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Monday, December 31, 2007


Saturday, December 15, 2007


Dear Comrades,


The Postal Joint Council of Action of NFPE and FNPO has endorsed the programme of action of the Confederation of CG Employees and called upon the Circle Secretaries and Divisional / Branch Unions of both the federations to implement the programme unitedly with other CG Employees on 3rd January and from 7th to 11th January 2008. The JCA Circular is being despatched to all Circle Secretaries and its copy is placed hereunder:


KVS General Secretary




1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001



T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi – 110001



No. JCA / 2 / 2007       Dated 15th  December 2007






Dear Comrades / Colleagues,


The Postal Joint Council of Action of NFPE and FNPO notes with deep concern that the Government has taken a negative and unjustified stand to deny the benefit of increase in bonus ceiling for the CG Employees from 2500/- to 3500/- even after the amendment of Bonus Act by the Government.


The Postal JCA finds that despite our launching of a nationwide protest demonstrations last month and sending of telegrams / savingrams to Hon'ble Finance Minister as per the call of the Confederation of Central Government Employees, the Government has chosen to ignore the justified voice of the central government employees. The Staff Side has been told by the Secretary [Finance] that the Government has decided not to extend the above benefit to CG Employees. The Staff Side has sharply reacted and communicated that a show down would become inevitable if the Government don't come forward to settle the issue.


Similarly we could find that the Government has taken retrograde stand on many issues including lifting the 5% cap on compassionate appointments. The CGHS rates in cities except Delhi have been reduced arbitrarily by the Government causing denial of treatment to beneficiaries in specialist hospitals; 16 Arbitration Awards are yet to be accepted by the Government; and daily rated mazdoors are yet to be regularized.


The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO has therefore decided to endorse and implement the following call of the Confederation of CG Employees with the addition of withdrawal of SLP on RRR Candidates, in a united manner to mobilize the entirety of the Postal Employees behind the Charter. The 5 point charter of demands is not directly related to 6 th Pay Commission and settlement is over due.


Charter of Demands:


1.    Remove 5% cap on Compassionate Appointment and also withdraw the SLP
     filed in  the Supreme Court against absorption of RRR Candidates;

2.    Revising Bonus for 2006-07 on account of revision of ceiling;

3.    Regularisation of daily rated workers;

4.    Implementation of 16 Arbitration Awards;

5.    Enter into MOU with specialist hospitals on CGHS rates for in-patient treatment
     and  various pathological tests to cities other than Delhi.  
Programme of Action:


1.     Badge wearing and mobilization of employees on 03-01-2008;


2.     Relay Dharna from 7th January to 10 th Jan, 2008 followed by a March to 
     Lt.  General / Governors / Prime Minister on 11-01-2008 to present a 


3 .    To take up the issues through a memorandum with all MPS by the C-O-Cs of the respective constituencies and by CG Employees Unions, where no C- O-C is in existence.



Dear Comrades,


The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO once again call upon the Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries of all Unions / Associations to make the above programme a grand success. We request the Circle Secretaries to circulate this call to their divisional and branch secretaries, directing them to conduct the programme of action unitedly by the unions / associations of both the Federations along with other CG Employees in their areas.


Let us March ahead to compel the Government to concede our just and legitimate demands.


Comradely Yours,



Sd/- D.Theagarajan -----------------------Sd/- K.Ragavendran 

Secretary General – FNPO -------------Secretary General - NFPE





Dear Comrades, The main highlights of the JCM Standing Committee Meeting held on 14.12.2007 are given under:
General Secretary.

Gist of discussions in the Standing Committee Meeting held on 14.12.2007:

The meeting of the Standing Committee of the JCM National Council was held today. Secretary (Personnel) presided. On behalf of the Confederation, Com. S.K.Vyas President and Com. KKN Kutty, Secretary General attended the meeting. All agenda items could not be discussed as the meeting had to be ended at 3.00 PM. The next meeting will take place within three months. Decisions taken on each of the agenda items discussed will be circulated shortly.

The following were the prominent issues that came up for discussion today:

(a) Bonus: Official side informed that the Cabinet had excluded the Central Govt. employees from the purview of the recent amendment to Bonus Act, whereby the ceiling limit for calculation of bonus had been raised from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500. The Staff Side reacted sharply to this statement and informed the Secretary Personnel that they would be left with no alternative but to withdraw from the discussion forum and resort to action programmes if the Govt. persists with its untenable decision. The Secretary (Personnel) assured the Staff Side that he would convey their strong resentment over this issue to the Cabinet Secretary and will convey the Government's position. The Staff side has decided to meet in the first week of January, 2008 and consider the outcome of efforts of the Secretary Personnel in this regard and take appropriate decision.

