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Monday, April 30, 2012


Is the day to salute pioneers, martyrs and the workers who have braved the trials and tribulations and resolve to unitedly continue the long march towards the total liberation of the working class from the chains that bind them (i.e.) the exploitation.

      On 1st May, 1886 the fourth convention of the Federation of organised Trade and Labour Union of the United States adopted a resolution demanding that eight hours only will constitute a day's legal labour.

      On May 4th, 1887, a demonstration was held at Hay Market Square (Chicago-USA) to protest against the brutal attack of the workers of MC, Cormack Reaper Works on 3rd May 1887. The police fired and killed. Blood flowed freely on the streets. The Red (Blood) flag was then hoisted as the flag of the working class. August Spice Engels, Fischer and Persons the Workers' leaders were trailed and sent to the gallows on 11th November 1887. August spice who mounted the gallows declared:

      "My defence is your accusation, the causes of my alleged crime your history. I say If death is the penalty for proclaiming the truth, I will profoundly and defiantly pay the cost price. Call your hangman."

      The heroes who mounted the gallows also declared:

      "The time will come when our silence will be more eloquent than our speeches."

      We have a lofty and great objective of eliminating, extinguishing and ending exploitation in any form or manner.

      In memory of these May Day Martyrs, all over the world, the working class observe the day as the 'Workers Day'. The first May Day was celebrated in 1890 in many countries of the world.

      May Day
--    The day of the working class of all claims and countries!
      On this Day let us resolve and act-
--    To end all that endangers and erodes the weapons of the working class
--    To efface and exterminate from this earth every trace of exploitation of the working class!
--    To react, resist, rebel, and revolt against all that imposes and defends exploitation!


An historian has recorded that workers of the 1880s "smoked 'Eight Hour Tabacco', Purchased 'Eight hour shoes', and song the 'Eight Hour Song':

"We mean to make things over;
We tried to tool for naught.
But bare enough to live on;
Never an hour for though.
We want to feel the sunshine;
We want to small the flowers;
We're sure that God has willed it;
And we mean to have eight hours.
We' are summoning our forces from
Ship yard, shop and mill
Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest,
Eight hours for what we will."

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Comrade R.G.Savanur, EX AGS, CHQ and everlasting guiding spirit of Karnataka breathed his last on 28.4.2012 afternoon during his visit to Dharwad. After attending a family function he was relaxing and death followed him within no time. His unmatchable wisdom, dedication, service to the postal community is unforgettable. His loss cannot be filled. We dip our banner in memory of the departed leader.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

General Secretary attended Divisional Conference of Koraput Divisiona at Jeypore on 27.04.2012







The Government plans to set up 1000 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and carry out computerization of Post Offices in the country as part of its ongoing modernization and upgradation drive. 

The Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Shri Sachin Pilot informed the Lok Sabha today that the Department of Posts proposes to set up 1000 ATMs. 820 Head Post Offices have been identified for setting up ATMs across the country. Shri Pilot said that remaining 180 Post Offices will be identified during implementation phase. Of these a maximum 100 ATMs would be set up in Andhra Pradesh. 

The Minister said nearly 25000 Departmental Post Offices have been computerized. The Department offers a number of premium services like Speed Post, Express Parcel Post, Logistics Post etc. to generate additional revenue for the Department, he added.

3.86 crore Aadhaar cards in process of being delivered: Government

The government today said as many as 3.86 crore Aadhaar letters are in the process of being dispatched while 6.46 lakh cards could not be delivered by the postal department due to various reasons such as incomplete address. 

As on April 20, 2012 a total of 17 crore Aadhaar numbers had been generated and 10.44 crore have been dispatched, Minister of State for Planning Ashwani Kumar said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha. 

"Out of these (10.44 crore letters), 6.58 crore Aadhaar letters have been delivered as reported by India Post and the remaining 3.86 crore letters are in transit," Kumar, who is also Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Science said.

He further said that as per the portal of the Department of Posts, the total returned letters as on April 20, 2012, stood at 6.46 lakh. This is 0.98 per cent of total Aadhaar letters delivered.

"There are five reasons for returned letters -- refused, deceased, insufficient address, addressee cannot be located and unclaimed," he said adding there was no bogus Aadhaar registrations. 

"The letter being returned are having clear remarks of the concerned postman of the area and they are one of the five mentioned reasons...," he said.

