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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrades,

This is the first from my desk after assuming charge to officiate as General Secretary from the Stalwart Com K. V. Sridharan on his superannuation from Departmental Service. Of course! I will bestow my complete attention with commitment to carry forward the tasks and responsibilities and also to stick to the bench mark set by him to the best of my ability. As usual I seek all your cooperations.

CWC Meeting at Vellore
The CWC Meeting was held at Vellore from 23.06.2012 to 24.06.2012 under the Presidentship of Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President.The national flag was hoisted by Com B. G. Tamhankar, Ex-president and the NFPE flag was hoisted by Com M. Krishnan, CHQ President. The subject committee was formally inaugurated by Com. B. G. Tamhankar, Ex-President. Followed by the inauguration, the guest and invitees greeted the CWC. The prominent speakers were Com. K. Ragavendran, Ex-Working President & SG NFPE, Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, Admn. Com. P. Suresh, General Secretary R4, Com. P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary, GDS NFPE, Com. Appanraj, General Secretary, SBCO, Com. Gopu Govindarajan OGS P4, Com. M. B. Sugumar AGS R3, Com. C. Chandrasekar, Working President NFPE, and Com. S. Ragupathy, ASG, NFPE.

Com. J. Ramamoorthy, Circle Secretary Tamilnadu and Com. S. Veeran, Divisional Secretary, Vellore and his team made elaborate arrangements for the successful conduct of the CWC. All the CWC members were honoured and presented with shawl and memento by the receiption committee.

The General Secretary submitted a work report containing much information which became the basic document for discussion in the CWC on all the agenda placed in the meeting. The CWC deliberated the issues andthe following are the main decisions resolved in the CWC.

(i)     The CWC hailed the programme of action and the outcome of the discussions with the department on charter of demands.
(ii)   The CWC resolved to organize more comrades for the proposed march to Parliament on 26.7.2012 and organize circle level conventions and meetings to popularize the demands of the Confederation. All Circle/Divisional Secretaries should endeavor all efforts to organize more comrades for the march to parliament scheduled to be conducted on 26.07.2012.

(iii) Similarly, all the Circle/Divisional Secretaries shall organize solidarity support to GDS union by participation the Dharna programme organized in front of parliament on 27.07.2012.

(iv)  The CWC hailed the decision of NFPE for granting Associate membership to AIPEU GDS (NFPE) union and appeals all the Divisional/Branch Secretaries to extend all support to form branches at all levels to the newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE) union.
(v)    The CWC further decides to hold the next All India Conference in Kerala Circle in the month of March 2012.

(vi)  The CWC after  discussing the organizational dispute of Delhi circle has set aside both the list office bearers and formed an adhoc body with four members through the convenor of Com J. C. Mehra with the direction to hold fresh election of office bearers within three months based on the membership as on available on 31.7.2012.

(vii)The CWC while recording its appreciations of the yeomen service rendered by Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary during the last six years, decided to utilize his service further till next All India Conference.

The policy & programme resolution adopted in the CWC is appended along with this Desk.

Our tasks & responsibilities
The reason for extending patronage to the newly formed GDS union under the banner of NFPE was well explained by all the leaders. This became inevitable due to the adamant and indifferent and egoistic attitude of some leadership as well as anti NFPE stand propagated by them.

Since the AIPEU GDS NFPE has accorded the Associate membership under NFPE, we have no other option except to extend all helps to this union as per the decision of the CWC as well as the provisions of the constitution of our union.

All the Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to extend all assistances to form the new GDS union under NFPE either by converting the existing leadership at local level or in case of non agreeing by the existing GDs leadership, find out other second line leadership who are willing to work and coordinate with our unions and form the union. P3 has to render all assistance and this is our prime duty and responsibility.

I fervently appeal all of you once again to extend all your best to the AIPEU – GDS NFPE union.

Thanks to the receiption committee
The CHQ records its heartiest thanks to the receiption committee and the circle union, Tamilnadu for the excellent arrangements for the comfortable stay, good air conditioned hall and delicious and variety foods served throughout the two days besides their best hospitality. We record our appreciations to all those worked very hard to make the CWC an historic success.

