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Friday, September 30, 2011


Com. M. Krishnan Secretary General NFPE and Com. D. Theagarajan Secretary General FNPO explained the gist of discussion held in the MNOP committee held on 27.09.2011. After detailed discussions the following decisions are taken.

1. Regarding the already implemented Speed Post Hubs the following modifications may be sought for positive decision.

(a) More intra circle hubs should be opened to reduce back routing and delay. Circle Secretaries of R-3 and R-4 Unions (NFPE&FNPO) should give concrete proposals regarding additional hubs required and also for change of jurisdiction from Postal Side to RMS .Report from Circles Secretaries should reach the General Secretaries /Secretary Generals before 5.10.2011.

2. Regarding first class mails hub (L1,L2) the meeting came to the unanimous conclusion that if the L-1,L-2 is implemented the following will be position:

(a) Most of the L-2 office will face closure in the near future due to fall in mail volume.

(b) In major metros/cities all the existing sorting offices and Divisions will be merged and closed.

(c) There will be large scale transfer and displacement of staff affecting their career prospective at large. Large number of Mailman staff and GDS may become surplus in metro/cities.

(d) L-1,L-2 will result in unnecesary back routing and avoidable delay in transmission/delivery of mails.

In view of the above the meeting decided to oppose implementation of L-1 and L-2 .

It is also decided to prepare for another industrial action if the department go ahead with implementation of L-1, L-2 inspite of our opposition. It is decided to approach the Hon`ble Minister for Communications & IT through MPs and appraise him, of the gravity of the situation and request intervention.

In the meantime the Secretary Generals shall prepare a detailed note explaining the above impact of L-1, L-2 for educating the rank and file membership.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

LGO selected candidates need not wait for induction training!

They will be imparted a brief in house – training of two weeks and posted as Postal Assistant

The Department has issued orders vide its letter No. 1-19/2010-Trg dt. 28.09.2011 that the PA/SA LGO candidates will be imparted two weeks in house training and posted as Postal Assistant. They need not wait for induction training and remaining as Postman/MTS after their selection in LGO examination.

Click here for view the order


As scheduled, the meeting on cadre restructuring was held in the Postal Directorate on 28.9.2011 under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim Haque, DDG (P). Sri Alox Saxena, DDG (Tech), Sri Rajkumar, Director, Staff, Ms Kalpana, Director, Establishment, Sri Subash Chander, Director, SR & Legal, & Sri Surendrakumar, ADG (PCC) were present on behalf of the official side. The Staff side represented by Sri K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary, P3, Sri D.Kishanrao, General Secretary, P3 FNPO, Sri Giriraj Singh, General secretary, R3 NFPE, Sri D.Theagarajan, General Secretary,R3 FNPO, Sri Iswar Singh Dabas, General Secretary P4, NFPE and Sri T.N.Rahate, General Secretary,P4, FNPO.

The Chairperson expressed the delay in convening the first sitting and assured that the process shall be completed before 31.10.2011 by having two further continuous sittings. It was categorically mentioned by the official side that the proposals for cadre review shall be based only on functional justification and not merely on the percentage basis. Further, they are not in the opinion to suggest forming many new cadres as it will tantamount against the principle accepted by the Govt after implementing the Sixth Pay Commission.

The staff side presented their proposals in each cadre and also the justification for the need of cadre review. It was decided to redraft the proposals by incorporating the various changes taken place in the recent past. The Staff side assured to submit its revised proposals before 7.10.2011. The views of the Staff side demanded discussions on the draft finalized by the former chairman of the committee on cadre review and place it was well taken note of by the official side.

The Chair person declared that next sitting will be held on 12.10.2011 at 14.30 hrs in the Directorate.

SB ORDER NO. 20/2011 - Removal of Maximum limit Balance in SB Accounts- Important Amendments

Maximum Deposit in savings accounts - ceiling removed

SB ORDER NO. 20/2011

No. F.No.113-23/2005-SB
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001,
Dated: 27.09.2011

To All Heads of Circles/Regions Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.

Subject:- Removal of ceiling of maximum balance to be retained in a post office savings account- amendment to Rule-4 of the Post Office Savings Account Rules 1981 regarding.

Sir / Madam,

The undersigned is directed to say that issue of removal of ceiling of Rs.1 lac in single savings account and Rs.2 Lac in Joint Savings Account fixed in the year 2000 was under consideration in the Min. of Finance (DEA). This issue was linked to the benefit of exemption in Income Tax on the interest earned in Post Office Savings Account under Section10(15) (i) of Income Tax Act, 1961 by the CBDT and Min. of Finance (DEA). After sustained efforts on the part of this Directorate, Min. of Finance (DEA) has now amended Rule-4 of the Post Office Savings Account Rules 1981 vide G.S.R.681(E) F.No.2/5/2006-NS-II dated 15.9.2011 (copy enclosed). Some major benefits of this amendment are given below:

(i) From 1.10.2011, there will be no limit for retaining balance in single as well as joint savings account.

(ii) A depositor or depositor(s) can deposit any amount into single as well as joint savings account.

(iii) Maturity value of any savings instrument can be credited into savings account of the depositor standing in the same post office irrespective of the balance in the account.

(i) Any cheque either issued by Postmaster or any other authority irrespective of any amount can be credited into post office savings account irrespective of the balance in the account.

(ii) From the Financial year 2011-12, Interest income of Rs.3500/- in the case of single account and Rs.7000/- in case of Joint account will be exempted from Income Tax. (Section 10(15) (i) of Income Tax Act, 1961 amended vide Notification No. 32/2010 {F.No. 173/13/2011-IT A.I}/S.O.1296(E) dated 03.06.2011)

(iii) It is the duty of the depositor(s) to show the interest income earned from Post Office Savings Account(s) beyond the limit prescribed above in the Income Tax return and pay due Income Tax.

