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Tuesday, August 13, 2019



1. Joint accounts and SB Pension accounts cannot be linked to IPPB account.

2. Menu for re-issuance of QR card in finacle is CNFTM..This menu will work only if IE version is 11.

3. CTM is the menu used for deposit, withdrawal, Sweep in, Sweep out, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS and UPI transactions.

4. CLDPOSB is the menu used for linking/delinking of IPPB account.

5. If IPPB account is not linked with POSB, at any point system will not validate amount exceeding Rs.1 lakh. Any payment made to that account through any mode will be summarily rejected..In case the account breaches the 1 lakh limit by way of interest addition, the amount exceeding 1 lakh will be moved to a sundry account and cheque will be issued for that amount.No such restriction is applicable to POSB linked accounts..

6. At present aadhar seeding is possible at the time of opening of accts only..Subsequent seeding has been disabled across all channels..However a new menu will be deployed soon.

7. Rs.25 + G.S.T is applicable for any cash transaction(cash deposit/withdrawal) performed by a delivery staff outside 300m radius of access point to which he is mapped. Rs.15+G.S.T is applicable as door step charges for non cash transactions(Bill payments, Fund transfer etc)

8. For RTGS payment minimum amount required is 2 lakh. In personal Mob APP RTGS option in fund transfer will be enabled only if the amount involved is 2 lakh or above.

9. Four DBT Mandate options are available while opening IPPB accounts..Please be very clear with these options as incorrect selection can even lead to DBT not being received in any bank accounts..

10. Cheque book facility is available to Current account holders only. While savings account is a zero balance account, a current acct holder needs to keep an average monthly balance of Rs.1000. Please note it is average monthly balance..Otherwise Rs.100/- will be levied on quarterly basis..Current account in individual name only is available at present. Proprietorship accounts have not yet become functional.

11. While UPI is not available in mob APP at present, IPPB offers the same through assisted mode. ie through Post office counter and delivery staff..You transfer fund using the VPA I'd of your bank account through these assisted mode..However IPPB is planning is roll out UPI in Mobile banking also..At present the acct cannot be added to Gpay, Phone pay etc..

12. A current account holder can download two Mob APPs. One the normal IPPB Mob App for his personal uses and the other is the merchant App for his business purposes. Merchant App can be activated using the registered mobile number only after receiving a confirmation message with in 48 hours of opening of account.

13. As per the DOP-IPPB inter-operability SOP released by PBI division of Directorate, premium payment of PLI-RPLI policies is offered in IPPB account. But it has not yet become functional..

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