Mandate of UIDAI is to issue Aadhaar numbers to all residents of India.

Aadhaar aims to provide a identity infrastructure which can be used to improve delivery of public services. 

Source : The Economic Times

Due to unavailability of Internet and also facing problems in uploading the latest, we could not publish any matter during last week.

Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme - 1980 - Tables of Benefits for the savings funds for the period from 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2012

Clarification in respect of Recruitment Rules of PA/SA

Review of Speed Post discount Structure and operational mechanism

Manner of delivery of Speed Post Articles containing passports

Review in Interest Rates of Small Savings Schemes w.e.f 01.04.2012

Counting of Service rendered by Reserve Trained Pool (RTP) personnel prior to their regular appointment as Postal Assistants PAs/SA (SAs) 

GDS Compassionate Grounds

Why It should not be made applicable to other C. G. Employees - Please Go Through this order and offer you comments

Click here to view order - No. 5/16/2009-CS-II (C) Dt. 19.04.2012

Filling up of post of Sorting Postmen, Mail overseer, Cash overseer and Head Postman

Click here to view Order - No. 37-4/2012-SPB-I Dt. 19.04.2012   

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Postal Sports Board meeting will be held at Hyderabad on 05.06.2012. Secretary, Department of Posts and other Postal Board Members will attend the meeting. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE will be attend the meeting.


It is informed that the Recommendations of the Committee constituted to consider the issues relating to Casual, Part-Time and Contingent employees are submitted to the Postal Board for consideration and approval.


The Committee Constituted by Postal Board has submitted its recommendations and it is under consideration of Postal Board. We hope that the assurance given by the Hon’ble Minister for State Communications, will be honoured by the Dept


Schedule for the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Promotion to PS Group-B

Sl. No.
Receipt of Application on plain paper from willing candidates with service details to decide his eligibility to Divisional/Regional/Circle Office/ Controlling Unit
  By 19.04.2012
Receipt of Application Form Kits by Nodal Officer DPS(HQrs) from CMC
By 23.04.2012
Receipt of Application Form Kits by Divisional/Regional/Circle Office/ Controlling Unit from the Nodal Officer of Circle for making available to the eligible candidates.
By 26.04.2012
Last date for receipt of Application Form Kits at Divisional/Regional/Circle Office/ Controlling Unit.
By 07.05.2012
Receipt of duly filled in application forms by Nodal Officer of Circle sent by Divisional/Regional/Circle Office/ Controlling Unit.
By 15.05.2012
Dispatch of daily filled in application forms by Nodal Officer of the Circle to CMC
By 18.05.2012
Issue of Hall Permits by CMC to eligible candidates
By 25.05.2012
Date of Examination

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, met Senior officers of the Directorate today, DDG (P) informed that regarding 25% outside recruitment in Postmen cadre the DOP&T has given approval for removal of “25% outside quota recruitment”. The file has been sent to Law Ministry for clearance. It may take minimum two weeks to one month for getting approval from Law Ministry. After that revised recruitment rules will be notified and Postmen Examination for the year 2011 and 2012 will be held.

Friday, April 13, 2012


D.G. Posts No. No:09-01/2005-WS-I/PE.I  Dated: 9th April , 2012

The meeting of the Committee was held on 5th March, 2012 at  1100 hrs. in PLI Directorate.  The meeting was attended by the following:

i)    Shri S.K. Sinha, CGM, PLI …. Chairperson
ii)   Shri V.P. Singh, DDG (Establishment)
iii)  Shri Satish Kumar, Director (FA)
iv)  Mr. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE
v)   Mr. D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO
vi)  Mr. I.S. Dabas, General Secretary, AIPEU Postmen& Group `D'/ MTS
vii) Mr. T.N. Rahate, General Secretary, NUPE Postmen & Group `D'/MTS

2. The items assigned to the Committee as per the Terms of Reference were discussed at length in the meeting.  The gist of discussions and the decisions taken are as follows:

(i) Extraction of data entry work from Postmen: There was in principle agreement of the staff side that the Postmen had no objection in performing the data entry work provided suitable time factor for this element of work was allowed in their overall work load. The Committee noted that Meghdoot LAN norms for Postmen Module have already been circulated by the Department on 28.7.2008 for implementation in all computerized HPOs.  It was, accordingly, decided that the time factor given for various activities in the Postmen Module of MD – LAN may also be provided to Postmen, if they undertake these activities. It was further decided that Directorate will consider to issue suitable instructions to all the Circles in this regard by 30th April, 2012 as some Postmen find it difficult to make computer data entry , it was also agreed to impart necessary computer training to Postmen.