1. It is requested that all field units may be directed to give wide publicity to these changes in the shape of Public Notice and printing of leaflets.

2. This issues with the approval of DDG(FS).

Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


MNOP committee meeting is held today (27.9.2011) in the Dak Bhawan. Mrs. Manjula Prashar Member (Operations) and Chairperson of the committee presided. Mrs. Shanthi Nair, Chief PMG, Tamilnadu Circle, Shri Rishikesh, Director, Mails, Com M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE and Sri D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO attended the meeting which lasted for 4 ½ hours.

Regarding already implemented speed post hubs, it is decided to call for proposals from Chief PMGs seeking necessary further changes in the system such as opening of more intra circle hubs, change of administrative jurisdiction to RMS etc. The Federations shall also submit their circle wise proposals for improvement of the speed post hub system.

Regarding implementation of first class mail hubs (L1, L2 ) , the official side wanted the Staff side to agree to its implementation. They told that existing sorting work in the L2 offices will not be disturbed. Hence, there will not be much change in the existing set up. Barcoding, track and trace in the L1 offices will improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Staff side vehemently opposed its implementation as it will result in large scale closure of sorting offices and also dislocation of existing staff in addition to avoidable delay in transmission/ delivery of articles. There was no consensus arrived. The item will again be discussed in the meeting proposed to be held on 10.10.2011.


All Circle secretaries of RMS unions are requested to send their proposals regarding the changes required in the existing speed post hub system in their circle ie. Opening of additional intra circle hubs, change of jurisdiction to RMS etc to the respective General Secretaries and also to the Federations before October 5 repeat 5th October 2011.

PL TREAT THIS AS MOST URGENT AND IMPORTANT. Proposals will be finalized in the proposed 10th meeting. Proposals received after 5th October will not be considered.

M.Krishnan, D.Theagarajan,

Secretary General NFPE Secretary General, FNPO



TRAI clears confusion over SMS limit,exempts certain services

Regulator TRAI has exempted various service providers, including the dealers of telecom operators, e-ticketing agencies and social networking sites, from the new limit of one hundred SMSes per day per SIM, which was imposed to block pesky calls and messages.
On 5th September, after much delay, Trai had come out with recommendations to stop pesky calls and text messages from 27th September, ordering that no access provider (operators) shall permit the transmission of more than 100 SMSes per day per SIM.
"Hereby directs all access providers to exclude the following persons from the limit of one hundred SMS per day per SIM -- dealers of the telecom service providers and DTH operators for sending request for electronic recharge on mobile numbers," Trai said in a statement on Tuesday.
The directive from the regulator had come in the wake of concerns raised by telecom lobby COAI on limiting the SMS entitlement per SIM to 100 per day.

It will also exempt e-ticketing agencies for responding to e-ticketing request made by its customers, SMSes from social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn and GooglePlus to their members in connection to activities relating to their accounts, based on verifiable options; and agencies providing directory services, such as Justdial, Zatse, Callezee, Getit and Askme, Trai added.
Earlier, COAI had asked Trai to reconsider its recommendation to limit the number of SMSes per sim to 100 per day, saying that such a regulation may pose a potential challenge to the "fundamental rights" of an ordinary users.
There are several instances where SMSes are an important mode of communication.
There could be a situation where a customer has exhausted the limit and suddenly some emergency occurs, COAI had said.
Further, this limit will not also be applicable on "blackout days" (festive occasions), when the customer is free to send as many messages he wants.
In the case of post-paid telephone numbers, the access provider shall not permit more than 3,000 SMSes per SIM per month, the Trai recommendations had said.
However, Trai said, "The access provider shall, before excluding the persons, obtain an undertaking from such person that he shall not use the said facility in any manner for sending commercial communications."

Subscribers have the option of choosing to be under the 'Fully Blocked' category, which is akin to the 'Do Not Call Registry'.
If a user selects the 'Partially Blocked' category, he/she will receive SMSes in categories chosen.
For registering under the fully blocked list, a customer has to SMS 'START 0' to 1909.

Declining promotion to Postmaster Grade-I by the officials declared successful in Postmaster Grade-I Departmental Competitive Examination held on

I am directed to refer to Directorate's letter of even number dated 9.8.2011 on the above subject and to say that in the aforesaid letter the Circles were advised that declination of appointment by the candidate to the post of Postmaster Grade-I after passing the Departmental examination, but before his appointment ,may be accepted.
2. References are being received seeking clarification with regard to acceptance of declination of appointment by the candidate to the post of Postmaster Grade-I after issue of order of appointment but before joining by the candidate to the post of Postmaster Grade-I.
3. The Directorate's letter of even number dated 9.8.2011 is very clear. Declination of appointment by the officials can be accepted by the Circles only if the same is received before issue of order of appointment. No deviation is permissible in the matter.
D.G. Posts No. 4-24/2011-SPB-II dated 26 Sep, 2011.

New Pension Scheme overhaul to see cost cut, more record-keepers

The government will slash the New Pension Scheme's account maintenance costs to a third to make it more attractive to workers in the informal sector. The finance ministry has asked the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority to cut the annual fee to about Rs 100 from Rs 280 by breaking the monopoly of the scheme's current record-keeper , National Securities Depository.

The NPS, floated for civil servants in 2004, was opened to all citizens in May 2009 to provide a pension option to 360 million informal sector workers bereft of any old-age income security. But, so far only 51,000 people have joined voluntarily. Although the scheme's fund management fee is very low at 0.0084%, the annual record-keeping costs are high at Rs 352, comprising a flat fee of Rs 280 and a monthly transaction fee of Rs 6.

On a minimum investment of Rs 500 a month, the two expenses total 5.87% of the savings, nearly thrice the fee charged by a mutual fund. "The cost of NPS should be brought down in the interest of consumers," said a finance ministry official. The proposal for a second central record-keeping agency, or CRA, would be taken up at the upcoming PFRDA board meeting.

