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Friday, April 27, 2007


The department will issue orders on bench mark this week. This will be a confidential document. So please check up this with your circle office.

There will be a meeting on 21.5.07 to discuss about residual vacancies with our union. Before that there will be a meeting of all APMG Staffs on 4.5.07 in which the problems on LSG,HSG II & HSG I will be discussed.

A clarificatory orders will be issued by the directorate soon about fixing the seniority for determining the LSG promotion.


Kayveeyes, G.S.

Monday, April 23, 2007

P3 CHQ Circular

All CHQ Office Bearers,

All Circle Secretaries,

All Divisional / Branch Secretaries,

Dear Comrades,

24-04-2007 – Indefinite Strike – Deferred

Consequent upon the talks held between the Secretary, Department of Posts with the Staff Side on 19-04-2007 on the charter of demands and other issues and reached settlement on many issues, the JCA met in Dak Bhawan on 20-04-2007 at 08:30 P.M. had unanimously decided to defer the indefinite strike programme.

The gist of decisions communicated by the Department vide its letter No. 8-1/2007-SR dated 20-04-2007 is enclosed herewith.

The gist of the talks and assurances is furnished below:-

  1. The Government will be approached once again to refer GDS issues to Sixth Pay Commission for consideration. The Officer's Committee already appointed has been dismantled.
  2. The Cabinet note will be submitted to seek exemption of Department from the purview of Screening Committee. In the meantime to manage the shortage of staff the following is agreed and will be implemented.

(i) Pending Residual Vacancies in PA cadre from 2000-01 to 2005-2006 will be filled up. (There is approximately more than 11000 posts. All Circle Secretaries to check and act).

(ii) The LGO Exam question paper will be modified according to requirement of job;

(iii) An additional LGO exam will be conducted.

(iv) Unfilled up vacancies will be thrown open to GDS possessing plus two qualifications with age limit. Details will be discussed.

In short all pending LGO vacancies will be filled up within three months.

(v) The Postmen & Group 'D' will be given additional chances to write the LGO exam.

(vi) OTA will be granted to Postal Operate staff to manage the excess work due to absentism and shortage.

(vii) Retired pensioners can be employed to meet the shortage of staff;

(viii) An Internal Committee is constituted to fix honorarium / incentive for the additional works like IMT, Passport processing, IT Returns etc. It is assured that incentive will be fixed to all marketing activities.

(ix) All vacant GDS posts will be filled up.

  1. (i) Regarding Franchise Postal Outlets, this will be reviewed and decided further in May 2007.

(ii) There will be no closure / merger of postal divisions.

(iii) There will be no curtailment of delivery. Even the circle heads were addressed to restore / revive second delivery wherever necessary to compete couriers.

  1. Care will be taken to safeguard the monopoly of the department while proposing amendment to IPO Act.
  2. Part time casual labourers may be considered for GDS posts.
  3. Filling up of LSG / HSG.II/HSG.I posts

(i) All LSG / HSG.II/HSG.I posts will be filled up in time bound action.

(ii) Issue on bench mark for LSG etc. will be examined.

(iii) Clarification in filling up of APM Accounts posts will be issued.

(iv) All APMG staff will be summoned to Directorate on 04-05-2007 and clarified the rulings on LSG/HSG.II/HSG.I.

(v) Another meeting will be held on 21-05-2007 to discuss about the pendency if any in filling up of LSG / HSG.II /HSG.I posts.

(vi) Clarification on Rule 38 transferees, preparation of Gradation list, seniority etc. will be discussed with us next week and finalised.

(vii) The periodicity of promotion to Sr. Accountant will be examined.

  1. (i) All pending bills will be cleared. Circle Heads are instructed to intimate the funds requirements.

(ii) OTA will be paid to post office staff wherever is justified.

  1. (i) All compassionate appointments will be considered.

(ii) The issues relating to some circles like Tamilnadu (one time absorption) will be finalised within three months. Serious efforts will be taken to absorb all the approved candidates.

  1. (i) Insurance Fund is under consideration.

(ii) POSB – the suggestions will be looked into.

