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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Seventh Pay Commission to submit report on November 19 (Today 19.30 Hrs.)

“Once every ten years, the salaries and perks of Central Government employees are completely revised. The previous revision was implemented on 01.01.2006. The new set of salaries and benefits will come into effect from 01.01.2016 onwards.”

The 7th Pay Commission, under the chairmanship of Justice A.K.Mathur, will submit its 900-page report to the centre tomorrow at 19.30 Hrs.

A review of the 7th Central Pay Commission :-

25.09.2013 – P. Chidambaram, the then Minister of Finance, made headlines when he announced the proposal to constitute the 7th Pay Commission.

04.02.2014 – The then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh gave approval for constituting the 7th Pay Commission. Under the chairmanship of Justice A.K.Mathur, a four-member Pay Commission committee was formed (1. Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur, Chairman; 2. Vivek Rae, Member; 3. Dr. Rathin Roy, Member; and 4. Mrs. Meena Agarwal, Secretary).

28.02.2014 – The Terms of Reference were issued to the Pay Commission, with the approval of the cabinet.

The Pay Commission was given 18 months time to complete its work. This time around, the commission managed to effectively complete its task, almost on time.

The Pay Commission visited various places in the country to personally inspect the work conditions and gather feedback from the workers associations and representatives.

Opinions were invited from all, and not just the NC JCM Staff Side, Confederations and major employees unions and associations.

The Pay Commission hosted its own website where it regularly updated its progress.

In a section called “Questionnaire,” the commission asked questions to the visitors and gathered online feedback from them.

24.06.2014 – the NC JCM Staff Side presented a Memorandum to the Pay Commission, containing the suggestions and proposed pay structure of nearly 45 lakh employees and also such demands for 50 lakh pensioners.

25.06.2015 – The Pay Commission made an important announcement on its website. It said that task on the report will end very soon and it will be submitted to the government on time.

The report, which was supposed to be submitted in August, was delayed when the Pay Commission, on 27.08.2015, asked for an extension of four months to complete its report.

The OROP protests and Bihar polls are believed to be the reasons for submitting the report much ahead of December. Initially, the Pay Commission was expected to submit its report on November 20 or 23. But, PTI announced yesterday that the report will be submitted on November 19.

And Today the official website of 7th CPC also published the date and time of submission of its report to the Central Government.

Experts and various sources expect 15 to 20 percent hike in the salaries. But, none has explained the basis on which the numbers were arrived at.

The employees are not just curious about the salary hikes. They are interested in other aspects, including Promotions, Retirement Age, DA merger, Increment, Grade Pay, HRA, Bonus, LTC, and the removal of certain pay anomalies of the 6th Pay Commission are some of the expectations.

By evening tomorrow, we will have most of the answers. Let’s all wait!

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