This annual fee, including fund management charges, was as low as 2-3 % for some equity-linked mutual funds and if the charges were brought down to Rs 100 annually, an NPS account holder will only have to pay around 1.6% towards CRA charges , he said.

The ministry's decision follows recommendations made by a committee, headed by former Sebi Chairman GN Bajpai, which said that PFRDA should consider inducting a few more recordkeepers as was originally planned. "The flat charges of the NPS are very steep, which tilts the scheme in favour of wealthier investors," the committee had noted.

"In fact, it is likely that the bottom-of-the-pyramid customers end up cross-subsidising the wealthier investors," the Bajpai report said, pointing out that the fixed charges on account maintenance and transaction charges form a large proportion of small investors' pension savings.


Apart from the account maintenance costs, financial intermediaries who route pension contributions to the fund managers also charge Rs 20 per transaction. This adds up another Rs 240 a year. Moreover, NSDL charges Rs 50 for opening an account while PFRDA-appointed financial intermediaries charge Rs 40.

So the flat costs imposed on investors in their first year of opening an NPS account further rises by Rs 90. According to a PFRDA official, a second CRA will bring in more competition, automatically balancing the current charges. "It was earlier decided to go with one CRA until the sector stabilises , but now it is important to bring in other players to reduce the cost," he said.

Many players, including Central Depository Securities, have evinced interest and the recordkeeping fee would go as low as Rs 100, he said. "The first time we invited bids for record-keepers , six agencies had applied. We expect to see the same response."

Courtesy: Economic Times

Approaching CAT - Another solution to end long pending Rule 9 enquiries & Petitions

Postal department faces CAT's ire for ignoring order

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has initiated suo motu contempt of court proceedings against the Directorate of Postal Services (DPS), Madurai, for not complying with its orders. A bench of G Shantappa, judicial member, and R Satapathy, administrative member, took up the matter on Monday. It has been adjourned to Tuesday.

In its last order dated July 25, 2011, the Tribunal had directed authorities to complete disciplinary proceedings against the petitioner J Prema of Dindigul district within two months. Since no compliance report was filed, the CAT said it amounted to willful disobedience of its orders and hence a contempt.

According to her plea, Prema was sub-postmaster at Kodaikanal observatory in November, 2007. She was placed under suspension two days before she was due for retirement in May, 2009.

A bench of K Elango, judicial member and R Satapathy, administrative member, who heard the matter at the time, passed an order in July 2010 directing DPS Madurai and Superintendent of Post Offices, Dindigul, to complete disciplinary proceedings against Prema within six months. The bench also directed respondents to pay her the May, 2009 salary, arrears of the Sixth Pay Commission and GPF within a period of 10 days of receiving the order.

However, the respondents filed an application in February 2011 seeking an extension of six months. Instead, the bench granted them a window of four months in its order in April 2011. Since it could not be completed, another application was filed in June 2011 seeking a further extension of six months. This was made on the ground that they had to approach the President for compliance of directions of the Tribunal.

In its latest order, the Bench observed, "We are of the view that time and again the respondents are asking for extension of time, even though they have been given sufficient time to implement the directions of this Tribunal." The period was hence restricted to only two months with a rider that suo motu contempt would be initiated if orders were not complied with.

According to R Malaichamy, counsel for petitioner, "She was permitted to retire pending disciplinary proceedings but a charge memo has not been issued against her. The respondents have sought for extension of time on many occasions but she is cooperating. We want them to complete the enquiry."


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The powerful earthquake hit the Sikkim and other parts jolted on Sunday 18.9.2011 cause heavy damages to buildings and roads besides heavy causalities. We mourn to the lives lost in the disaster

The following is the report received from the Divisional Secretary, Sikkim about the damages caused to postal and its employees. However there is no human loss of the postal family. Many of our GDS comrades lost their properties and homes. If the Circle Union or Divisional Union proposes any relief to the victims of earthquake, let us join with them. We place our deep sympathy to our brethren who lost their belongings in this national disaster.Let us render our moral and monetary assistance to the affected after receiving the formal announcement from the Circle/divisional Union

Letter. No: AIPEU/ SKM DIVN/ Earthquake/ 2011 Dated at Gangtok the 21.09.2011

Subject: Review Report of earthquake on 18th Sept., 2011 in different offices of

Sikkim Division.

This is to inform you that large numbers of minor damages have occurred due to the earthquake on 18th Sept, 2011 the details of which are given below:

Postman room, Training centre, Staff canteen, Speed Post Centre, SBCO Branch, Account Branch are having minor damages and the Postal Staff Quarters of RajBhawan is also in miserable condition.

  1. As per reliable sources Chungthang SO has also been damaged. But there is no telephonic conversation with the SPM as the lines are all out of order in North Sikkim.
  2. As per report given by the SPM, Mangan SO the office has been damaged and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  3. As per report given by the SPM, Dikchu SO the office has minor damages and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  4. As per report given by the SPM, Gayzing SO it also has minor damages and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  5. As per report given by the SPM, Ravangla SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  6. As per report given by the SPM, Pelling SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  7. As per report given by the SPM, Nayabazar SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  8. . As per report given by the SPM, Namchi SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  9. As per report given by the SPM, Melli SO the office and staff quarter has some major damage.
  10. As per report given by the SPM, Rajbhawan SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  11. As per report given by the SPM, Tashiling NDSO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  12. As per report given by the SPM, Sichey NDSO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  13. As per report given by the SPM, Deorali NDSO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  14. As per report given by the SPM, Tadong SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  15. As per report given by the SPM, Sikkim Manipal NDSO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  16. As per report given by the SPM, Ranipool SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  17. As per report given by the SPM, Pakyong SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  18. As per report given by the SPM, Rhenock SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  19. As per report given by the SPM, Rongli SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged
  20. As per report given by the SPM, Singtam SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  21. As per report given by the SPM, Rangpo SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.
  22. As per report given by the SPM, Majitar SO the office has minor damage and also several houses of GDS were damaged.