  1. DoP&T agreed to grant recognition to Federation subject to conditions. The Federation is being addressed.

Apart from these, many more issues like tightening of norms like Stamp Vendors, etc. were discussed. There is a positive response from the department. The success is due to the unity exhibited in the Postal JCA.

Therefore, the JCA has decided to defer the Postal Strike commencing from 24-04-2007. All Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries are requested to translate the same in their regional language and circulate to all members.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.V. Sridharan

General Secretary

Date: 20 April 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan. Sansad Marg,
New Delhi - 110 001.

No.8-1/2007-SR dated the April 20,2007
The Secretary General,
National Federation of Postal Employees,
1st Floor, North Avenue Post office Building,
New Delhi -110001.

The Secretary General,
Federation of National Postal Organisations,
T-24, Atul Grove Road,
New Delhi -110001.

Subject: Gist of discussions of the meeting taken by the Secretary (P) on 19.4.2007 with the Staff side to discuss on the charter of demands.
I am directed to enclose a copy of the gist of discussions of the meeting taken by the Secretary (P) on 19.4.2007 on charter of demands for information and necessary action.

Yours faithfully,

Director (SR & Legal)

Gist of discussions of the meeting taken by Secretary(Posts)
19.04.2007 with N.F.P.E./F.N.P.O. to discuss the Charter of Demands.

A meeting with Secretary (Posts) and the Staff side was held on 19.04.2007 to discuss the Charter of Demands submitted by the N.F. P.E. and F.N.P.O. on 09.04.2007. At the very outset, Secretary (Posts) impressed upon the Staff side to present a united front in view of the stiff competition that the Department is facing from the couriers and the challenges from other vested interests as well. Secretary (Posts) stressed that any disruption in the services at this stage would distract from our efforts to strengthen and expand the postal business in the country. Secretary (Posts) thereafter, discussed the Charter of Demands with the Staff side. The gist of discussions is as under:

With most of the issues mentioned in the Charter of Demands, having been resolved, the Secretary (Posts) expressed the hope that the Staff side would continue to extend their cooperation in furthering the growth of postal services in the country.

Item No.1- ­
Appointment of Judicial Committee I Commission for GDS and grant status and Pension to GDS Employees.

Staff side was apprised that in view of special status of GDS, they were out of the purview of JCM scheme which also takes them beyond the scope of 6th Central Pay Commission. However, the Staff Side insisted on another attempt to be made for consideration of GDSs issues by the 6th CPC, set up for Central Government Employees. The request of the Staff Side that the matter may be referred to 6th Central Pay Commission by the Department has been considered. The Department will make the request to the Government that 6th Central Pay Commission may look into GDS also. ­

Item NO.2- ­
Exempt Department of Posts from the purview of reduction of staff strength and fill up all vacant posts in all cadres in Postal/RMS/MMS/Circle/Regional Offices/Postal Accounts and GDS including residual vacancies.

All efforts will be made by the Department to seek exemption of Department of Posts from the purview of the Screening Committee. Action will be taken to fill up the residual vacancies in various cadres. Heads of Circles will be advised to fill up residual vacancies in a time bound manner. . This will be monitored in the Directorate. In addition, it is also proposed to review the LGO examinations syllabus etc., to bring it in line with requirements of the job and thereby improve the success rate. An additional LGO examination will also be conducted with the revised syllabus.

Item No.3 ­
Drop Franchising of Posta1 Scheme, stop closure of Post Offices' RMS Offices, Transit Sections' Relocation & merger of offices and Divisions, stop combination of beats of Postmen' stop curtailment of Postal deliveries, Outsourcing of PAO functions etc.

With regard to the Franchising of Postal Outlets, it was explained that as already discussed with the Staff Side, the Scheme is being introduced as a pilot project in those areas where the Department has not been able to reach and extend postal facilities. The Scheme also provide for a review after six months of its introduction the results of which will be shared with the Unions.

With regard to closure of RMS offices, Staff Side was informed that the Mail Offices will be rationalized in accordance with the agreement reached with the Federation. The isolated case of Bihar Circle pointed out by Staff Side will be reviewed. Secretary stated that intention is to compete with the couriers and not curtail delivery.

