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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Resolution adopted in Central Working Committee Meeting held at from 01.10.2011 to 02.10.2011

This Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Group ‘C’, held at Jabalpur from 01.10.2011 to 02.10.2011, after having detailed deliberations on the settlement reached on the 2011 July 5th deferred All India Indefinite Strike, records its appreciations on the efforts of the Leadership of CHQ and NFPE in forging and maintaining unity under JCA and campaigning vigoursly and conducting the negotiation such a very hard manner for achieving the demands raised in the charter of demands. This CWC of AIPEU Group ‘C’ also unanimously comes to the conclusion that at the given juncture, it was the best possible settlement that had been arrived at with the Department after hectic negotiations.

However this CWC notes with grave concern that though the closure of 9797 Post offices could be stalled and orders have been issued on various issues, one of the main demand of the strike viz. speed Post hubs and introduction of hub system (L1 + L2) for first class mails under MNOP, is still under negotiation in a committee specifically constituted for this purpose and is yet to be resolved.

This CWC also notes that other demands concerning the Group ‘C’ employees like cadre restructuring including that of System Administrators is still under negotiation in the committee and the employees are eagerly awaiting positive outcome from the committee.

Under these circumstances, this CWC directs the Central Leadership of CHQ and NFPE to be vigilant and to maintain the unity forged under JCA and if the negotiations taking place in various committees fail to yield desired result at a reasonable level, to call for agitation programmes including direct action if situation warrants.

This CWC, while taking note of the implementation of the phased programme of action as per the call of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers for realization of the 14 Point Charter of demands on common demands of CG employees, calls upon the Circle/Divisional/Branch unions to mobilize the employees in fullswing in all programmes particularly for the immediate programme of November 25th Parliament March against the PFRDA Bill along with State Govt. Employees, Teachers, Railway and Defence employees. This CWC further endorse the decision of the National Convention on PFRDA Bill to go on one day strike against PFRDA Bill.

The CWC of AIPEU Group C also calls upon the CHQ, NFPE and Confederation leadership to strengthen the unity with Central Trade Unions and also mobilise the employees behind the five point common demands of working class raised by the Central TUs including price rise; This CWC clearly understands that the onslaughts of the globalization policies pursued by the Central Govt. can be prevented only by the united action of the entire working class and common people of this country and the need of the hours is total unity and uncompromising struggle.

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