This is for kind information. Kindly look into the matter and take necessary action for the early repairing of the same. However no casualties from our department have been reported so far..

Shri Bhim Kr. Rai Divisional Secretary, AIPEU Group C Sikkim, Gangtok 737103


F. No. 4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay II)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pension

Department of Pension & Pensioner's Welfare

Dated 13th Sep, 2011


Sub: Revision of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance as a result ofenhancement of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 1.1.2011

This Department has been receiving references regarding revision of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance subsequent to increase in the rate of DA @ 51% w.e.f. 1.1.2011.

2. This Department's O.M.No.4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay II) dated 1st October,2008 states that the rates of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance will be automatically increased by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance payable on revised pay scales goes up by 50%.

3. All Ministries /Deptts. are, therefore, advised to take necessary action accordingly.


{Mukesh Chaturvedi}

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Business venture – An Introspection

Are the India Post is really doing business? Will there be any profit and loss accounts to analyze the business activities? Whether the so called marketing activities really reveal the skills of marketing? A Thousand million Dollar Question?

With no conceptualism, one business product or the other is being introduced with profit orientation. Every sale of product is clamored with nice presentation of designed table of statistics in the absence of Profit and loss account and balance sheet for each product. Men and materials involved in such business activities are not at all taken in to account.

The RPLI was introduced 12 years back. But still, a token amount was allotted to Salary head. Cost of stationary, Policy, Printing forms etc are even met from the general allotment only. Then how can it be a separate business product? Is there any Profit & loss account separately for RPLI or PLI?

The trust of general public with post offices is now being used for sale of promotion of M/s RML gold coins. Without any efforts, the RML is having 75% of the profit of sale of Gold coin at PO. If the Department would have imported the same from World Gold Council and marketing it through post offices, it will be the real business.

When we are having our own products like PLI, RPLI, we are marketing the ICICI Prudential, UTI etc through Post office. The Postmasters and staff are also fixed with unrealistic targets. The goodwill of Post office was spoiled due to the marketing of UTI Mutual funds after the fall down of share market and gullible public who are relying the Post office curse the officials still for such adventure because they made the investment on trust with the post office and the staff.

While we are marketing our Speed Post (EMS) for international mails, we are also allowing Fedex to open a counter in the Post office for their business offering at lower price and we are saying that it is business tie up. Is it good business to allow our competitors inside our premises and swallow our own mails in the name of business tie up? Whether such tie up is available in any other sector? Unfortunately, the officials are also harassed with targets to market their products.

The Departmental of Post is having a tie up with western Union Money transfer and more business is being brought under this tie up. Well? But what is the Commission? Whether the Commissions are fully paid? Will it resemblance to the working expenditure? If anybody knows, Please explain. However we are having more business. But now we are having tie up with another international money transfer organization which is rival to western union money transfer. Will it be advisable to have two horses run at one time?

In Maharashtra Circle, unrealistic target have been fixed to sale the books on yoga published by Baba Ram Dev at the cost of Rs. 250/- per book. Is it our duty? One Calendar called as’ Mahalaxmi Dindarsika’ is being marketed across counter and targets fixed to staff for the cost of Rs. 18/- whereas the same is available for Rs. 15/- in the open market. Mahalakshmi lottery tickets are being marketed in Punjab circle.

Railway department allotted 3000 Sq ft portion to India Post for their activities in Manmad R.S in Maharashtra Circle in which the department is utilizing for the Patanjali Herbal Products of Baba Ramdev. Herbal Products & medicines are marketed in the PO. Whether are we having any licence to sell medicines in POs? If any mishap happens who will be held responsible?

Chotukool, the small refrigerator of Godrej company is marketed by the post office for the Price of Rs. 3490/-. But it is available in the market for the MRP of Rs. 3250/-. In Maharashtra circle, all GDS & departmental officials are being compelled to purchase chotukool due to the unrealistic target fixed for its sale. The SSPOs, Aurangabad division provided pay recovery for GDS in case of loans obtained from Postal Co-op society for purchase of chotukool. Where is the provision? Whether the recovery from Salary to GDS can be extended for their personal loans from the same cooperative societies? Then why it was rejected by Directorate several times on the plea that they are not regular employees? How it can be extended for their personal loans for this chotukool purchase from the same cooperative societies?

Many big parcels are being booked under BNPL but there is no mention about the weight. There is no stamp. How it can be checked? Will it not lead to the leakage of revenue? Whether the entire amount charged under BNPL have been realized? Is there no dues? If there is dues who will be held responsible? Where is the security for big parcels sold by BNPL under the present threat of Bomb blast by anti-social elements? How can we forget the victim of letter bomb held at Suryanagar, Bhubaneswar?

What is the need for marketing ‘Bhagwan ka Prasad’. If the Prasad sent by post perished and become food poisons, who will be held responsible? Why should we propagate such superstition through post office?

The business corporate and industrialists are using the Postal department for their profits and gains by misusing the creditability of postal department earned over centuries. We need not budge to such corporates and industrialists and we can develop our own business.

Some of the Circle/regional heads are very fancy in appearing before the press frequently with various announcements of tie ups but forgetting their main job of strengthening the postal delivery. One PMG is extending the MPCP counter hours of HOs up to 2100 hours forgetting the concept of Night Post office. Entire Treasury, all branches remain open for closure of accounts and office. What is the cost involved? What are the electricity charges for the extended hours? When the central Govt. shifted to five days’ work to reduce the expenditure on Electricity, up keep etc and extended one hour work daily, what is the need to open the counters for 11 hours by bringing the staff on OTA/off? Whether any work performs through MPCM will run to any other service if it closes at 1800 hours. The same regional head has indirectly contributed the loss of MO service to the tune of 116 crores every year. These are all only the tips of ice bergs. Many more are still there.