Item No.4- ­
Ensure monopoly of collection, conveyance and delivery of letter mail by the--Department of Posts as recommended by the Parliamentary Standing Committee. ­

It was explained that adequate care is being taken to safeguard the monopoly of the Department while proposing amendment to IPO Act.

Item No.5 ­
Regularize Casual Labourers /Full Time/Part Time Contingency paid.

Staff Side stated that the part time casual labourers may be considered against the GDS vacancies. This will be examined.

Item No.6 ­
Filling up of all norm based LSG / HSG-II / HSG - I posts & Restore periodicity of Junior Accountant promotion to Senior Accountant as 3 years.

Information has been collected from all Circles on the number of LSG/HSG-IIIHSG-I posts lying vacant. Action has already been taken to promote HSG-II officials in HSG-I as per the relaxation granted by DOP&T. All Heads of Circles will be addressed to take time bound action to ensure that LSG/HSG-II posts are filled up without any delay. Action taken to fill up the post will be monitored by the Directorate. Issues on bench mark for LSG etc., will be examined. The issue regarding periodicity of promotion as Sr. Accountant will be got examined.

Item No.7 ­
Encashment of all pending bills OTA / TA / Medical/ RPLI Commission etc.

Instructions have already been given to all the Heads of Circles to clear the pending liabilities with the funds already allocated to them and intimate to Head Quarters the status of pending liabilities for release of additional funds where required. It was further decided to write to all Heads of Circles that wherever justified as per rules/guidelines, OTA will be paid to Post Office staff.

Item No.8 ­
Grant of compassionate appointments to eligible candidates and absorb all approved candidates.

All eligible candidates for- compassionate appointment will be considered in accordance with the rules on the subject. Regarding certain cases pending in a few Circles, the matter will be examined separately.

Item NO.9 ­
Complete take over of POSB and PLI by the Postal Department and accord full Autonomy to the Postal Board as in the case of Railway Board.

It was stated that the matter relating to Investment of P.O. Insurance Fund is under consideration of Government As regards POSS, the suggestions of Staff Side will be looked into.

Item No. 10 ­
Recognition of Federations and setting up of councils at all level.

Subject to certain changes I inclusions in the Constitution of NFPE, the proposal has been agreed by Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension. The Federation is being addressed in this regard.


Monday, April 16, 2007


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Demands & its Justification

Indefinite Strike from 24-04-2007 – Demands & its Justification

The demands putforth by the JCA (Postal) in the indefinite strike commencing from 24-04-2007 are not having much financial implications but need for the survival of the department besides arranging relief from the unbearable work brunt shouldered by the Group C comrades in particular and justice to the exploited category of GDS employees. All demands are genuine and there should be no compromise in demands and also in mitigating the sufferings of the postal employees this time. Let us have an outlook about the genuine and justification of our demands.

Demand 1: Appointment of Judicial Committee / Commission for GDS and grant status and pension to GDS employees
According to the agreement made between the union and the Government after having assured in the Parliament by the Government during the four days strike held from 07-12-2003 to 10-12-2003, a Judicial Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Justice Charanjit Singh Talwar to consider the demands of the ED employees. Out of 42 positive recommendations made by the Justice Talwar Committee, only three were taken for consideration and remaining 39 were summarily rejected.

Even these three recommendations were diluted at the time of implementation. Instead of pension, 'Severance amount' was granted (Severe means break the ties – For breaking the relations, it is called as severance amount). Similarly no pay was granted. It was called as Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA). Due to this the 50% DA merger was denied to GDS. They are now not fully compensated in the shape of DA. There is erosion of wages. The GDS are not declared as Rural Postal Employees (Gramin Dak Karamcharis). Now they have been called as Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) by amending the Service Rules with the special proviso that they cannot claim anything at par with regular employees.

Thus all the positive recommendations of the earlier Judicial Committee granting all service benefits, pension, welfare facilities etc. were denied, diluted and they are totally deprived of their dues. If another officer's committee is appointed, that will bury the Report once for all. If another Judicial Committee is constituted for consideration of GDS demands, we could plead before them to revive the recommendations and render justice to the GDS. Hence we are demanding the formation of another Judicial Committee for GDS and not accepting the departmental officer's committee.

