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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Dear Comrades,

Please refer to Confederation Circular No. 22 dated 18.02.2015. In 2nd Page under the heading – National JCA struggle programme”, please add the following sub para (c) and read as follows:

(a)   State level joint conventions, wherever, it is not yet held, should be completed without any further delay.
(b)   On 2nd March 2015 Dharnas and Demonstrations should be held in front of all District Collector offices and hand over memorandum to the collector. (draft memorandum will be exhibited in website) District level Action Committees may also be formed to spear head the agitational programmes.
(c)  Massive rallies should be held between 23.03.2015 to 11.04.2015 at every state capital of India and memorandum will be submitted to Governer of every state.

3. In the Parliament March on 28.04.2015 each organisation should ensure maximum participation of their members.

4. Press conferences may be held at all levels and Posters, leaflets printed and circulated widely.

Fraternally yours,

(M. Krishnan)

Secretary General

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