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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Confederation Circular

Cir. No. 2/2012                                                                      Dated: 21.01.2012

Dear Comrade,


            The members of the National Sectt. of the Confederation available at Delhi met today and decided to launch a campaign to elicit the full participation of Central Govt. Employees in the 28th February, 2012 general strike being organized jointly by all the Trade Unions in the Country against the Government’s Economic policies.  It is decided that the National Sectt members must be the observers in the campaign meeting at various Stations.  Appended to this Circular is a list of stations where the meetings are to be organized.  The comrades whose names are indicated against each station will make arrangements for visiting those places on the specified dates.  Arrangements for the stay of the visiting comrades will be made by the respective State Committees.

            The Secretaries of the State Committee will convene a meeting of the members of the affiliates on the specified date.  It must be ensured that the State/ Circle Executive members of each affiliate is present in the said meeting apart from other members.  Ensure that large number of members attend the meeting.  It must be made mandatory that the members of the Managing/Executive Committee do attend the meeting without fail.

            We send herewith draft Strike notice addressed to the Cabinet Secretary, which would be submitted to him by the Confederation CHQ.  Similar notices will be prepared and submitted by each affiliate to their heads of Department or Secretary to the concerned ministry as the case may be.  On 10th February, 2012 demonstrations will be organized in front of all Offices with full participation of all members and the concerned Secretary will  hand over a copy of the notice submitted by the affiliates to their heads of Department.  The affiliates will submit the notices on or before 5th February, 2012.  Confederation CHQ will serve the strike notice on the Cabinet Secretary on Ist February, 2012.

            Apart from placing this Circular letter on our website we are sending it by post, the receipt of which  may be acknowledged through an SMS to the following number:

K.K.N.Kutty - “98110 48303”

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
Secretary General.

28th February 2012 Strike- Compaign programme.

Tour Programme of CHQ Office bearers.

S. No.  Place                `Date                Visiting Comrades  from Confederation CHQ.
1.    Trivandrum-    14.2.2012        KKN Kutty,M. Krishnan,
2.    Chennai-          15.2.2012      KKN Kutty,K.V.Sridharan, M.Duraipandian, K.V.Jayaraj
3.    Bangalore-       16.2.2012      KKN Kutty, R.Seethalakshmi, S.Mahadeviah,
4.    Hyderabad-      17.2.2012      M.S Raja,Narasimhan, P.Suresh, S.Raghupathy, S. K.   Humayun
5.    Bubaneswar-    15.2.2012      M.S. Raja, Giriraj Singh,N.Somayya,
6.    Patna                14.2.2012      K.Raghavendran, Pijush Roy,D.B. Mohanty.
7.    Kolkata-           16.2.2012      S.K.Vyas, K. Raghavendran,Pijush Roy
8.    Ranchi-             15.2.2012     K. Raghavendran, Pijush Roy,
9.    Guwahati-        15.2.2012      Virgu Bhattacharya,Pranab Battacharya,
10  Lucknow-        13.2.2012        KP Rajagopal, R.N. Parashar
11  Kanpur-           14.2.2012        KP Rajagopal, R.N. Parashar
12  Allahabad        13.2.2012        MS Raja,  Giriraj Singh,
13  Bhopal-            09.2.2012       MS Raja, KP Rajagopal, I.S.Dabas,
14  Jaipur-             10.2.2012        S.K Vyas, Giriraj Singh, R.N. Parashar
15  Chandigarh-     16.2.2012       KP Rajagopal, R.N.Parashar.
16  Simla-              21.2.2012       MS Raja, R.N. Parashar
17  Mumbai-          14.2.2012       SK Vyas, AB Salunkhe,Dabas,D.K.Rahate,B.K.Chalke,
18  Nagpur -           08.2.2012       Vrigu Bhattacharya,D.K. Rahate, Nageswara Rao.
19  Delhi-              02.2.2012        S K Vyas, Vrigu Bhattacharya, Ashok Kanojia, Parasar, Giriraj
                                                Singh,I.S. Dabas.
20 Dehradun         07.2.2012        S.K. Vyas,Vikram Shah, Giriraj Singh.

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