Demand 2: Exempt Department of Posts from the purview of reduction of staff strength and fill up all vacant posts in all cadres in Postal / RMS / MMS / Circle / Regional offices / Postal Accounts and GDS including residual vacancies
As on 31-03-99, the total number of Group C & D work force in the Department of Posts was 2,92,672. It has been reduced to the extent of 2,43,958 in 2004-05. There was a reduction of Group C & D to the extent of 48714 Already, there was an axing of posts to the extent of 20% supervisory & 6% in operative for the grant of TBOP / BCR promotion. For the upgradation of 1622 HSG.I posts, 680 Postal Assistant posts were also axed.

On the other side, the Department of Posts is venturing with various business activities, tie up with several private players, resulting unbearable work at the level of Group C and in particular at post offices. Many posts were redeployed as Marketing Executives and System Administrators. Virtually all the B class offices become 'C' class and 'A' class become either 'B' or 'C' and in almost all the Head Post Offices, there is a shortage of more than 30 to 40 percent in clerical cadre. Without naming the combination of duties, the Postal Assistants are suffering with the exploitation of combination of duties with untold miseries. The suicide committed by Com. Narain, Sub Postmaster Gopalpur is the beginning which brought the miseries into light.

The DG (Posts) in his letter dated 04-04-05 written to Department of Personnel pleaded to exempt the Postal Department from the purview of Screening Committee and requested to permit to fill up all the vacant posts. The DG's letter itself clearly exhibits the sufferings of the postal staff which has been summarily rejected. The Screening Committee was further extended by Finance Ministry for another three years.

Hence we have no other alternate except to struggle demanding the vacation of ban on creation and exempt the postal department from the purview of Screening Committee.

The worst part of the department that in almost all the circles, the Postal Assistant vacancies earmarked for Postman & Group D which had not been filled up are being kept unfilled up under residual vacancies. Each circle is having more than 500 posts under this category. No action is being taken by the Directorate so far even though it was brought to their notice several time. This has caused an artificial shortage of Postal Assistant cadre which could have been averted by shedding down the lethargy and protracted delay in taking decision in such sensitive issues.

Demand 3: Drop franchising of postal scheme, stop closure of post offices / RMS offices, Tranist Sections / Relocation and merger of offices and divisions, Stop combination of beats of Postmen / Stop curtailment of Postal deliveries, outsourcing of PAO functions etc.
When we are looking for the work of private institutions and having tie up with their work, there is no need to privatise our functions. The move of franchise is nothing but close the number of post offices in future. We are opposing the privatisation of our service. Similarly in many circles, the Circle Heads are unleashing to closure / merger of post offices / divisions with the intention to reduce the manpower at those offices in order to meet the shortage. Instead of providing correct size shoe to the legs, the department desires to cut the legs to suit the shoes.

When the department desires and decides to compete with the couriers, the curtailment of delivery in major cities like Poona, Chennai etc. (i.e.) single delivery only will result adverse impact in the service. The move of the department in closing down post offices, curtailing delivery, merger of divisions etc. will have negative impact on the service which the department did not realise so far. Franchise schemes should also be dropped since the service could be extended with our staff available in abundant in the name of GDS. GDS officials may be entrusted with more work which would pave way for their regularisation.

Demand 4: Ensure monopoly of collection, conveyance and delivery of letter mail by the Department of Posts as recommended by the Parliamentary Standing Committee
The Department of Posts, knowing well that the misinterpretation of the Post Office Act 1898 (Section 4) and the mushroom growth of couriers over two decades has failed to arrest the menace which cornered high revenue and we remain as a part of Universal service obligation with low revenue.

The countries like USA, France, China, Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are having complete monopoly of letter mails. Even countries like Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland etc. are having complete monopoly of letter mail upto 2000 grams.

Now the amendment to the Post Office Act has been totally diluted and the department is incorporating some of the charges in the revised version of the bill which is expected to be tabled in the Parliament. Any how the move is nothing but to drop the monopoly and authorise couriers even to the letters weighing upto 300 grams in the market.

In order to ensure the monopoly of transmission handling and delivery of letters and save the department from the couriers and also to save the department which should not shrink to the rural villages alone, this item is placed as one of the demands in the ensuing strike.

