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Wednesday, February 17, 2021



 No.PF-1(e) 2021                                                                          Date: 17th February-2021


To,            All General Secretaries / NFPE Office bearers

All Circle / Divisional and Branch Secretaries of NFPE Affiliated Unions


             NFPE Federal Executive meeting was held at Bangalore on 13.02.2021. The meeting begins after paying homage to the departed leaders com. M.S.Raja, R. Seethalakshmi, S.S.Roy, R. Sivanarayana, T. Narasimhan,N R Malviya  and Ex President of India Sri. Pranab Mukherjee, and other eminent personalities who lost their life during this period.

 Com. P. V. Rajendran President NFPE presided over the meeting. Com. R.N.Parashar presented the report. All General Secretaries except Com. Venkata Subbu G/S Admin Union (Represented by com. S. Bhaskaran ) and all office bearers attended the meeting. Com. C.C.Pillai Ex S/G and Com. Girirajsingh Ex President were also present. All the items of agenda proposed were discussed in detail and following resolutions adopted unanimously and decided to organize phased programme of action for settling the issues.


1. Withdraw the orders freezing the DA and DR of CG employees and pensioners and impounding of arrears till 30.06.2021.

2. Scrap the New Pension Scheme and Restore OPS. Grant compensation for non deposit or delayed deposit of contribution under NPS.

3. Settle all Covid related issues. Grant special CL for the Covid treatment/quarantine to the departmental as well as GDS employees. Include Postal employees in priority list for Covid vaccination.  Regularise the absence due to lockdown as work at home as per the directions DOPT. Grant compensation of Rs.10 lakhs to the family of the deceased due to covid-19.

4. Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres including HSG11&HSG1 by relaxing the recruitment rules.

5. Settle the net work connectivity issues in POs, RMS and other deptl offices.

6.Settle the issue of denial of increment after 180 days to those officials who opted the fixation on promotion/financial upgradation etc. 180 days may be treated as 6 months as done in other cases.

7. Implement all left out recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra committee report like financial upgradation, insurance coverage etc. to GDS employees.

8.Implement cadre restructuring in all left out categories without further delay.

9. Stop harassment of officials in the name of unscientific business targets and compelling the officials to work on Sundays and holidays for melas etc.

10. Withdraw the Rule 365 of Postal manual volume 1V regarding yearly examination in sorting for granting annual increment for SAs in RMS.

11. Withdraw the Dte orders regarding denying federations from taking up the issues of GDS employees.

12. Resume all transit sections of RMS whenever the trains starts operation. Allow minimum 50 seats in all sections to get 2 doors for mail exchange.

13. Stop opening of unscientific CSC in POs, especially in single handed POs. Stop outsourced postal agent system. Discuss with staff before implementation of all new proposals and schemes.

14. Stop merger/closure of L2 mail offices. Strengthen L2 offices by introducing parcel and speed processing in L2 offices. Fix norms for the work in CRC, PH, SPEEDHUB  etc.

15. Conduct membership verification by check off system for deptl employees. Verification of GDS unions also be carried out without any delay.

16. Conduct physical periodical meetings with staff unions in time at all level.

17. Stop decentralization of Postal ACs. Repatriate all officials who have been transferred to PAO Vijayawada against their option.

18. Stop harassment in the name of contributory negligence in SBCO. SBCO may be brought under the control GM PA&F with change in nomenclature.

19. Absorb PTCL/FTCL against GDS/MTS vacancies . Issue directions for implementation of Dte orders for payment of wages with arrears.

20.       Maintain separate identity of all Cadres i.e. PA CO and PA SBCO etc.

Following programme of actions decided by federal executive for settlement of the demands:

1.    First phase= Massive Dharna in all divisions during April 2021. Vigorous campaign should be organized by the division unions to educate the members about our demands and the attitude of Dept due to the anti-worker policies of the NDA Govt. Before the first phase of action, organize general body meetings, conventions, printing leaflets and campaign through social media.

2.    Second phase= Day long dharna in front of all circle offices  during May 2021. All circle office bearers and division secretaries of affiliates must participate in the dharna.

3.    Third phase= Dharna at Dak Bhavan during May 2021. Circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers of all affiliated unions must participate in the dharna.


 All India convention for declaring further course of action including strike will be held at New Delhi during June 2021.

  Dates of the above programmes, revised charter of demands after in- corporating the resolutions adopted in the federal executive meeting and quota for participation in the All India convention  from circles and affiliated unions will be fixed and intimated soon.

Other important decisions of federal executive meeting are given below:


 Hectic campaign should be organizedfor increasing the membership in all divisions in the forth coming membership verification. Fix a target for the increase of membership and work hard for attaining the target. Ensure maximum membership for AIPEU GDS with the help of P3, P4, R3 and R4 unions and to ensure  AIPEU GDS as the number one in membership.


 3. Decided to go ahead with the appeal filed in the High Court against the exparte judgement of CAT regarding the regularization of GDS employees.

 4. Thorough discussion and review was held regarding the 26th November strike. Even though there was no physical campaign and last minute withdrawal of FNPO, strike was success in majority of the circles. Federal Executive conveys red salute to all comrades who participated in the strike and worked for the success of strike. It was also decided to rectify the weakness happened in some parts by the concerned unions and to build up and strengthen the unity for future struggles.


 Federal Executive meeting decided to organize study Camp/Work Shop to educate and built up new layer of leadership during the month of August 2021 in two zones. South zone camp will be held at Kerala and North Zone will be held at Delhi Circle and division secretaries of all affiliates should participate in the camp. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Odisha and Maharashtra circle will attend South Zone Camp and all the remaining circles will attend north zone camp. More details of the study camp will be informed later.

With revolutionary Greetings

        Yours Comradely,

                                                                                             (R.N. Parashar)  

                                                                                            Secretary General

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