(b) Interim Relief and the CPC Report: The Staff Side Secretary conveyed in his initial remarks that the employees are concerned over the delay in the submission of the report by the 6 th CPC due to the various references being made by the Govt. at the last minute. He also informed the Secretary Personnel that most of the Public Sector undertaking employees have been granted interim relief ranging from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 60000 while the Central Govt. employees are denied despite specific terms of reference to the 6 th CPC. He urged the Secretary Personnel to appreciate the injustice caused to the Central Govt. employees in this regard.

(c) Arbitrary reduction of CGHS rates for hospitalization and pathological tests in recognized hospitals. The Stand of the Health Ministry officials was that the rates had been revised on the basis of the tender and naturally the recognized hospitals were not entitled to object to it. The Staff Side pointed out that none of the recognized hospitals had entered into an MOU with the Govt. on the reduced rates and the beneficiaries are denied the treatment in all places. After some discussions it was decided that:
(i). the Health Ministry officials will interact with the CGE organizations in all Cites and towns where the scheme is in vogue and report as to which hospitals are providing treatment on the basis of the reduced rates and which of them were refusing to take corrective steps;

(ii). The calendar of such meetings pertaining to various CGHS centres would be prepared by the Health Ministry and would be submitted to the Secretary (Per) within 10 days.

(d) Arbitration awards: It was indicated that discussions on all items had been completed and the matter is being considered at the level of the Cabinet Secretary as to the next course of action.

(e) New Pension scheme: Both the Sides reiterated their position. The denial of family pension and other retirement benefits in respect of the employees recruited after 1.4.2004 and the remedial actions were stated to be under consideration of the Govt. In respect of those employees who were given the temporary status prior to 1.4.2004 and in whose cases, 50% of the services rendered as casual/contingent/daily rated workers are to be counted for the purpose of pension, the Secretary Pension informed the staff side that the question of treating them as having been recruited prior to 1.4. 2004 would be considered.

(f) Compassionate appointments: The Official side has gone back on their earlier assurance and has now stated that no further relaxation would be available in this regard further to what had been already announced. The Staff side contested the position taken by the Department of Personnel in the matter and reminded them of the promise held by the Cabinet Secretary when the issue was discussed with him as part of the strike charter. The continuing discrimination in the matter of compassionate appointment between the employees of the Railways and other Central Govt. employees was also brought home. After discussion, it was decided that the Joint Secretary (E) in the Department of Personnel will discuss the issue once again with the staff Side to prepare a note to the Cabinet Secretary incorporating the views of the staff side properly for his reconsideration.

(g) At the end of the meeting Staff Side Secretary enquired whether there was any proposal to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 to which the Secretary Personnel clarified that to the best of his knowledge and information that neither the Department of Personnel nor the Finance has officially mooted any such proposal.

With greetings,
Secretary General Confederation.


Minutes of the Meeting of the National Executive of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers held at Bangalore on 09-12-2007

Members Present in the meeting

Com.S.K.Vyas, President, Com.T.Narasimhan, Vice President, Com.K.K.N.Kutty, Secretary General, Com.M.S.Raja, Secretary, Com.Duraipandian, Organisational Secretary, Com.Jayasheelan,AIFTEF, Com.R.Manimohan, AICEIA, Com.K.Ragavendran, NFPE., Com.N.Somaiah, Asstt.Secretary , Com.Y.G.Sundaram, CPWD Workers' Union, Chennai, Com.K.Selvaraj, Organising Secretary, Com.Manoj Kumar Sharma, SG., Ministerial Staff Survey of India, Com.T.D.Banerjee, Survey of India, Com.A.S.Rawat, AIA&AS, Com.V.Bhattacharjee , Astt. Secretary, Com.N.Venilaj, Kerala.

The National Executive Meeting of the Confederation was held at Incometax Office, CR Building, Bangalore on 09-12-2007 as indicated in the notice dated 06-11-2007. Participants in the meeting was welcomed by Com.Radhakrishna, General Secretary, C-o-C Karnataka. Com.S.K.Vyas, President presided over the meeting. The meeting observed two minutes silence to condole the sudden demise of Com.Ajoy Bhowmik, Ex-President and General Secretary of COC West Bengal State Committee. The house adopted a condolence resolution to pay homage to Com.Bhowmik.