(I) Irregular computation of working hours for Postmen working in field units:  Certain items in the revised norms for Postmen as issued by the Postal Directorate vide F.No.9-1/2005-WS-I/PE.I dated 5.2.2010 were agitated by the staff side.  After discussion, the following decisions were taken:

a) The staff side mentioned that the time factor of 0.42 minutes provided for `delivery of unregistered mail in multi-storied buildings' (Sl.No.2) is grossly inadequate and needs to be relaxed.  It was decided that while carrying out the review of Postmen establishment, the time factor for delivery of unregistered mail (other than in multi-storied buildings as given at Sl.No.1) in the revised norms will also be provided in cases of delivery of unregistered mail in multi-storied building in which mail boxes have not been provided at the ground floor;

b) On the demand of providing the same time factor for delivery of Speed Post articles as provided for Registered Mail, it was decided that `while carrying out the review of postmen establishment, the person-specific speed post articles (Passports, Aadhaar Cards,  Driving Licenses) will be provided the time factor of 2.5 minutes as provided for registered mail'.

c) The staff side vehemently demanded to work out suitable time factor for door-to-door distance travelled by foot by the Postmen.  In the course of discussion, the Committee noted that this demand of the staff side is being met by providing time factor for delivery of unregistered mail (other than in multi-storied buildings) to unregistered mail delivery in such multi-storied buildings which do not have mail boxes on the ground floor.  Moreover, the Committee also noted that no further action on this demand is perhaps called for in view of Note No.11 provided in the Directorate letter dated 5.2.2010 which is reproduced below:

"Distance travelled means distance covered on the main roads, lanes and bye lanes.  Distance travelled covered for entering various houses is included in time factor for delivery of articles."
The Staff Side was of the view that since Note No. 11 was prepared many years back in 1975 -79, it does not reflect the present ground reality. This aspect may be considered by the department at the time of next review.

d) The time factor provided for travelling distance by foot and by bicycle in hilly and mountainous terrains of less congested areas needs to be relaxed in view of the extra physical efforts and timing involved in covering such areas.   The staff side was informed that this aspect is under consideration by the Directorate and comments of several Circles have already been received in this regard. 

(iii) Removal of minimum cycleable distance for grant of Cycle Maintenance Allowance of Postmen:  The staff side was informed that necessary orders for grant of Cycle Maintenance Allowance irrespective of the distance covered by the Postmen have been issued by the Directorate.  In view of this, the staff side agreed to close this item.

(iv) Scheme of payment of incentive to Postmen for delivery of Speed Post articles: The Committee was informed that the CGM, Business Development and Marketing Directorate (BD & MD) has already been requested to issue suitable instructions to all the Circles to the effect that all payments of speed post delivery incentive bills pertaining to Postmen may be cleared by 31st March, 2012.   It was, therefore, decided to close this item.

(v) Minimum and maximum area of beat to be covered on foot/bicycle during duty hours: The staff side demanded that the Department should prescribe the maximum beat length which a Postman is supposed to travel by foot / bicycle as there are several cases in which the Postmen have to travel 30-40 kms. per day in effecting their deliveries.  After discussion, the Committee felt that the incidence of abnormally long Postmen beats is primarily because of non-review of Postmen establishment in a proper manner in several Divisions.  It was further decided that :

a)The Directorate will consider to issue instructions to all the Circles to ensure proper review of Postmen establishment, which should inter-alia include proper measurement of beat length, the rationalization of beats and demarcation of beats in such a way that a Postmen is not required to travel unduly long distance in his duty hours;

b)It was pointed out that the combination of beats being resorted to in the Post Offices having 4+ strength of the Postmen should be removed.  After detailed discussion it was decided that Directorate will consider issue of instructions to all the Circles to the effect that combination of beats should be resorted to only by exception as it adversely impacts the delivery efficiency;