Let us have more targets to expand our PLI, RPLI Services. Let us tie up with business of marketing activities with State Govt. Public Sector and Central Govt. organizations. Let us do all the business pertaining to collection of Taxes, electricity bills, water bill etc across the counter. There is no need for fixing any unrealistic targets other than our own products. Let us do the census work, UDAI work, NREGIS and all other socially committed jobs with the existing staff. Let us strengthen our own S. B. and the proposed Post Bank. Above all, we shall concentrate our prime work (i.e) collection, transmission and delivery of mails in effective manner by taking the Staff Side into confidence at the time of making changes and defeat the real challenge now posed before the Postal Department.

Other business tie ups will not earn any benefits to the department but mar the image of the postal department which was earned by hard work, trust worthy over centuries among the public. Otherwise it is nothing but an ostrich look of way that earth becomes dark.

(K. V. Sridharan)

General Secretary

Saturday, September 17, 2011

General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrade,

Long March

After a long gap, we are meeting through this desk and my advance greetings to all on Pooja, Diwali and other festivals. After the deferment of the proposed strike, you would have realized that many issues prolonged for years together are being settled one after another. Of course, trade union is the incessant movement and even if we solved all the issues, new issues will creep. As Com. Lenin rightly quoted that the gains achieved through various struggles will motivate the workers for a long struggle for their advancement, the Postal workers can proudly say that they are resisting till now the adverse effects of globalization in the communication sector and these small gains achieved through struggles will keep them ready to resist further onslaughts of these effects. Let us keep vigil. Let us first discuss about the orders issued on the Strike Charter of Demands. Orders for the following items have been issued by the department.

Gains on our demands

1. Applicability of various kinds of Travelling Allowances in case of systems administrators, Marketing Executives, PRI (P)s & Road Mileage Allowance to the staff entrusted the work of Cheque clearance.

(DG (P) No. 17-01/2011-PAP dt. 23.06.2011)

2. Imparting training to physically disabled non matriculate erstwhile Group D employees & those promoted to Postman/Mail guard or PA/SA after 1.1.2006.

(DG (P) No. 1-20/2008-PCC dt. 15.06.2011)

3. Post attached Quarters - instructions reg.

(DG (P) No. 7-1_2010-Bldg dated 16.06.2011)

4. Reconstitution of cadre restructuring committee.

(DG (P) No. 1/4/2010-SR dt. 12.07.2011)

5. Enhancement of Savings Bank Allowance to Postal Assistants working in Savings Bank branches.

(DG (P) No. 113-07/2010-SB dt. 21.06.2011)

6. Orders on Contributory Negligence

(DG (P) No. 14013/03/2010-VP dt. 22.06.2011)

7. Implementation of Modified Assured Career Prgression Scheme (MACPs) - Clarification on constitution of Divisional Scrutiny Committee.

(DG (P) No. 4-7/(MACPs)/2009-PCC dt. 30.06.2011)

8. Charge in designation of Sorting Postman - Clarification

(DG (P) No. 25-20/2008-PE I dt. 12.07.2011)

9. Posting of Sub Postmasters in Single handed and double handed sub Post office - reg.

(DG (P) No. 37-56/2008-SPB II dt. 15.07.2011)

10. Abnormal delay in Payment of Speed Pos delivery incentive bills

(DG (P) No. 16/56/2011-SR dt, 07.07.2011)

11. Non implementation of modified assured career Progression Scheme (MACOS)

(DG (P) No. 4-7/MACPs/2009-PCC - dt 22.06.2011)

12. New examination System - conducting limited Departmental Competitive Exam for the year 2011.

(DG (P) No. A-34020/08/2010-DE dt. 30.05.2011)

13. Clarification on MACP to the Group 'D' & Postmen entry in the Department of Posts.

(DG (P) No. 4-7/MACPs/2009/PCC dt. 25.04.2011)

14. Fixation of seniority of PAs/SAs in General line and Accounts line for promotion to the cadre of LSG (NB)

(DG (P) No. 06-04/2011-SPB II dt. 09.03.2011)

15. Grant of financial upgradation in the promotional Hierarchy instead of Grade pay Hierarchy under the MACPs - furnishing information - reg.

(DG (P) No. 4-7/(MACPS)/2009-PCC dt. 16.05.2011)

16. Grant of leave to the staff working under HSG-I Postmaster.

(DG (P) No. 51-4/2011-SPB II dt. 01.08.2011)

17. Out Station Allowance to RMS Staff - revision of rates thereof.

(DG (P) No. 28-2/2010-D dt. 19.07.2011)

18. Grant of Grade Pay of Rs. 1900, Rs.2000/- with effect from 1.1.2006 to those Group D (MTS) who were given TBOP/BCR before 1.1.2006 vis-à-vis - Applicability of provisions of para 6 of annexure I to OM on MACPs dt. 18.09.2009.

(DG (P) No. 1-20/2008-{CC (Pt) dt. 18.7.2011)

19. Imposing of statuary punishment for non performance of OT duty - reg.

(DG (P) No. 8-9/2011-SR dt. 21.07.2011)

20. Increase in the number of chances to appear in the LDCE (LGO) exam to fill up the posts of Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistants

(DG (P) No. 60-10/2011-SPB I dt. 26.07.2011)

21. Organizing frequent meetings/Melas on holidays and Sundays - denial of legitimate rights to the employees to avail Sundays etc.