The Decisions taken on agenda items subjected to discussion are as under:-

Item No.a) Review of the one day strike organized on 30-10-2007:

Com.Secretary General informed the house that the strike organized on 30-10-2007, under trying circumstances in the background of the Railways and Defence workers keeping away had elicited large scale participation of Central Govt. employees, as was reported in the Press communiqué issued by the Confederation Hqrs on 30-10-2007. He also stated that the joining of the AISGEF in organizing the strike unitedly had created a salutary impact in mobilizing the central Govt. employees and the joint convention and innumerable meetings held helped immensely to propagate the issues. All affiliated organizations and the C-o-Cs had telephonically filed the report on 30th itself to the Hqrs to enable it to issue the Press communiqué on the day of the strike itself. Com.Secretary General however, stated that written reports called for in a particular format were received only from a very few affiliates and C-o-Cs and the deficiency in this regard continue to persist, despite the promise made to the contrary in the last meeting of the National Executive. The reports received from the following affiliates were read out:
1. Income Tax Employees Federation;
2. All India Archeological Survey of India;
3. All India Customs Ministerial Staff Federation;
4. All India Customs Gr.D Officers Federation;
5. Govt. Medical Stores Depot Employees Union;
6. All India Civil Audit and Accounts Association;
7. All India Foreign Trade Employees Federation;
8. National Federation of Atomic Energy Commission Employees Assns;
9. All India Central Ground Water Board Employees Association.

Com.K.Raghavendran and Com.Manimohan personally presented to the house the details of the respective participation of Postal employees and Central Excise Inspectors in the one day strike on 30 th. Com.Brighu Bhattacharya, Secretary General, Civil Accounts Association placed the report on the strike to the house. Com.M.K.Sharma informed the house of the strike participation of Survey of India Employees. All of them assured to follow it up with a written report.

The house decided that the Head quarters should write to the affiliates once again requesting them to file a report on the strike participation in order to have a clear picture of the weaknesses manifested to take corrective steps as a sustained and prolonged industrial action will become inevitable in March next when the 6 th CPC makes over its report to the Govt. The Secretary General informed the house that reports were received only from the following C-o-Cs:

Andhra Pradesh; Madhya Pradesh; Western UP, Lucknow; Allahabad; Delhi; Puduchery and Tamil Nadu.

Though the other C-o-Cs had reported with details of the strike participation, written reports are yet to be filed. They will be reminded to send their reports.

The meeting came to the conclusion that the strike call had been well responded and the danger of losing pension has been well understood by the rank and file of the workers.

Agenda Item No.(b): Discussion on steps needed to remove weakness and difficulties :

Com.Secretary General reported to the house that he along with Com. President had met Com.Manna, Secretary General, CPWD Workers Union in a bid to explore the possibilities of the CPWD Union endorsing the call for one day strike. Com.Manna had explained the difficulties encountered by them in the background of the nugatory attitude of the Govt. in not recognizing the Union and the impasse created in the functioning of the JCM and various other problems created due to the proliferation of Union and disruption of the once united and strong movement of the CPWD workers. Com .Secretary General informed the house that Com.Manna had assured all possible cooperation in the given circumstances by the CPWD workers. He said that some of the branches of CPWD Union had in fact participated in the strike and hoped that more number of CPWD workers will participate in future struggles of the Confederation.

The meeting noted that although the All India CGHS Employees Union had not served the strike notice, some of its branches had participated. So was the case with the All India Passport employees Association. The meeting asked the President and Secretary General to discuss the matter with the leaders of these two organizations. It was reported that some of the Survey organisations had gone back on the decision to go on the strike, after serving the notice at the last moment. It was decided that Com.M.K.Sharma and Com.T.D.Banerjee will talk to the various organizations in Survey of India at Dehradun and arrange a meeting for an interaction with all of them by the President and Secretary General.

Agenda No(c): Pay Commission related issues:

It was noted by the house that the 6th CPC recommendations on the following are likely to be totally unsatisfactory:
a) Minimum Wage(especially in the back ground of the salary of the President having been fixed at Rs.1,00,000/-)
b) Rate of increment;
c) Date of effect
d) Pension
e) Health Scheme.

The house decided to undertake an intensive campaign to mobilize the employees for an inevitable and intensified and prolonged struggle in March next when the 6 th CPC comes out with its recommendations.

Agenda No.(d): Future Course of Action:

The house identified the following issues for an immediate mobilisation:

1. Compassionate Appointment
2. Revising Bonus for 2006-07 on account of revision of ceiling;
3. Regularisation of daily rated workers;
4. Arbitration Awards;
5. Reducing of CGHS rates for inpatients treatment and various pathological tests to cities other than Delhi arbitrarily by the Health Ministry.

1. Badge wearing and mobilization of employees on 03-01-2008;
2. Relay Dharna from 7th January to 10th Jan, 2008 followed by a March to Lt.General/Governors/Prime Minister on 11-01-2008 to present a memorandum
3. To take up the issues through a memorandum with all MPS by the C-O-Cs of the respective constituencies.

