorting Assistant Direct Recruitment Examination 2011-2012 Status of Receipt of your Application

Minutes of Meeting Held on 24.09.2012 - Regarding Revision of PPO Pre-2006 Pensiners_Family Pensioners Including Pre-1990

ACP Scheme for the Central Government Civilian Employees 

On Line Collection of Data of Representation of SCs/STs/OBCs and persons with disabilities

Another MACP Clarification Issued By DOPT

Extension of Facility of withdrawal of Quarterly interest SCSS Accounts Through money TO MIS Accounts

Revision in Interest Rates of Small Savings Schemes w.e.f 01.04.2012

Clarification regarding Admissible_Non Admissibel Items under CGHS



Friday, October 5, 2012

General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrades,

The Tour Programme for campaigning the members for the ensuing one day strike on 12.12.12. finalized by the NFPE is enclosed herewith.

Based on the requests from some circles and also the preoccupations of the CHQ office bearers some changes in nominating the CHQ office bearers become inevitable. Therefore on behalf of P3 CHQ, the following CHQ representatives will attend the circle level preparatory meetings.

1. AP. –    No change. In addition to Com. N. Gapalakrishnan Working President com. R. Sivannarayana General Secretary may also participate from 21.11.2012 to 24.11.2012 in the event of no other occupation.
2. Assam -  Com. K. V. Sridharan will attend – The Circle coordination committee desires to hold the meeting on 26.11.2012 at Guwahati, 27.11.2012 at Nagaon and 28.11.2012 at Dibrugarh.
3. Bihar -      No Change. Com. R. C. Mishra, CHQ, Vice President and U. K. Tiwari, Organising General Secretary will attend.
4. Chattisgarh -     Circle Secretary Conveyed his inability to conduct 3 days Tour from 28.11.2012 to 31.11.2012 and following his Circle Conference scheduled on 3rd, 4th of November 2012, proposes to Convene the programmes. Therefore, Com. K. V. Sridharan, Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary are attending the meetings. Com. Mangesh Parab Working President has been relieved since he was given programme in M. P. Circle on the same days mentioned in the NFPE programme.
5. Gujarat -    Com. K. V. Sridharan is attending. Circle Secretary informed that in consultation with the other circle secretaries will fix the date in the second week of November (Probably from 9th to 11th) for holding meetings at Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara.
6. Haryana - On 19.11.2012 at Ambala Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary will attend instead of Com. K. V. Sridharan who is preoccupied.         
7. H. P. -      Instead of Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary Com. Balwinder Singh Financial Secretary will attend Shimla, Mandi, Dharmshala from 26.11.2012 to 29.11.2012.
8. Jharkhand - Com. U. K. Tiwari, Org. General Secretary will Tour Jharkhand Circle.
9. J & K -   Instead of Com. Balwinder Singh, Com. H. P. Diwakar Asst. Financial Secretary will attend on 24.11.2012.
10. Karnataka - As scheduled Com. R. Sivannarayana, General Secretary will attend 26.11.2012 to 31.11.2012.
11. Kerala - Com. C. P. Sobhana, Vice President will attend as per the schedule.
12.  Maharashtra -  As notified earlier Com. Mangesh Parab, Working President and Com. S. A. Hameed, Org. General Secretary, will attend from 19.11.2012 to 24.11.2012.
13.  M. P. -   As scheduled, Com. Mangesh Parab, Working President will attend from 28.11.2012 to 1.12.2012.
14.  N. E. -    Com. K. V. Sridharan is attending on 24th and 25.11.2011 at Agartala.
15.  Orissa -   Com. U. K. Tiwari, Org. General Secretary will attend Orissa. He is requested to consult with Circle Secretary, Jharkhand to modify the dates of Jharkhand circle in order to avoid clash of dates.
16.  Punjab -  Instead of Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary will attend from 20.11.2012 to 23.11.2012. He is requested to modify the dates suitably in his own circle, Rajasthan.
17.  Rajasthan -       Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary will be incharge, Com. Subhash Mishra, AGS will also attend in addition to him as Com. Balwinder Singh has been preoccupied.
18.  Tamilnadu -      As scheduled Com. A. Veeramani, Asst. General Secretary will tour on behalf of CHQ in Tamilnadu
19.  Uttarakhand -   As scheduled Com. Subhash Mishra, Asst. General Secretary will attend.
20.  Uttar Pradesh- As per Tour Programme Com. Subhash Mishra, Asst. General Secretary will attend.
21.  West Bengal -   Com. G. B. Maity, Asst. General Secretary will tour as per original programme.