c)It was pointed out by the staff side that Postmen face difficulty in delivery of registered parcels weighing more than 5 kgms. each and EPP articles for which the maximum weight of 35 kgms. per article has been fixed. It was highlighted that either some reasonable rate and mode of conveyance for delivering EPP articles should be fixed, or the rates of coolie charges fixed in the past should be revised for efficient delivery of registered parcel. It was decided that the Directorate will consider reiterating the instructions on coolie charges to all the Circles so that the delivery of heavy parcels is not adversely affected. 
Additional Points:
a) The staff side drew attention of the Committee to note at Sl.No.8 in the Directorate letter No.9-1/2005-W.S.I/PE.I dated 5.2.2010 which stipulates that "area having a density of population of 2500 per Sq. KM may be taken as congested area" and pointed out that the same has been incorrectly printed as it should refer to 2500 per Sq. Mile instead of 2500 per Sq. KM.  They quoted a clarification received from PTC, Mysore which has cited Directorate letter dated 19.2.1975 indicating establishment norms for Postmen and defining congested area as having a density of population of 2500 per Sq. Mile.  After discussion it was agreed that Directorate would examine and issue suitable amendment / corrigendum to the Note 8 of the revised norms of postmen establishment. 

b) Creation of justified additional posts while implementing new system for delivery work and allowing postmen to write correct remarks for non delivery: The staff side drew attention to Item No.25 minutes of the last JCM meeting issued on 1.3.2012 wherein it is mentioned that the issue is under examination by the Postman Committee being Chaired by CGM (PLI).  After discussion, the view emerged that this item is not part of Committee's mandate as the issue pertains to creation / redeployment of post which is basically a policy issue.  However, the staff side mentioned that the Postmen were not able to write correct remarks for non-delivery of articles due to heavy work in the Project Arrow Offices. It was, therefore, decided that the experience gathered after implementation of Project Arrow in various Post Offices could be examined and, if required, instructions with regard to delivery could be issued by the Directorate.

3. With the deliberations and decisions as noted above, the Committee concluded its work with regard to the Terms of Reference assigned to it.  The Committee, however, felt that the Establishment Division of the Directorate may ensure follow-up action on the decisions of the Committee so that the issues are taken to their logical conclusion.               

4. The final meeting of the Committee ended with Vote of Thanks to the Chair. 

(V.P. Singh)
DDG (Estt.)

Copy to:
i)    Shri S.K. Sinha, CGM, PLI   
ii) Ms. Kalpana Rajsinghot, Director (Estt. & DE)                                          Shri Satish Kumar, Director (Finance)
iii)  Shri Prabhu Das Xalxo, ADG (Estt.)
iv)  Mr. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE
v)   Mr. D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO
vi)  Mr. I.S. Dabas, General Secretary, AIPEU Postmen & Group `D'/ MTS
vii) Mr. T.N. Rahate, General Secretary, NUPE Postmen & Group `D'/MTS

Copy for information to:
Director (SR) – with reference to SR & Legal Section's letter No.1/2/2010-SR dated 9.1.2012 on Formation of a Committee to discuss issues relating to Postmen – Change in its composition.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dak Bhawan
Sansad Marg
NEW DELHI-110 001
No.14-01/2011-PAP Dt.12th April,2012


All Chief Postmasters General,
All G.Ms.(PAF)/Director of Accounts (Postal).

Subject::-  Payment of Dearness Allowance to Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) at revised rates with effect from 01-01-2012 onwards - Reg.

Consequent upon grant of another installment of dearness allowance with effect from 01st JANUARY, 2012 to Central Government Employees, vide Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M. No.1(1)/2012-EII(B), dated 3rd April, 2011, duly endorsed vide this Department's letter No.8-1/2012-PAP Dated 3.4.12, the Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS), have also become entitled to the payment of dearness allowance on basic TRCA at the revised rate with effect from 01-01-2012. It has, therefore, been decided that the dearness allowance payable to the Gramin Dak Sevaks shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 58% to 65% on the basic Time Related Continuity Allowance, with effect from 1st January, 2012.

2. The additional installment of dearness allowance payable under this order shall be paid in cash to all Gramin Dak Sevaks. The payment of arrears of dearness allowance for the month of January to March, 2012, shall not be made before the date of disbursement of TRCA of March, 2012.

3. The expenditure on this account will be debited to the Sub Head 'Salaries' under the relevant head and should be met from the sanctioned grant.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide their Diary No.104/FA/12/CS, dated 12TH April, 2012

Yours faithfully