Agenda No (e): Organisational review – State C-o-Cs – extended NE with CoC Secretaries:

The extended meeting of the National Executive along with the State C-o-Cs Secretaries will be held at Mumbai in the 3 rd week of February. The house decided to move a resolution in the said meeting to make it mandatory for National Executive members to attend the National Executive meeting failure of which to result in the forfeiture of the elected posts. Com.M.S.Raja and Com.Jairaj will interact with the CoC Mumbai to make necessary arrangements for the meeting.

Agenda No (f) : Discussion on issues before Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate legislation:

The house set up a committee to prepare a memorandum to the Committee to be submitted by 28-02-2008. All National Executive members and affiliates and C-o-Cs will give the feedback to the committee on all rules made by the Government under Article 309 by 17-02-2008. The Committee will sit at Delhi on 25-02-2008 to finalise the memorandum. The committee is headed by Com.S.K.Vyas and will have the following members:

Com.S.K Vyas Chairman
Com. Vrighu Bhattacharjee

Concluding the meeting, Com.Secretary General thanked the Karnataka C-O-C and ITEF Karnataka & Goa Unit for making excellent arrangement for the conduct of the meeting at Bangalore. The meeting came to a close at 7.30 P.M.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Dear Comrades,
The National Executive Meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers was held in Bangalore on 9 th December 2007 under the presidentship of Comrade S.K.Vyas, Chairman Confederation. Comrade K.K.N.Kutty Secretary General Confederation explained the issues in detail. The NFPE, the Income Tax, the Audit, the Civil Accounts, the Atomic Energy, the Census, the Survey of India, the Foreign Trade organizations attended the meeting. Comrade K.Ragavendran, Secretary General NFPE, attended the Executive. The Executive has taken a decision to place for the consideration of the extended National Executive as to whether a three time consecutive absenteeism by the office bearers of the Confederation shall automatically debar them from the membership of the National Executive.


The following important issues were discussed with all seriousness"


  1. Review of 30th October 2007 Strike performance by each affiliate and steps to remove the weaknesses.
  2. Pay Commission related tasks and the extended National Executive Meeting.
  3. Urgent issues including Bonus Ceiling on which immediate action programme is needed.
  4. Parliamentary Committee on subordinate items and our task.


The Executive noted that there has been a better performance by several affiliates and the strike was a very successfully organized in many states. This naturally provides a sense of enthusiasm and encouragement but at the same time the Executive decided to look into the weaknesses in some areas in order to strengthen our future struggles. Various steps have been decided upon in this regard.


The Executive noted that going by the trends as available today, there is every chance that the VI CPC submits its recommendations before March or February 2008 and that many negative recommendations could be submitted on our basic issues like Need based Minimum Wage, Date of Effect, Increment rate, DA Formula, Defined Benefit Pension, Medical Care etc. The Government may also take a negative stand on these issues even if the CPC is in favour of some of the issues. Therefore the Executive decided that these shall have to be met with our violent reactions through our united might for which we shall have to be prepared. The exact form of our struggle will be decided in the extended National Executive Meeting to be convened in Mumbai during middle of February 2008.


On Bonus Ceiling, Arbitration Awards, Compassionate Appointments, Minimum wages of irregular employees etc which are not directly connected to the outcome of VI CPC, it was decided to organize a programme after 14 th December JCM National Council Standing Committee Meeting. In the event of any negative stand by the Government in the Standing Committee the following programme of action shall be organized"


  1. On 3.1.2008: Badge Wearing by all workers.
  2. From 7.1.2008 to 10.1.2008: Relay Dharna all over the country.
  3. On 11.1.2008 March to Raj Bhawan in State Capitals to submit Memorandum.
  4. From 7.1.2008 to 11.1.2008 – Our Delegation of leaders shall meet the Parliament Members in all constituencies and submit our memorandum seeking their kind intervention with the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

 A sub-committee consisting of six comrades has been constituted by the Executive to finalise the issues to be submitted on behalf of the Confederation to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on subordinate items which has sought our suggestions under Article 309 of the Constitution. All Unions are requested to make their suggestions before 15 th February 2008 on necessary changes to be made and reasons thereof about the Service Rules, Conduct Rules and Recognition Rules with a view to democratize them in the interest of CG Employees and Workers.