(DG (P) No. 16/56/2011-SR dt. 08.07.2011)

22. Grant of officiating pay & Allowance to selection Grade officials - reg.

(DG (P) 137-64/2010-SPB II dt. 28.07.2011)

23. Declining promotion to Postmaster Grade II by the officials declared successful in Postmaster Grade I - Departmental Competitive exam held on 12.06.2011

(DG (P) No. 4-24/2011-SPB II dt. 09.08.2011)

24. Continuation of adhoc promotion made in the cadre of HSG I

(DG (P) No. 4-16/2002-SPB II dt. 01.08.2011)

25. Orders on CCL

(DG (P) No. 51-3/2009-SPB-Ii Dt. 15.06.2011)

In respect of many items, the files are under process and let us know some details about the pending issues in the following paras.

Progress on Demands

1)Cadre Review Committee: - The first sitting of cadre review committee will be held on 29.9.2011 at Directorate. We are updating our proposal and suggestions if any can be sent before 29.09.2011

2) Filling up of vacancies for 2011: - When the Directorate called for vacancy position, it is alarmingly felt that still there are many vacancies for the earlier years left unfilled up. The Directorate sought for information from all circles to furnish all the current & previous unfilled vacancies in all cadres and also to mention the oldest vacancy still unfilled up - On receipt of particulars, process similar to last recruitment will be conducted at Directorate before December 2011 to fill up all the remaining vacancies.

All our Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to verify the establishment sanction actual staff strength available and calculate the actual vacancies of their divisions and to intimate the same to circle union immediately so that the circle union can pursue at circle level ensuring that no post is left unfilled up.Unless Branch/Divisional Secretaries act vigilantly, nothing is probable to come out from the issue of shortage of staff.

3) HSG I Recruitment Rules: - UPSC has not approved yet the HSG-I Recruitment Rules. It raised objections that the number of Posts in feeder cadre HSG-II and HSG-I is similar and to reduce the number of HSG I posts to the ratio of at least 2:1. The Department replied about the justification and functional requirements. It is expected that the recruitment rules will be released from UPSC within a fortnight or maximum a month.

In the revised HSG-I Recruitment Rules, all HSG-I posts including the posts which are now reserved for IPO line are being brought under general line. DOPT informed that after the approval of the Recruitment Rules for HSG-I, the conditions of minimum service in HSG II( 5 years) will be relaxed as before considering the requirements of the department.

4) Filling up of Postmaster Grade III Posts: - According to the scheme, Postmaster Grade-III posts will be carved out only when the posts are filled up. As such, technically there is no Postmaster Grade III post in existence. After the finalization of HSG I Recruitment Rules and offered regular promotion to the present adhoc HSG I official and others, option will be called for among them whether they will opt for Postmaster Grade III. The posts will be filled up at first with the HSG-I officials opted for the cadre and the remaining Postmaster Grade III posts will be declared for promotion under the channel of Postmaster's cadre. After the creation of Grade III, the Department assured to consider the one time relaxation to fill up all the unfilled up Grade II & Grade III posts by relaxing the minimum service conditions required.

5) Filling up of Postmaster Grade I unfilled up posts: - We placed a demand to consider the remaining candidates in the selection list of Postmaster Grade I exam for filling up the vacancies caused due to declination by some candidates after declaring the results. This was agreed. All circles will be addressed soon to ascertain the number of officials declined. We are expecting orders shortly.

6) Gradation List: - This is one of the major problems prevailing in all circles. All circles have been addressed to compile Gradation list of all cadres at once. All divisional Secretaries should follow up the same since this is most important document now to determine the promotional aspects of the employees.

7) Tenure posting in Single handed offices: - Despite strong objection from vigilance section of the Directorate, as assured during discussions on the strike charters, the Department is issuing orders for reposting officials to sub offices if the officials have not come out with any cases in preceding 10 years. Orders are expected to be released shortly.

8) Allowing P. H. candidates to IPO Exam: -The Department has formalized the reservation for promotion in I.P cadre for P. H. candidates and forwarded the file to Ministry of social Welfare for formal approval. This will definitely become a boost to the physically challenged Postal Assistants.

9) Doubling the Treasury Allowance: - A specific clarification about Treasury Allowance to Treasurer is under issue.

10) Problems of Casual Labourers: - An internal committee headed by the Chief PMG, Assam has been constituted to study the problems of casual labourers like regularization, alternate method of appointments for subsequent requirements, Pay related issues as per the Sixth CPC etc. The first preliminary sitting is expected to be held at Kolkata on 19.09.2011. DDG (P) & DDG (Establishment) are the other members. ADG (PCC) will be the member (Secretary). In respect of application of Sixth CPC wages to casual labourers, it is being delayed due to non receipt of information from five circles. They have been reminded by the Directorate.

11) Internal Committee to review Allowances: - Another committee has been constituted to review the allowances available in the Department under the chairmanship of Sri. Santosh Gauriar, Chief PMG, M. P. Circle, Sri. V. P. Singh, DDG Establishment, Sri. B. Selvakumar PMG Agra, Sri. D. Manoj, G.M. Finance Maharashtra Circle will be the members. Sri. S. V. Rao ADG (Establishment) will functions as ADG (Member Secretary)

1) The allowances, which are to be examined by the Committee, are as under:

(a) Grant of Special Allowance to all Group 'A' & Group 'B' officers working in Circle offices and Regional offices irrespective of their designation.

(b) Grant of Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance to Mail overseers instead of Nigh Halt Allowance.

(c) Revival of Cash Handling Allowance to Postmen.

(d) Removal of distance criteria for grant of Cycle Maintenance Allowance (CMA) to Postmen.

(e) Revision of Cash Allowance to SPMs in the absence of Treasurers.

(f) Upward revision of Conveyance Allowance to PRIs (P)

(g) Grant of Road Mileage Allowance to staff entrusted with the work of clearance of cheques.

(h) Grant of Fixed Conveyance Allowance to Marketing Executives.

(i) Enhancement of Split Duty Allowance.