The above modification have been made in order to organize the programmes very effectively in all the circles. In case if any circle desires to prepone or postpone the programme to another date as per the decision of the coordination committee, the concerned Circle Secretary may contact the leaders accordingly and decide the programme. However everyone should ensure that the Tour Programme shall be implemented in all the places as mentioned in NFPE Circular and there should be no deviation. All are requested to organize all the comrades for the success of the strike action. The Telephone members of all the CHQ office bearers are furnished here under for communication.

M. Krishnan
Working President
Mangesh Parab
Working President
N. Gopalakrishnan
Vice President
R. C. Mishra
Vice President
C. P. Shobana

K. V. Sridharan
General Secretary
R. Sivannarayana
09013946988, 09490788708
Asst. General Secretary
Gourang Dev Maity
Asst. General Secretary
Subhash Mishra
Asst. General Secretary
A. Veeramani
Financial Secretary
Balwinder Singh
Astt. Financial Secretary
Hari Prasad Diwakar
08233201357, 9587015058
Org. General Secretary
S. A. Hameed
Org. General Secretary
U. K. Tiwari
Org. General Secretary
L. P. Saikia

The revised chart of P3 representatives in respect of each circle furnished below.     

Andhra Pradesh
21.11.2012 to 24.11.2012
Com. R. Sivannarayana, General Secretary
Com. N. Gopalakrishnan, Working President
26.11.2012 to 28.11.2012
Com. K. V. Sridharan
Com. L. P. Saikia, Org. General Secretary
26.11.2012 to 30.11.2012
Com. R. C. Mishra, Vice President
Com. U. K. Tiwari, Org. General Secretary
03.11.2012 to 04.11.2012
Com. K. V. Sridharan
Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary
All General Secretaries and All India Office bearers available

Com. K. V. Sridharan
Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary
Himachal Pradesh
26.11.2012  28.11.2012 to 29.11.2012
Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary
19.11.2012 to 20.11.2012
Com. U. K. Tiwari, Org. General Secretary
Jammu & Kashmir
Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary
26.11.2012 to 30.11.2012
Com. R. Sivannarayana, General Secretary
13.11.2012 to 15.11.2012
Com. C. P. Shobhana, Vice President
19.11.2012 to 22.11.2012 & 24.11.2012
Com. Mangesh Parab, Working President
Com. S. A. Hameed, Org. General Secretary
Madhya Pradesh
28.11.2012 to 01.12.2012
Com. Mangesh Parab, Working President
North East
24.11.2012 to 25.11.2012
Com. K. V. Sridharan
Com. L. P. Saikia, Org. General Secretary

Com. U. K. Tiwari, Org. General Secretary
Com. R. C. Mishra, Vice President
20.11.2012 to 23.11.2012
Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary

19.11.2012 to 21.11.2012
Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary
Com. Subhash Mishra, Asst. General Secretary
19.11.2012 to 22.11.2012 &
Com. A. Veeramani, Asst. General Secretary
Com. Subhash Mishra, Asstt. General Secretary
Uttar Pradesh
01.11.2012 to 03.11.2012 & 05.11.2012 to 10.11.2012
Com. Subhash Mishra, Asstt. General Secretary
West Bengal
21.11.2012, 24.11.2012 & 26.11.2012 to 29.11.2012
Com. G. D. Maithy, Asst. General Secretary

All Circle Secretaries are requested to issue a separate circular in the Regional language about the importance of 12 December 2012 strike and also the tour programme organized by the Federation. The Circle Secretaries are requested to explore the possibilities of conducting Circle/Regional councils on the proposed dates for effective mobilition of participation in the strike preparatory meetings. All CHQ office bearers are requested to contact the Circle Secretaries immediately and fix their programme as well as booking their Journey Tickets in advance.

Let us make the 12.12.12 strike a historic one.

Please organize swiftly and very effectively.

With struggle greetings,

(R. Sivannarayana)                                                                                       
General Secretary                                                                             

Dated – 04.10.2012