The National EXecutive was followed by well organised seminars on privatisation of social security and health care that was inagurated by Comrade W.R.Varadarajan, All India Secretary of CITU and addressed  by Comrades S.K.Vyas and K.K.N.Kutty the Chairman and Secretary General of Confederation respectively. A separate working women convention was also organised to mark the silver jubilee celeberations of C-O-C Karnataka Circle.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Memorandum submitted by NFPE to the Sixth Pay Commission copy endorsed to Secretary Department of Post is published here for the benefit of our readers. Willing comrades may download by clicking the following link



General Secretary

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The latest from the General Secretary Desk



Meeting member (P)


(i)             We met the member (P) Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy on 23.11.07 & also on 26.11.07 and discussed elaborately on all pending issues.


(ii)           All the Chief PMGs have been instructed to send details about LSG Vacancies from 1983 onwards and the notional promotions accorded.


(iii)          The process of completion of LSG, HSG II will be carried out with strict instructions.


(iv)         Director SPN will be directed to Orissa Circle in the first week of December'07 to sort out all the issues pertaining to notional LSG promotion.


(v)           Agreed to cause orders to keep abeyance of the orders postponing the BCR promotion in the event of declining LSG promotion.


(vi)         Agreed to arrange a meeting shortly to sort out the pending issues with DDG (P) & DDG (Estt)


LGO Exam

We have already sent 40 Questions already and sent further 25 Questions today. The process is going on completion of Question Bank, this will be implemented for the ensuing exam.


PA Recruitment Rules

The revised PA recruitment rules is under scrutiny with law ministry and will be released shortly which will resolve many issues like LGO exam, Allowing ED officials without any mark limitation, confirmation etc.


Exemption from Screening Committee

It is informed that the Ministry of Finance & Department of personnel have rejected the cabinet note submitted by the Dept for exemption of Postal Services from the purview of screening Committee. The Federal Executive, which is scheduled to be held on 01.12.07 at New Delhi will decide further course of action.



The Finance Minister has not favourably responded for extending the benefit of increased bonus ceiling limit to Central Govt. employees. The Confederation of CG Employees & workers held a Massive demonstration at North Block in front of Finance Ministry's office on 23.11.07.


Postal Act

It is shocking to note that the Govt has turned down the postal Dept proposal to amend the Postal Act. The news item appeared in the Economic Times dt 23.11.07 is appended alongwith this note for information.


Postal Leaders - German Tour.

The Dept is sending study tour delegation to Germany for exposure to Deutche post and study the functioning. On behalf of NFPE, Com. K. Ragavendran, Secretary General, Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary, Com. Iswar Singh Dabas, General Secretary, P4, Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary R3 will participate in the delegation. The team may leave India on 09.12.07 and remain in Germany for 5 days.


New cell phone connection to General Secretary.

As the roaming charges & call charges are in higher rate in the existing vodafone, the General Secretary has shifted to MTNL connection from today,


His Cell Phone No. is 09868545552 repeat 09868545552.


Please Note.



Due to sudden tour programme from 09.12.07 to 15.12.07, the General Secretary is missing the great opportunity in participating the Orissa CWC meeting form 07.12.07 to 09.12.07. the CHQ wishes the CWC meeting a Grand success.


The General Secretary on return from tour will try to attend the Karnataka Circle conference which is scheduled to be held from 16.12.07 to 18.12.07. Similarly he will be attending the All India conference of A3 union at Trivandrum from 18.12.07 to 20.12.07.


As usual, during his absence in the Headquarters Com. Balwinder Singh, Asst. Treasurer will manage the CHQ and attend the problems as officiating General Secretary.


With greetings,


Comradely yours,



(K V Sridharan)

General Secretary


Dated- 27.11.2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007





The TBOP/BCR court case was heard on 13.11.2007. The Next hearing of Court case will be held on 19.03.2008.



(K V Sridharan)

General Secretary

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Dear Comrades!
The Confederation has given a call for nationwide protest demonstrations and dharna demanding immediate orders on the bonus ceiling from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- to the Central Government Employees. The call has been endorsed by the Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO also. The call of the Confederation and the endorsement of the Postal JCA are reproduced below. All Circle Secretaries are requested to circulate the copy of the call to all branches and make the programme a resounding success.
Yours Comradely
General Secretary AIPEU Group 'C'








Dear Comrades!


The Central Government had already through its Ordnance amended the Bonus Act to raise the bonus ceiling from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- and the same was Gazette notified also.


The Staff Side Secretary to the National Council JCM had already wrote letters to the Secretary Expenditure and the Secretary DOPT demanding immediate orders to raise the same in respect of all Central Government Employees also.


The leaders of the Confederation also have been moving with the Finance Ministry to get the orders issued by the Ministry of Finance but the issue is being delayed unnecessarily. We are given to understand that the file is on the table of the Honourable Finance Minister who will decide about the course of action to be taken in this matter.