Felicitation to Com Kayveeyes
Delhi Circle has organized a felicitation meeting to Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary on 27.07.2012 evening. When you are attending March to Parliament why not to remain and grace this function also. Please think it over.Nothing more at this juncture except seeking your cooperation to carry forward the tasks of my predecessor to the best of my ability.

Let us meet shortly through my next.

With fraternal greetings,

Comradely yours,

(R. Sivannarayana)
Offg. General Secretary

Dated – 30.06.2012

Resolution on Policy and Programme adopted in the CWC meeting held at Vellore (Tamilnadu) from 23.06.2012 to 24.06.2012

The Central Working Committee notes with pride that our membership have responded better than the past in joining the nationwide strike of Indian Working Class on 28th February, 2012 against the liberalization policies of the Government that attack the interests of the entire working people in general and the CG Employees in particular. The CWC notes with happiness that for the first time in the history of our country, all the Central Trade Unions including that of the INTUC and BMS have come together on a single platform with the Left Trade Union Centres and Confederation and Federations and independent Unions of Public Sector, Central Government, State Government and Teachers Organisations to resist the attacks of the liberalisation guided policies of the Government. The CWC also notes with satisfaction that the united platform of all Central Trade Union Centres and other Organisations is the befitting answer to the forces of globalisation which are on the attacking spree against the working people. The CWC is happier to note that the Central Trade Unions have decided to carry forward their new found unity in future for strengthening the anti-liberalisation struggle and to defend the working class against the designs of the Government. The united platform of all Central Trade Unions have come to the conclusion to launch more serious struggles and strikes in future and in this background this CWC unanimously resolves to play our role in strengthening of such struggles in accordance with the decisions of Confederation and NFPE that is guided by the historic resolution of Dharwar Federal Council. The CWC also calls upon the entirety of our organisational leadership to self critically analyse our failures in organising the strike on 28th February as well analyse the existing organisational weaknesses, to overcome all those hurdles for more effective and successful strikes in the future.

The Central Working Committee considers the call of the Confederation of CG Employees & Workers for a massive March to Parliament on 26th July, 2012 to focus attention on a 14 Point Common Charter of Demands of CG Employees including constitution of 7th CPC to revision of our wages once in five  years on par with Public Sector and Merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay etc and to organise a nationwide Central Government Employees one-day strike during November – December, 2012 and unanimously resolves to welcome the struggle decision of Confederation. The CWC resolves that unless the Confederation’s independent Programme of Action is successfully launched, conditions for a larger platform of unity to struggle under the banner of the Steering Committee of JCM National Council Organisations would not come about quickly for formation of 7th Pay Commission etc. The CWC acknowledges the approach of the Confederation that unless we succeed in getting the next Pay Commission constituted immediately to revise our wage structure; the plethora of anomalies caused by the implementation of 6th CPC and through the MACP Scheme could not be sorted out. The 6th CPC has inflicted more injustices on us by distorting the formula of Dr.Aykroid on need based minimum wages and recommending a depressed wages in the guise of NBM Wages as well as computing a Pay Band Structure to deny attractive rise in wages of different cadres on promotion and to keep them suppressed with a retrograde Grade Pay system. Taking into account that it has been the Confederation since its inception in 1956 that initiates first action programme on common issues to be followed by the entirety of CG Employees trade unions, this CWC lauds the timely decisions of the National Council and the national executive of Confederation for embarking upon the Programme of Action including one-day Strike. This CWC therefore unanimously resolves to call upon the entire leadership of P3 Organisation at all levels to fully involve ourselves in converting the Programme of Action a tremendous success and enhance the pride of the NFPE to establish its credentials as the vanguard of the Confederation.

The CWC notes that along with the ‘March to Parliament’ by Confederation, the NFPE has convened on ‘All India Convention’ in New Delhi on the A/N of 26th July, 2012 and the AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) in organizing a ‘Dharna before Parliament’ on 27.07.2012, exclusively on ‘GDS Charter of Demands. This CWC resolves to mobilize our members in a massive way to all these programmes in a befitting manner. This CWC feels it has a bounden duty towards the cause of 3 lakhs of GDS and thousands of casual, part-time, contingent employees. In this background this CWC resolves to turn every stone is achieving the basic issues of down-trodden sections by departmentalizing them and to reach that end a stronger band between the regular employees and GDS is a must. Therefore this CWC having regard to all developments taken place, resolves to strengthen the newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE) and extend total help, assistance and guidance of P3 organisation in forming branches, division and circle unions of AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) to which the NFPE has granted Associate Membership through its Secretariat decision.

