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Monday, April 14, 2014


All Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to remit the due CHQ Quota to CHQ alongwith Bhartiya Post, publications dues before 30.04.2014 end of the grace period of 2013-14 financial year WITHOUT FAIL.

2. To book tickets to & fro for the P3 Work Shop on Memorandum to be submitted to 7th CPC, scheduled to be held at Delhi from 26.05.2014 to 27.05.2014.

3. To fill all the columns and send the Proforma I & II to CHQ before 30.04.2014.

(M. Krishnan)
General Secretary

all india postal employees union group-c
............................................ Branch / division / circle branch
proforma - I
(To be submitted to CHQ by Emial or Speed Post on or before 30-04-2014)
1.      Name of the Division/Branch                                    :
2.      Name of the Circle                                                         :
3.      Name of Divisional/Branch Secretary                    :
4.      Name of Circle Secretary                                             :
5.      Present full Postal Address with                              :
          Pincode. (Please give correct full
6.      Mobile Number                                                               :
7.      Email ID                                                                               :
8.      Pending problems to be settled at
          All India level by CHQ
          (Please attach seperate paper.  Please
          given full details of each case
          separately and briefly).
9.      Pending problems to be settled at                          :
          Circle level by Circle Unions:
          (Please attachseperate paper. 
          Please given full details of each case
          separately and briefly).
10.    Whether Monthly meetings with                             :
          Divisional head is being held regularly.
          Reason for non-holding, if any.
11.    Whether Circle level RJCM                                         :
          Four monthly and Bi-monthly
          meetings are being held regularly.
          Reason for non-holding, if any.

Place:                                                                                             Signature:
Date :                                                                                              Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretary:
Submitted to: 1) Com. M. Krishnan, General Secretary, AIPEU Group-C (CHQ)
  Dada  Ghosh Bhawan, 2151/1, New Patel Road, Opp. Shadipur Bus Depot,         
  New Delhi - 110008.
                                  Email ID of CHQ: aipeugrc@gmail.com.
                                  Email ID of GS :  mkrishnan6854@gmail.com

all india postal employees union group-c
..................... Branch / Division/Circle Branch

Proforma - II
(To be submitted to CHQ by Email or Speed Post on before 30-04-2014)

1.     Name of the Division/Branch       :
2      Name of the Circle                      :
3.     Number of Delegates attending
        the Convention and workshop
        from  Division/Branch (Visitors
        not compulsory.  Only limited
        visitors are allowed)
4.     Delegates arriving at New Delhi
        on (Date)                                    :
5.     Departure from New Delhi on
        (Date)                                         :
6.     Whether staying at the
        accomodation arranged by          :
        CHQ ( Hall with floor beddings)                              
        or arranging own  accomodation
        seperately at your  cost
7.     Mobile Number of Divisional /     :
        Branch Secretary.
8.     Email ID of Divisional/Branch Secretary          :

                                                            Signature   :
                                                            Name        :

                                                            Division     :         

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