Demand 5: Regularise Casual labourers / Full Time & Part Time contingency paid
The demand is very simple but carry the sufferings of many comrades expecting their regularisation since 1991 onwards. Due to the retrograde orders and various court judgments, the future of these casual labourers / part time contingent employees is blinking. They should be given preference in the appointment of GDS in the case of postal and the services of full time casual labourers be regularised in the RMS sections where no GDS employees available.

Demand 6: Filling up of all Norm based LSG / HSG.II/ HSG.I posts & Restore periodicity of Junior Accountant Promotion to Senior Accountant as 3 years
Even though the department has caused instructions with check list in November 2006, in almost all the circles, the vacant posts of HSG.I, HSG.II & LSG have not been filled up so far. The protracted delay and lethargic disposal to various references we made on this subject for each circles separately is causing concern.

(i) HSG.I promotion was denied in Tamilnadu by application of Bench mark.
(ii) The benchmark was applied even for LSG promotion in Maharashtra and Karnataka Circle
(iii) The Posts of APM Accounts have not been filled up notionally since 1986. The General line HSG.II officials are being compelled to work as APM Accounts like UP, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra etc.
(iv) The notional promotion to LSG was accorded only to retired officials from 1992 in Orissa. All norm based posts are being kept vacant.
(v) In Uttarakhand, the regularly promoted APM Accounts had been reverted as Accountant and General Line official had been posted as APM Accounts in his place.

There are many more confusions in different types at circle levels. In short all norm based posts are still being kept vacant.

Further the following problems which have arisen due to notional LSG promotion at divisional level have not been redressed so far.

(i) The Rule 38 transferees are worst affected.
(ii) Due to variation in the number of LSG posts from divisions to divisions, the seniors could not get promotions, whereas the juniors were promoted.

Modifications of the LSG promotion has not been ordered so far.

The another problem is that the officiating pay to HSG.I has not been drawn to many BCR / LSG comrades. Several references are being made to Directorate.

All these items are very simple and could be settled by appropriate instructions and orders. However the department is reluctant in resolving these issues so far despite various references.

Demand 7: Encashment of all pending bills OTA /TA / Medical /RPLI Commission etc.
Due to paucity in allotment of funds, the personal claims are pending years/ months together. We placed this demand to clear all the bills forthwith.

NB: Long pending bills if any pending, the details may be furnished to CHQ / NFPE immediately so that we could place them during any discussions.

Demand 8: Grant compassionate appointments to eligible candidates and absorb all approved candidates
Due to the imposition of 5% limit, the approved candidates, prior to 1999 under the relaxation of Recruitment Rules have not been regularly appointed so far. There are more than 1000 candidates approved and awaiting for their regularisation in all the circles. There are several vacancies and they can be accommodated. The department by citing a court case, is protracting the issue and the plight of the approved candidates is at stake. In order to regularise them by offering appointment and also to approve fresh cases, we put forth this demand.

Demand 9: Complete take over of POSB & PLI by the Postal Department & accord full Autonomy to the Postal Board as in the case of Railway Board

The Social Audit Panel headed by the former Chief Justice Sri P.N. Bhagawati appealed to the Government to allow freedom and flexibility to the postal department so that it could restructure itself and operate competently.

There is a need to give functional autonomy and financial independence to the postal department and in turn the postal board should function in a lot more cohesion and better coordination than at present.

With the proposal of vast expansion of activities and services, a separate budget and control by the Department of Posts become a must. As in the long run, the department will run on its own legs with own resources, there may not be necessary to have approval from the nodal ministries for each and every decision. The Postal Services Board should be renamed as Postal Operation Board and be accorded the same status as the Railway Board or Telecom Commission.

Demand 10: Recognition of Federations & Setting up of councils at all levels
Due to non recognition of Federations under NRR 1993, the recognised postal unions have no say in the JCM National Council. Similarly there was a delay in formation of anomaly committee in the Department of Posts after the implementation of Fifth CPC. Due to non grant of regular recognition, the RJCM become defunct in many circles and no new Member could be nominated. The demand of the Federation to accord recognitions duly constituting the ED union as a part of the same has not been accepted so far. Hence we included this item as one of the demands in the ensuing strike.