The CWC notes with happiness that we have played our due role in the Postal JCA struggles as per our decisions of NFPE in the recent past and registered impressive gains from the Postal Board. The CWC notes that the serious attacks on the agenda of the Department like abolition of thousands of Post Offices and liquidate RMS etc were halted by the efforts of the NFPE and Postal JCA. However it is the constant vigil and a state of combat readiness of the entire Postal Employees only can insulate us against the dangers emanating from the policies of the Government. The CWC also notes with concern that all the assurances of the Postal Board and the MOSC have not been translated into reality and we had to resort to struggle again and again to ensure progress. Even the issues of GDS and the Casual labourers are not being resolved as assured by the Administration. The CWC therefore resolves to be in a state of readiness for any action decided upon by the NFPE or Postal JCA at the appropriate time and play our due role in consolidating the unity of Postal Employees in future also.

The CWC considers the question of organisational functioning of our CHQ and notes with pride that the character of the whole CHQ has undergone tremendous improvement since the contributions of the outgoing General Secretary Comrade KVS, whose team has performed a series of activities in organising the all India Trade Union Camps, releasing various Books and yearly Hand Books, improving the form and content of Bhartiya Post, maintaining a quality website for the CHQ, intensive and extensive all India organisational tour by the Office bearers in general and the General Secretary in particular as well as streamlining the head quarter functioning etc. The CWC notes that the close cooperation between the Federation and our Union in addressing the issues has heightened the prestige of our Organisation amongst the entirety of Postal Workers. The CWC records its best appreciations to the contribution of outgoing General Secretary and resolves to carry forward this trend for further strengthening of our organisation.


The Central Working Committee of All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘C’ (CHQ) held at Vellore (Tamilnadu) unanimously appreciates the sincere and excellent services rendered by Com. K. V. Sridharan as General Secretary of AIPEU Group ‘C’ (CHQ) during his Six years tenure and like to place on record our whole hearted congratulations to him and also thank him for his unparalled and valuable service, which definitely resulted in taking the organization to newer heights and also in settling many of the long pending demands of the Postal employees, especially Postal Group ‘C’ staff.

Com. K. V. Sridharan’s contributions in enhancing the prestige and image of AIPEU Group ‘C’ and thereby NFPE, will be remembered forever. In order to strengthen the organization and also to enhance the organizing capacity of the rank and file leaders the P3 CHQ under the leadership of Com. K.V.S has published many books on rulings such as Venture, Hand Book, GDS Crusader and GDS Refresher etc. and also is maintaining constant communication with the general membership through website and also the Bhartiya Post monthly journal. The Trade Union classes conducted by P3 CHQ has also contributed to a great extent in improving the quality of the organization.

Com. K. V. Sridharan is a vibrant, hardworking and fully committed leader and is always working for the upliftment and welfare of the Postal employees, especially most down-trodden three lakhs Gramin Dak Sewaks. He has also extended his helping hand to all affiliated unions of NFPE as the Leader of the JCM (DC) Staff side. He is also the All India Vice-President of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and is on the forefront in implementing all the programmes of the Confederation. He has done his best in making the General Strikes conducted as per the call of Central Trade Unions and other Federations including NFPE against the anti-people and anti-worker policies of the Govt. a ground success in the Postal Sector.

This Central Working Committee of while saluting Com. K. V. S. for his dedicated services to the CHQ of AIPEU Group ‘C’ hereby resolved to utilize the valuable and experienced services of Com. K. V. Sridharan in the AIPEU Group ‘C’ (CHQ) till the next All India Conference to be held in 2013. This CWC further resolves to pay reasonable monthly compensation/honorarium to Com. K. V. Sridharan for his services to be rendered after his superannuation to the CHQ which will be equal to the pay and allowances eligible to him after deducting the pension and dearness relief drawn by him. He will be paid eligible head quarters allowance and all other facilities available to the General Secretary at present.

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