The Central Government Employees all over the country are very eagerly awaiting the orders and the delay is causing lot of resentment and anxiety. It was anticipated that the orders will be issued before Diwali Festival but even after the festival no orders are forthcoming from the Ministry of Finance. The Central Government Employees cannot be ignored when the Bonus Act had already been amended by the Government with retrospective effect from 1.4.2006 and all other section of the workers are being paid the bonus at the enhanced level.


The Confederation of Central Government Employees has therefore issued a call to all its affiliates to organise immediate protest demonstrations and dharna all over the country by mobilizing the entirety of our work force and send Telegrams / Savingrams to Shri. P.Chidambaram, Honourable Finance Minister, Government of India, North Block, New Delhi – 110001. The Call of the Confederation and the text of the Telegram are reproduced below. The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO calls upon all its affiliated Unions / Circle Unions / Divisional and Branches to launch the above programme of action with all our might. The Circle Secretaries are requested to circulate this call to all their branches requesting them to hold the programme successfully as and when they receive the circular from the Circle Secretaries. [Please note that there is no specific date to hold the programme] This method is resorted to considering the urgency of the issue.





Comradely Yours


K.Ragavendran                 D.Theagarajan

SG – NFPE                              SF- FNPO




A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi. 110 027.

E mail: confederation06@yahoo.co.in

Phone: 2510 5324

President:                     Com.S.K. Vyas:            9868244035

Working President.            Com.C.C. Pillai:             9811213808

Secretary General:            Com.K.K.N.Kutty             9811048303

Dated: 13th November, 2007



Dear Comrades,


As you are aware., the Government took the decision to raise the bonus ceiling for the purpose of computation from Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 after more than a decade.    As per the Press Information Bureau release, this decision of the cabinet is applicable to the bonus payable to the workers for the FY 2006-07 onwards.    The Adhoc and productivity linked bonus in the case of  CG Employees were declared and paid in Sept. Oct. 2007.


Confederation has taken up this issue with the Government.   The Secretary of the Staff Side of the JCM National council had also written to the Secretary, Expenditure and  Secretary Personnel, indicating the need for making this applicable to the CGEs. for the year 2006-07 and revise the orders issued in respect of PLB and adhoc bonus.    We have been informed by the Officials in the Finance Ministry that the proposal is awaiting the approval of the Finance Minister.  Perhaps   this may require the sanction from the cabinet too as that has been the procedure adopted in the earlier occasion.  Since the matter is being unduly delayed for no ostensible reason as the Finance Minister was party to the earlier cabinet decision for raising the ceiling limit to Rs 3500,the Confederation desires that Demonstration/Dharna should be organized in front of all Offices and send the following telegram/Saving gram   to Shri P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, Govt. of India, North Block, New Delhi- 110 001. The  programme of action may be carried out immediately on receipt of this letter by the Units of all affiliates.    The affiliates are requested to kindly convey the decision to their branches and units so that the programme will have wider participation and create sanction to compel the Govt. to take an expeditious and positive decision in this matter.    We are sending this communication through our e-mail and copy of the same has been  placed in our web-site.  Programme may be carried out as and when the message is received by the State/Divisional/Branches.  Confederation has also sent  SMS to all the National Executive Members.


Text of Telegram


With greetings,                                                                                                

 Yours fraternally,

 K.K.N.Kutty ,

Secretary General.







The TBOP/BCR court case was heard on 13.11.2007. The Next hearing of Court case will be held on 16.03.2008.



(K V Sridharan)

General Secretary


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Saturday, November 10, 2007




Confederation Secretary General and Chairman met the JS [Per] and ascertained that the file on enhancement of bonus ceiling from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- to the CG Employees is sent to the Honourable Finance Minister for decision. It is informed to our leaders that on both the earlier similar occasions the decision to extend the benefit to the CG Employees was taken by the Cabinet only. However the Finance Minister will take a decision as to whether the issue should go to the Cabinet for approval. It is gathered that the Railway Ministry is also sending the issue to the Cabinet for taking a decision in this matter. Our leaders have pointed out to the authorities concerned that the issue for all CG Employees be decided without any delay.


The Confederation is trying to meet the Honourable Finance Minister or at least contact him over phone through MPs to request him for expediting release of orders in this matter.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


The General Secretary's Desk


      Happy Diwali


Congratulations! Lal Salam!


At the call of the Postal JCA of NFPE & FNPO, the Postal and RMS workers all over the Country have magnificently responded and made the one Day Token Strike on 30.10.2007 a grand and total success.


The response in this strike is stupendous in many circles. It was a total strike in Assam, Chhatisgarh and West Bengal. Many circles like Andhra, Kerala, North East Surpassed 90% mark. In respect of Karnataka, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Orissa, the Strike was success exceeding 80% participation.