Look Comrades! All the problems are very vital and require immediate settlement. We did not place items which warrants severe financial implications.

Please popularise the demands. On behalf of Circle Union / Divisional Union, please translate the contents and circulate to all comrades and organise them for the total strike commencing from 24-04-2007.

Let us pull down the walls that divide and unite to agitate, act, advance and achieve.

With struggle greetings,

Yours faithfully,

K.V. Sridharan
General Secretary


General Secretary's Desk

Dear Comrades,


The Postal JCA Circular No. PF-12 (C)/JCA/2007 dated 01-04-2007 & the copy of the strike notice proposed to be served on 09-04-2007 are enclosed along with this circular. All Divisional / Branch Secretaries should circulate the same to all the members and organise the workers for the indefinite strike at once. The importance of the demands & its settlement are furnished as a separate annexure and all should translate and circulate the same in their regional language immediately. A copy of the same may please be forwarded to CHQ for reference and file. Please ensure cent percent participation in the proposed strike.


As per the report of the NFPE, our branches have remitted quota to NFPE only to the extent of 16 Federal Councillors as on 31-03-2007. According to our membership, this should have been at least by 60 to 65 councillors. Even in the last Federal Council, we are having the representation of more than 30 Federal Councillors.

So, all Branch / Divisional Secretaries are requested to remit quota to NFPE positively before 30-04-2007 under intimation to CHQ. Non clearance of dues to NFPE is against to the provisions of the constitution.


Similarly, while pursuing records, there is a poor remittance of quota from branches to CHQ during the last six months. Many branches have not remitted any amount towards quota for the accounting year of 2006-07. There is a huge dues towards the Bhartiya Post. All are requested to clear the quota up-to-date and also to clear the dues for Bhartiya Post.


A delegation led by Com. C.C. Pillai, Secretary General consisting Com. K.V. Sridharan, General Secretary, P-3; Com. Des Raj Sharma, General Secretary, P-4; Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R-3 met the Secretary and discussed various issues. The message about serving strike notice on 09-04-2007 has been conveyed to him in case if Judicial Committee is not constituted to consider the GDS problems.


The Pay Commission has appointed three inter committee to study the following subjects.

1. Examining the Feasibility of Performance Related (PRP) in Government ----- By Prof. Biju Varkkay, IIM, Ahmedabad
2. Estimating the Compensation Package for Government employees and the cost to the Government ---- BY Prof. P.K. Premarajan Xavier, Labour Relation Institute, Jamshedpur (within 4 months)
3. Study on Terminal Benefits of the Central Government Employees --- By Dr. Gayithri, Centre for Economic Studies & Policies, Bangalore – 560072 (within 7 months)


The First Committee (PRP) will study about the identification of metrics for five measures of performance.

(a) Competency / Skill (b) Effort / Activity (c) Result / Output / Value Added Measures
(d) Efficiency / Productivity and (e) Quality / Customer Satisfaction

After the study, it would devise means by which PRP can be introduced in the Government. Specifically it should consider

(i) Should PRP be applied to all or higher managerial position to begin with.
(ii) Should PRP be individual based or group based.
(iii) Should specific percentages be prescribed for restricting number of posts to which PRP is given.

The study group is meeting the representatives of NFPE on 13-04-2007 at 11:00 A.M. in the Postal Directorate, New Delhi. A delegation under the leadership of Com. C.C. Pillai, Secretary General, NFPE will discuss with the study group on the said date.

The following is the opinions of me and I request all the comrades to offer their suggestions through E-Mail or letter positively before 11-04-2007.