(j) Grant of Special Allowance to unqualified accounts irrespective of financial up gradation granted under TBOP/BCR/MACP

(k) Special Allowance to PO & RMS accountants on grant of financial up gradation under MACPs.

(l) Grant of Treasury Allowance to those officials who are given financial up gradation under MACP

2) The terms of reference of the Committee will be to examine and give specific recommendation on each allowance indicated above with a view that:

i) Any upward revision is required in the current scenario in the allowances.

ii) Whether the already discontinued allowances or allowances not being paid to specific cadre are needed to be restored or allowed.

3) The Committee will submit its Report within Three months.

Our CHQ is sending a proposals to the said committee on all issues and also to restore charge allowance to Postmasters as existed prior to introduction of TBOP and also to restore MPCM allowance to counter Assistants. Our letter will be published in the Bhartiya Post.

12) Departmental Council (JCM): - it was intimated to hold the Departmental Council (JCM) in the month of October 2011. The last date for submission of subjects has been fixed as 28.09.2011. If any specific issue is to be taken up, the Divisional/Branch/Circle secretaries are at liberty to e-mail the issues before 25.09.2011 to CHQ.

13) Dropping of Confirmation exam: - It is under process. Orders will be expedited.

14) Revised Recruitment rules for Postal Assistants: - As per the RR 2002, there are 49 categories eligible to appear the LGO exam and most of the categories are not in existence. Hence the process of eliminating such categories is under progress. Thereafter it will be finalized by including the agreed demands of thrown open the unfilled vacancies of LGO to GDS without any mark condition. The deletion of confirmation examination is included in the revised R. R.

15) Permission to opt for General line from Accounts line: - We demanded that the options obtained at the time of TBOP become obsolete and the option exercised only at the time of regular promotion to LSG accounts shall be taken into account. This has been accepted by the Department and orders issued.

16) Training Allowance to WCTU instructors: - Proposals for creation of regular trainers will be taken up. Revision of training allowance to instructors is training centre & introduction of training allowance to regular trainers appointed in WCTU is under consideration.

17) Revision of honorarium for Departmental Exam: - The file is under process. The allowance, as it is told, will be doubled.

18) Counting of past services to RTP: - The CHQ has written one more letter department to implement the decision of Mumbai CAT decision to all the similarly situated persons. This will be discussed further with the Secretary in the ensuing Department Council Meeting.

19) Counting of Special Allowance for pay fixation - Case of PO & RMS Accountants: - We are demanding for implementation of Karnataka High court judgment and not to file SLP. This is being pursued.

20) Irregular attachment of unoccupied staff quarters as post attached quarters: - Today the relevant rulings of 1929 & others were towed handed. It is assured to cause necessary orders at the earliest.

21) Training to Postmaster Grade I: - All Training Centres have been instructed to finalise the Grade I training before 15.1.2012. The Training Centre have accordingly allotted seats to the circles.

Let us now discuss about the organizational activities in glance.

Confederation decisions on agitation against PFRDA Bill

i) Signature campaign: - Please refer Bhartiya Post September 2011 issue. Please start signature campaign by involving all the membership and through them the people at large. Maximum signature shall be obtained and forwarded to CHQ which should reach the CHQ before 22.11.2011.

ii) March to Parliament:- NFPE has fixed target to P3 as 3500 for the minimum participation in the march to parliament on 25.11.2011. All Divisional Secretaries/Circle Secretaries with their activists may book their journey tickets well in advance to participate the rally.

Let us mobilize in full swing to take part in the rally organized to show our protest against new pension Bill and demanding to restore old pension scheme for all new recruits.

iii) Convention - If state level conventions are not held so far, please initiate efforts to hold convention of Confederation to popularize the demands finalized by the Confederation on C. G. Employees.

NFPE - All India Workshop

All India study camp for CHQ office bearers and Circle secretaries of all affiliated unions will be held at Allahabad from 04.12.2011 to 06.12.2011. Delegate fee has been fixed as Rs.500/- All concerned are requested to book their journey tickets well in advance.

1st All India Convention of Casual, Part time, contingent employees

Our Federation has notified to hold the first All India Convention of Casual, Part time and Contingent employees at Tirupati (A.P) from 13.11.2011 to 14.11.2011. Secretary General directed all the Circle secretaries to take initiates to form circle level organization for such employees and depute the delegates elected in the conference. All Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly do their best for the formation of their circle union.

P3 Special Workshop

A special workshop exlusively for P3 office bearers is scheduled to be held at Puri, Odisha during the month of January 2011. This will be an educative workshop. Date & Venue will be intimated later.

Let us revamp our functioning

Finally, let us come to the important section of this desk. Many positive instructions were issued from the Directorate in the recent times. But unfortunately many of the items have not been properly implemented in true spirit at lower levels. We are also not appraised about the position by more than 95% of the divisional/ branch secretaries. Sometimes, we could not challenge the officers in the absence of adequate informations.

A questionnaire has been prepared and attached with this desk. All branch/divisional secretaries should compile and send the same to the CHQ and circle before 15.10.2011. Don't feel shy when some of the issues have not taken at your level. Don't bother. At least we will start now. Don't suppress the information and be frank in furnishing such items. It is the need to revamp our organization and style of functioning at all levels. Let us move with this direction.

Okay comrade. I have taken a lot of time from you. Once again my greetings to one and all.

With greetings,

(K. V. Sridharan)

General Secretary

Questionnaire to Divisional/Branch Secretaries

1. Name of the Division : -

2. i)Whether APAR for the year 2010-11 was issued to all PAs during July 2011 or subsequently.

ii) If not, have you placed this as one of the subjects in monthly meeting.

iii) Have you sought assistance from Circle Union?