For the first time in the history of the Postal employees of Delhi Circle, more than 70% of employees went on strike. New Delhi GPO, Delhi GPO, I.P. HPO were paralysed, There was total strike in which more than 75% of delivery post offices were closed in Delhi Circle.


The reports pouring in from various parts of the country show that the participation of Postal employees in this strike is better than the previous strikes. Particularly there is a vast improvement in our P3 while comparing the past. Now P3 led the strike in many circles.


This strike is a warning to the UPA government and also a caution to Sixth Pay Commission. We are sending the message that we are united and will fight against any injustice if caused by the Sixth Pay Commission. Congratulations once again   comrades and request to maintain this struggle unity at all levels.


Bonus Ordinance 2007


The Ministry of Law & Justice has issued Gazette Notification on 27.10.07 under the payment of Bonus (Amendment) ordinance, 2007 (No 8 of 2007).


1.       The Bonus Act amendment deemed to come in to force from 01.04.2006.

2.       The ceiling was substituted as Rs. 3500/- & Rs 10000/- in the original notification.

Accordingly, all will get arrears for the bonus year of 2006-07. So far, the central Government employees concerned, the DOP & T has to issues orders.


14 Days Strike Wages


The Communication Minister Thiru A. Raja while delivering his speech on 21.10.07 at a state level conference held at Dindigul, Tamilnadu mentioned that the strike period of 2000 (14 days) will be treated as leave and Postal Employees will get salary for the period.


This was the announcement of our Minster. Let us hope that he will implement his assurance soon.


Amendment to Postal Act.


The Department has sent proposal to amend the Indian Post Office (Amendment) Act to the cabinet for approval. The following are the main substance:


(i)            The letters & Packets up to 150 grams may be the exclusive preserve of India Post.

(ii)          The private couriers will have to charge 2.5 times the tariff specified for Speed Post.

(iii)         There is a cap of 49% on FDI in courier business. 51% of the paid - up share is held by the citizens of India.


The draft bill has been sent to the Cabinet and, once approved, the Government can introduce the Bill in the Parliament.


This item is appeared in the 'Economic Times' on 31.10.07 and we exhibited full text in our CHQ Website.


General Secretary's Strike Tour


1         Karnataka: -  The Postal JCA has organised six meetings at the following places on 24.10.07 & 25.10.07.(i) Rajaji Nagar HPO (ii) Circle office (iii) Bangalore GPO. (iv) Basavangudi HO (V) Musuem Road HPO (vi) Bangalore GPO. (Dely). Our Circle Secretary Com. S.S. Manjunath and his team had optimumly utilised the services of the General Secretary during his tour. Our sincere appreciations to Karnataka Circle comrades and special mention to Com. S.S. Manjunath.


2         Gujarat: - Com. K.B . Barot, Circle Secretary has well organised the meeting under the banner of JCA on 25.10.07 evening at Ahmedabad. There was another meeting at Rajkot, organised by the Postal JCA on 26.10.07 at 1700 hours. Prior to the meeting, Com. K.B. Barot has organised a Divisional Secretaries interaction session in the noon which was very useful and purposeful. At Rajkot meeting, there was more than 200 participants and the office bearers of Rajkot division deserve all appreciations.


On 27.10.07 morning, the Ahmedabad divisional Secretary Com. R.C. Waghela organised a meeting at Navrangpura HPO at 0900 hours and it was well attended. There was another meeting organised at Ahmedabad RMS at 11 hours. My special thanks to Com. K.B. Barot who utilised my services fully from 25.10.07 after noon to  27.10.07 for noon.


3         New Delhi GPO: - A well organised Demonstration & Gate meeting was conducted on 29.10.07 at 1300 hours at New Delhi GPO. General Secretary & Com. Balwinder Singh, ATR CHQ attended and orated before the gatherings. Com. Geeta Bhattacharya, President, Com. K.K. Verma, Divisional Secretary & Com. A. K. Chawla, Ex- Branch President deserve all appreciations for is historic success of strike at New Delhi GPO on 30.10.07.


General secretary's Tamilnadu Tour


1         Vellore: - A Special meeting was organised by the Divisional Secretary, Vellore Com. S. Veeran on 17.10.07 at Vellore HO. The meeting was presided by Com. Porkai Pandian, President. Com. C. Karunakaran, Circle Vice President, Com. A. Veeramani Circle Treasurer and Com. Gunasekaran, Divisional Secretary AIPEDE union were the prominent speakers. General Secretary took more than 1 ½   hours to explain all the developments and the need to go on strike on 30.10.07. The CHQ congratulates Com. S. Veeran for the excellent arrangement he made for the meeting and the Vellore team deserves all appreciations.


