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Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Historic Puri Workshop
Second All India Trade Union Camp

The Second Trade Union Camp organised at the All India level by the CHQ P3 at Puri [Orissa] from 4th to 5th February, 2012 was a resounding success. 176 Delegates from all Circles except J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal participated in the two days camp. The Camp was presided over by our CHQ President Comrade M. Krishnan. On 05.02.2012, Com. N. Gopalakrishnan, Working President was in the Chair. Comrade K.Ragavendran former Secretary General NFPE inaugurated the TU Camp in which he combined the inaugural address with that of the topic he was given for his speech in the Camp. The Reception Committee under the leadership of Comrade Rajesh Divisional Secretary Puri division and under the able supervision of CHQ Vice President and Circle Secretary Orissa Circle Comrade R.C.Mishra made very excellent arrangements for the TU Camp in a fine location attracting the whole hearted appreciation of all participants.

The Director of Postal Services Sambalpur Region Shri. L. Pradhan visited the TU Camp and addressed the participants appreciating the business like agenda of the TU Camp covering various vital subjects and shared his thoughts for the advancement of the Department and the workers.
The following were the topics on which classes were taken as well as the interactive sessions and Group Discussions to bring out the best among the participants:

1.       Disciplinary Proceedings: Shri. M.C. Nair Retired Senior Superintendent of Post Offices took the class on disciplinary proceedings and the task of the trade unions in a very elaborate manner. There were numerous questions on the subject that were answered by him in the interactive session also. All Delegates felt gathered deep knowledge on the CCS Conduct Rules and CCS CCA Rules after the class.
2.       Contributory Negligence and the role of TU: Comrade M.R.Meenakshisundaram Retired Supervisor SBCO as well as a senior comrade of NFPE movement of Tamilnadu Circle took a class on contributory negligence and the role of trade unions in simple English that was understood well by all participants. He answered all questions raised by the Delegates during the interactive sessions to impart deeper knowledge on the subject.
3.       RTI Act and the role of TUs: Comrade B.G.Tamhankar Ex-President NFPE took a class on RTI Act 2005 and the ways that Act should be used effectively by the Trade Unions in furtherance of the cause of employees. The class was very educative and all were felt much benefited by the presentation. He answered the questions raised by the participants during the interactive sessions also.
4.       Leadership qualities and role of P3 in building a joint movement: Comrade K.Ragavendran Ex-SG NFPE combined this topic in his inaugural address. He elaborately linked the role of P3 in  building a united movement at the level of Postal, Confederation as well as entirety of working class against liberalisation including 28th February, 2012 strike with that of acquiring the leadership qualities necessary for such a task.
5.       History of P&T Trade Union Movement: Comrade Krishnan CHQ President and Secretary General NFPE took a detailed class on the P&T Trade Union movement,, tracing all the developments of the vivid history of our movement, educating all participants on the need to understand our tradition and to build a stronger movement to register victory in our onward march.
6.       Question-Answer Papers: Comrade K.V.Sridharan General Secretary not only initiated discussion on different departmental and staff rulings but had circulated question papers on different topics. The topics on which question  papers circulated to participants were on Departmental Rulings; Disciplinary Proceedings; Mistakes done by Administration and steps to be taken  by the branch union to counter them etc. The participants were divided into 12 Groups and all these questions as well as the topics taken by faculty were discussed in each Group. The leaders of these Groups came forward to answer the questions allotted to them in the Camp that encouraged all participants because that made the TU Camp really interactive and participative. This novel method introduced by the CHQ this time was welcomed by one and all and all felt that such sessions should be frequently organised.
7.       Certificates were issued by the CHQ signed by the CHQ President and General Secretary to all participants and that was distributed by leaders Comrades M.Krishnan SG NFPE; B.G.Tamhankar Ex-President NFPE; and K.Ragavendran Ex-SG NFPE.
The CHQ circulated a feedback form to all participants. Almost all feedback forms returned by the participants praised the role of the Reception Committee for excellently organising the TU Camp. All have appreciated the holding of such TU Camps by the CHQ and desired that periodically such Camps to be organised at All India as well as Circle levels. Many valuable suggestions were also given by them for consideration in future classes, which will be considered by the CHQ to make such TU Camps more useful for all comrades.

We had a pleasant movement in educating the leadership and of course it is an another milestone in our P3 movement.

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