(i) PRP is a welcome measure wherever more Productivity delivered by the employees. It was clearly mentioned that the PRP will be a second component of hike in salary apart from the existing conventional method of safety with annual increments etc.
(ii) PRP should be measured on the performance and not on the profit since the department like postal are socially oriented department yet under the universal postal service obligation.
(iii) The work norms were fixed by ISU (Internal Study Unit) by application of various scientific parameters to various types of job. If the excess work performed within the working hours, the excess component may be taken for the elements of PRP.
(iv) There is a scientific formula available for the grant of Productivity Linked Bonus every year. Similar formula may be drafted and applied for the entire department.
(v) The PRP should be introduced & distributed for the entire team (i.e) All staff and this should not be granted to certain category alone or officers placed in the managerial position.
(vi) The targets fixed in the business activities are being achieved by the field staff upto the level of GDS agents. The fruit of the PRP should be distributed to all staff based on the performance of the previous year. Every year the performance of the whole department be reviewed and PRP be fixed.
(vii) Individual measuring is not possible / feasible and we are not for such individual PRP.
(viii) The assessment in C.R. or by any means should not be accepted as deciding factor for PRP as most of these items are either favoured or biased.
(ix) So far the Job evaluation of Postal Assistants to HSG.I cadre, we have categorically detailed in our memorandum. We could well justify ourselves about our tremendous performance amidst the staff reduction on matching savings and acute shortage of staff.
(x) The postal employees could establish their strength & mite above all Central Government employees in the output and arduous nature in the midst of multifarious duties and responsibilities.

Comrades! The above are very few. There may be many in your minds. I seek the feed back from all on the above before 10-04-2007 so that we could consolidate and place before the team on 13-04-2007 on behalf of the NFPE.

This study is to assess the total cost incurred (like Salary, Allowances, HRA, Transport / Telephone, Free Passes, LTC, Pensionary benefits, Job Securities and other benefits etc.)
The Terms & Reference of Study are follows:-
· To work out the cost incurred by the Government in paying the pay, allowances and all other benefits whether monetary/ in kind (tangible/ intangible) to their employees and to compute cost per employee to the government in each of the pay scales prevailing in the Government for employees who enjoy these benefits as well as those who do not.
· To work out in monetary terms the benefits, whether in form of allowances or in kind, available to the employees in various sectors of the government like Armed Forces, Police, Railways and Posts and to study the efficacy of these benefits in meting their objectives.
· To determine the feasibility of evolving a compensation package that would compensate all the benefits presently available in various pay scales/ sectors in purely monetary terms as a more efficient way of compensating the employees.
· To study the monetary value that can be attached to security of and the protection under Article 311 of the Constitution available to the Government employees. Whether this can have any impact on the emoluments payable to the Government employees given the fact that the extant rules also preclude an easy exit from a Government job.
The study would be carried out in the following phases.
Phase I – Computation of cost using available data with respect to pay and allowances of all government sectors.
Phase II – Assessment of monetary value of tangible and intangible benefits with inputs from recipients and from experts.
Phase III – Assessment of some of the understated benefits of working for the government viz. job security & protection, Article 311, cost of no easy exit, etc. Assessment of monetary value attached to benefits and impact on the pay mix.
Phase IV – Discussion on the efficacy of having all cash pay along with the feasibility of such a pay structure.
This should be seriously discussed and debated among the organisations / unions of the Central Government employees. The existing protection under Article 311 of the constitution, pensionery benefits, Job Security etc. should be safeguarded. Please offer your opinions also in this regard.

This study is mainly related to those appointed before 01-01-2004 and about an assessment of the existing and future liability of the Government towards retirement benefits and suggesting effective ways and means of reducing the budgetary liability on this account.
The Terms of Reference of Study are follows:-
· To analyse the expenditure presently being incurred by Government, under the existing scheme of retirement benefits available to Central Government Employees under consideration, make projections thereon and suggest ways to meet this liability.
· To see the age profile of existing government employees as had joined before 1.1.2004 and to assess the liability likely to arise towards their terminal benefits in the next three to four decades.
· To suggest various options for suitable self sustaining models to finance the pensions of Central Government employees with the final objective that the funds so devised are able to meet substantially the entire pension liability of the Government.
· To assess the financial liability that will need to be initially incurred by the government for implementation of such self sustaining models.
The study proposals a projection of terminal benefits related expenditure and some other option which will be considered after interaction with the stake holders.
CHQ office bearers / Circle Secretaries / Divisional Secretaries are requested to offer their views and opinion on this also.
Let us meet in our next. Till then Bye…….
With struggle greetings,
Yours fraternally,

K.V. Sridharan
General Secretary



K.V. Sridharan,
General Secretary,
AIPEU Group 'C' (CHQ),
Dada Ghosh Bhawan,
2151/1, New Patel Nagar,
New Delhi - 110008