2         Gobichettipalayam: - The General Secretary attended the branch conference of Gobi on 19.09.07. The conference was converted as a strike preparatory meeting. Com C. Chandrasekar. Secretary NFPE and most of the Divisional/Branch Secretaries of Western region addressed the meeting. Com. P. Venkatachalam Ex- President was felicitated. G/S during his speech mentioned the services & sacrifices of Com. P. Venkatachalam. Com. Mahanasundaram, Br. Secy, Gobi and his team deserves all appreciations and we congratulate them for their re election   in the conference unanimously.


3         ED convention at Chennai: - The ED convention organised by the GDS Union Chennai City North Division was attended by more than 2000 comrades of the entire circle. It was presided by Com. J. Srivenkatesh, Circle Vice President P3. The prominent speakers were Com. K. Raghavendran, Secretary General NFPE, Com. K.V. Sridharan G/S P3, Com. C. Chandrasekar, Secretary, NFPE, com. V. Parthiban, Circle Secretary P3, Tamilnadu. Many Circle office bearers of P3 & GDS Unions addressed the meeting. The convention was really a historic success. It has given a message to Tamilnadu GDS comrades that GDS are part & parcel of NFPE and we are united always. Our heartiest appreciations to com. Vedagiri, Divisional Secretary GDS & Com P. Mohan, Divisional Secretary P3 Chennai North for their splendid & superb arrangements.


4         Nagapattinam: - A Special meeting was organised at Nagapattinam on 22.10.07 evening to discuss about various issues confronting Postal Services. General Secretary attended the meeting. Com J. Ramamoorthy, ACS, Tamilnadu also attended. The meeting was attended by more than 150 comrades, in the midst of heavy rain. Com. S. Govindarasu, Divisional Secretary Nagapattinam, Com. K. Ramalingam Branch Secretary Tiruvarur, Com Gurusamy, Divisional Secretary Nagapattinam ED and Com Dhanraj, B/S Tiruvaraur ED deserve all appreciations. The meeting was lasted for four hours. My special thanks to Com. S. Govindarasu, Divisional Secretary, Nagapattinam.


5         Pondicherry: - An interaction session with activists of Pondicherry division was organised on 23.10.07 at 1400 hours by Com. E. Sathiyamoorthy, Divisional Secretary P3 & Com. M. Pannerselvam, Divisional Secretary P4. We record our appreciations to Com. E. Sathiyamoorthy & Com. M. Pannerselvam.


6        Salem West: - An interaction meeting was organised by Com. R. Sundarakrishnan, Divisional Secretary, Salem West on 18.10.07 evening to discuss the issues. It was attended by activists of Salem West & Salem East divisions. Com. K. Sempan, Circle President had also participated in the discussions. My kudos and appreciations to com. R. Sundara Krishnan, Divisional Secretary and his team.


Com. Ravinder Sharma, circle Secretary Punjab- No more.


Our beloved Circle Secretary Punjab Com. Ravinder Sharma and his wife met with and road accident and died on the spot on 19.10.07. On behalf of CHQ, Com. Balwinder Singh ATR attended the funeral on 20.10.07.


A condolence meeting was organised on 28.10.07 at Chandigarh com. K. V. Sridhran, General Secretary, Com. Subash Sharma, Treasurer, Com. Balwinder Singh, Asst. Treasurer, Com. I.P. Bhardwaj, Circle President, Delhi Circle, Com. Aishvir Singh, Circle Secretary Delhi Circle, Com. R.A.P. Singh, Ex- General Secretary, Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, G/S AIPEDE Union attended the meeting and paid tributes to the departed leader.


We lost a best companion and a cultured intellectual. We dip our banner in respect of the departed leader. Longlive Com. Ravinder Nath Sharma.


Clear Dues for Bhartiya Post/Venture


All the Branch/ Divisional Secretaries are requested to clear the dues for Bhartiya Post & also the cost of Venture immediately. All are requested to remit donation of Rs. 10/- to NFPE and Rs. 7/- to CHQ and Rs. 3/- to Confederation through CHQ as per the decision of the Allahabad CWC meeting, positively in the first fortnight of Nov'07.


General Secretary's Tour


The General Secretary is leaving New Delhi on 2.11.07 to New Jalbaiguri to attend the circle conference of West Bengal circle from 3.11.07 to 6.11.07. He is attending the convention organised at Kochi, in Kerala circle organised by the Circle union on 8.11.07. He will be returning to Head Quarters on 14.11.07. Com. Balwinder Singh, ATR will look after the CHQ during his absence. His mobile phone No. 09868853970


Once again with Heartiest Deepawali Greetings.


Comradely yours,



(K V Sridharan)

General Secretary