(Please see Note 1)

3. i) Whether MACP promotions for the 1st of half of 2011 (Jan to July 2011) are issued or not?

ii) Whether process for MACP for second half has been initiated in July 2011 or not?

iii) If the process is not initiated, have you discussed in the monthly meeting?

iv) Have you brought the delay to the notice of Circle union?

(Please see Note 2)

4. i) Whether Screening Committee for upgradation of average entries to the left out officials is reconstituted or not?

ii) Whether all are accorded MACP or how many left out?

iii) Whether 15 days notice was issued to represent against the entries in case of officials who have not again been considered by the Scrutiny Committee?

iv) Whether the issue of non-grant/delay in constituting scrutiny committee was taken in the monthly meeting?

v) Have you sought the assistance of Circle union to mitigate the grievances of left out officials?

(Please see Note 3)

5) i) Whether the recruitment process for vacancies upto 2010 was completed or not?

ii) Whether the unfilled up vacancies of LGO (Residual vacancies are filled up with GDS or open recruitment upto the year 2010 or not?

iii) If not filled up, how many posts are still remaining? (Year wise break figures)

iv) Have you taken up the issue with divisional head in monthly meeting?

iii) Is the Circle union being appraised about the existence of vacancies and seeking action?

iv) Whether the training process was completed in respect of new recruits of 2010?

v) If not how many left out so far? How many of them are not given appointment so far?

6) i) How many systems Administrators/Marketing Executive posts are in existence in your division?

ii) Whether provisions of rotational transfers are applied against them in your division?

iii) What is the actual requirement of Systems administrators in your division (Please assess properly & send full details)?

iv) Whether road mileage/conveyance allowance is granted to them in your division?

v) How many POs under your jurisdiction are fully computerized?

vi) Whether the systems Administrators are provided with recharge coupon for their mobile phones?

7) i) How many review petitions were forwarded to Directorate and still remain indisposed (Specific cases if any)?

ii) How many appeals/petitions are pending at CO/RO level in respect of officials of your division?

iii) Whether the delay in disposal of appeal/petition was taken up the circle union?

(Please see note No. 4)

8) i) How many APM Accounts, Accountants posts are available in your division?

ii) Whether all the posts are managed with PO & RMS Accountants qualified officials?

iii) When the last exam for PO & RMS Accountants was held in your circle?

iv) How many Accountants are facing with recovery due to fixation of pay on TBOP by taking special allowance? (Details are urgently required)

v) Whether any recovery is ordered to APM Accounts and Accountants towards irregular fixation of pay to postmen after 5th CPC. If so what is the Quantum? Whether the official appealed against such recovery or not? Whether the appeal/Petitions are disposed or not?

vi) Whether the issue was taken up at circle level and if so what is the result?

vii) Whether any recovery is ordered for excess drawal of Bonus on APM Accounts/Accountants if so please send details.

9) i) Whether the service books entries are update in your HOs?

ii) Whether the official are being allowed in Accounts branch to verify their service books?

iii) Whether all the members are appraised by the Divisional union to verify their service book entries and leave accounts periodically atleast once in a year?

iv) Whether the Divisional Secretaries are permitted to verify the reservation roster every year?

v) Whether you are checking regularly about the prompt maintenance of the reservation roster? If not, please begin now itself?

10) i) Whether incentive/Honorarium for all business products are fixed? (Maximum of 25% shall be fixed as per directorate orders)

ii) If not, have you taken up with the Circle union?

iii) Whether the Treasury Allowance has been doubled and paid in your division after the Sixth CPC?

iv) Whether CEA, Hostel subsidy bills are regularly cleared as per revised rates?

v) whether Split Duty Allowance for the officials brought on split duty is being drawn or not?

vi) Whether the MPCM Allowance is still being drawn or stopped in your division?

vi) In case of non drawal of any items stated above, have you sought the intervention of circle union and if so what the result is.

Note to the Questionnaire

Note 1: -

APAR (earlier called as confidential report) shall be written before 30th June of every year (DOPT OM dt. 16.02.2009). An opportunity of 15 days should be given to officials by reporting officers on the grading he made after circulating the copy of APAR. If no representation is made within 15 days, it shall be deemed as accepted. If representation is made, it should be decided within 30 days from the date of receipt of representation. (OMdt. 14.05.2009). The bench mark will be brought into effect only after the disposal of the representation submitted.

Note 2: -

For grant of MACP promotion the screening committee should meet twice in a financial year – preferably in the first week of January and first week of July for advance processing of cases maturity in that half. (DOPT OM dt. 19.05.2009)

Note 3: -

According to our demand, the Directorate clarified vide its letter dt. 30.06.2011 that scrutiny committee for left out officials in the first & subsequent batches shall be constituted within one month (31.07.2011). The findings of the scrutiny committee shall be communicated to concerned DPS for approval. Even after one is not considered, he should be given an opportunity to represent against the bench mark before it is placed to DPC. Thereafter only, the MACP can be denied. The process of communicating the entry is a must for those not considered and that too it should be made before the DPC is met for MACP.

Note 4: -

You can suggest the aggrieved officials for whom the petitions are pending at Directorate level, Circle level or RO level, to seek informations under RTI (Right to Information Act) to CPIO/VP Section (Directorate), Chief PMG, PMG etc. about the date of receipt of petition at Directorate, appeals at RO/C.O etc. Date wise action taken, Comments/Remarks/note on the file and the present stage of the petition. Please suggest them to send the copies of reply to their respective Circle/CHQ for taking up such cases at their levels.

Note 5: -

Service Book of the officials is not a secret document. According to DG’s order below SR 202 the entries is service book can be verified by the respective official. After verification they can attest the entries in the service book. Similarly at the time of quitting, the copy of service book entries can be obtained by payment of Rs.5/-.

As per chapter IV, Rule 6 of Swamy’s Compilation on reservation & concessions for SC/STs, the reservation roster is not a confidential document and it can be shown to individual officials/association and if necessary, through the liaison officer.