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Friday, August 24, 2018

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              No.PF-66/IPPB/2018                                                                          Date: 24th Aug 2018
                 Shri A.N. Nanda,
                 Department of Posts,
                 Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001

Sub:   Inaugural Function in connection with launching of IPPB in Kerala-Reg.


            Your kind attention is invited towards this Federation letter number of even dated 16th August, 2018 under which it was requested to postpone the programme of launching of IPPB in Kerala Circle, keeping in view very adverse circumstances arisen out of heavy flood and disastrous natural calamities.

            The entire people of Kerala are suffering from the flood havoc and lacs of lacs people are residing in rescue Camps.

            The entire state government and other machineries are involved in rescue works. Most of the Government programmes and Festival Functions have been postponed.

            The inaugural function to launch IPPB on 1st September-2018 is not being liked by the public and Postal Staff of Kerala Circle.

            Our Circle Unions have also submitted their request to CPMG Kerala to postpone the inaugural function of launching the IPPB.

            It is therefore, requested to kindly postpone the programme in Kerala Circle on 1st September-2018, keeping in view the present difficult situation of Kerala.

            Hopping for a positive action.

            With regards
                                                                                                              Yours Sincerely,

 (R N Parashar)
            Secretary General

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