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Friday, March 12, 2021


Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Group ‘C’ was held at Ambala on 08th & 09th March 2021.

CWC commenced with Flag hoisting. National Flag was hoisted by Com. Giriraj Singh Ex-President NFPE & Ex-General Secretary, R-III. NFPE Flag was hoisted by Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE and P3 flag was hoisted by Com. N. Subramanian, President AIPEU Group ‘C’.

After that floral tributes were paid to martyrs and comrades who left us during this period. Particularly respectful homage was paid to Com. M. Krishnan, Ex-Secretary General, NFPE & Confederation and Ex-General Secretary, AIPEU Group ‘C’, who expired on 01st March 2021 due to COVID-19 at Trivananthapuram. His portrait was garlanded and all comrades present there paid floral tributes and chanted slogans “Long live – Com. M. Krishnan, Com. Krishnan, Amar Rahe”.

After that two minutes silence was observed in respect of all those comrades, postal/GDS employees, trade union leaders, political & social leaders and common man who lost their lives during this period due to COVID-19 and in various natural calamities.

Meeting was presided over by Com. N. Subramanian, President.

Inaugural Session commenced with the speech of Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE who inaugurated the meeting. The inaugural session was also addressed by Com. J. Ramamurthy, Ex-President AIPEU Group ‘C’.

After that Delegate session started. In beginning Com. President declared the house duly composed as the quorum as per constitution was complete. Six Circle Secretaries out of 22 i.e. Bihar, Odisha, Kerala, North East, Gujarat & Maharashtra and three CHQ office bearers out of 15 did not attend the CWC.

Com. President presented agenda before house and it was approved by the house.

Com. R. N. Parashar, General Secretary presented report on activities conducted by union during this period.

After that discussion on agenda items started. All Circle Secretaries, CHQ office bearers and Women Committee Members expressed their views in detail on all agenda items.

As the beginning day of CWC was 8th March i.e. International Women’s Day, therefore discussion was started by Women comrades and they also thrown light on the significance of International Women’s Day and the issues related to women community. The CWC extended greetings to all Women on the eve of International Women’s Day.

After detailed discussion on agenda items, Com. President asked General Secretary to sum up the agenda.

General Secretary clarified all the points, queries and questions raised by CWC members.

As per agenda item No.8, the post of treasurer fallen vacant consequent upon retirement of Com. Balwinder Singh was taken. Com. General Secretary proposed the name of Com. Naresh Gupta, Asstt. Treasurer and Circle Secretary, Haryana for the post of Treasurer which was seconded by Com. A. Veeramani, A.G.S & Circle Secretary Tamilnadu. The proposal was approved by the house unanimously. After that the post of Asstt. Treasurer fallen vacant consequently.

Com. Gauri Shankar Deputized Circle Delhi proposed the name of Com. Parminder Pal Singh for the post of treasurer which was seconded by Com. Vinay Joshi Circle Secretary, Rajasthan and approved by the house unanimously.

C.W.C. passed 57 resolutions related to Postal Group ‘C’ sectional issues which are annexed herewith.

The CWC endorsed the call of agitation programmes as announced by the NFPE which are mentioned below for the settlement of 20 points Charter of demands.

(i)         First Phase:

Massive Dharna in all Divisions on 23 April 2021 (Except West Bengal as election Code of Conduct is in effect there, NFPE Co-ordination Committee of West Bengal can decide to hold it in the first week of May-2021 after declaration of result)

Vigorous campaign should be organized by the Divisional unions to educate the members about the demands and attitude of the Department due to anti worker policies of NDA Government. Organize General Body Meetings, Convention, printing of leaflets and campaign through social media

(ii)        Second Phase:

            Day long Dharna in front of all Circle Offices on 27 May 2021. All Circle union office bearers and Divisional Secretaries must participate in Dharna:

(iii)       Third Phase:   

Dharna at Dak Bhawan –New Delhi on 25 June 2021. All NFPE Office Bearers, General Secretaries, All C HQ Office Bearers of all unions and all Circle Secretaries must participate in Dharna.

After these programmes, all India Conventions will be held at New Delhi in the month of July or August in which Strike, Definite or Indefinite will be decided:

The CWC formed the adhoc-Committee as mentioned below for J & K Circle as the Circle union is running defunct since long.

Adhoc-Committee for J & K Circle

Convenor -     Com. Gh. Jeelani Malik, Divisional Secretary, Sri Nagar and Sub Postmaster, Sanath Nagar PO, Sri Nagar (J & K).


Member -       (1) Com. Tajinderjeet Singh, Divisional Secretary, Jammu and SPM, Industrial Estate, Digiana – 180003.

                        (2) Com. Puran Singh, Divisional Secretary, Udhampur & SPM, Chennai SO, Udhampur.

                        (3) Com. Irfan Rashid Khan, OA, DO, Sri Nagar.


All CWC Member gave appreciation and thanks to receptions committee headed by Com. Naresh Gupta for making very good arrangement for lodging boarding and meeting.

The CWC meeting was concluded after presidential speech of Com. N. Subramanian, President.

The vote of thanks was given by Com. Janardan Majumdar, Dy. General Secretary.

Comradely yours,

(R. N. Parashar)

General Secretary






1.      Shortage of Staff & Review of assessment of vacancies in P.A. cadre in all the Divisions.

2.      Grant of higher pay at entry level to Postal Assistant to the Pay level of 6 as per 7th CPC (Rs.4200 GP)

3.      Immediate settlement of residual problems arisen due to implementation of cadre review.

4.      Posting of additional hand to all the single handed offices.

5.      Issues related to Group ‘B’ Recruitment Rules.

6.      Irregular commutation of LR strength.

7.      Fixation of pay on promotion to a post carrying higher during and responsibilities but carrying same grade pay.

8.      MACP Anomalies – Injustice to promotes under MACP scheme – request implementation of CAT Jodhpur Judgment and the judgment of Supreme Court in favour of Sivakumar, Chennai North Division, Tamilnau Circle.

9.      Implementation of Five days week in Postal.

10.  Tenure, Transfer Policies & sensitive posts request to revisit.

11.  Compelling local trainees to stay in hostels in PTCs.

12.  Imposing unjustified conditions for appearing IP Examination for the departmental quota vacancies.

13.  Revised IP Recruitment Rules – regarding.

14.  PO & RMS Accountant – Grant of special allowance.

15.  Grant of special allowance to the System administrator to the extent of Rs.2000 PM.

16.  Grant of Officiating Pay with all consequential benefits for staff officiated in higher vacancies.

17.  Ensuring the standard of residential accommodation to the SPMs provided with attached Quarters.

18.  Maintenance of APAR in case of Postman and Group ‘C’ by LSG SPM – regarding.

19.  Stepping up of pay in case of postman and Group ‘D’ officials.

20.  Manning of IPO/ASPOS to be incharge of BPCs – regarding.

21.  Fixing of unrealised targets and put the staff under pressure mental stress.

22.  Revision of OTA rates.

23.  Budgetary allotment for Computer Advance and enhancement of financial power to Postmasters.

24.  Inadequate allotment of funds under TA & ROHSC causing abnormal delay in settlement of personal claims.

25.  Stop harassing staff on contributory factors for simple and flimsy reasons by misusing the provision of “unbecoming of Government Servant’ deviating the ruling contained in Volume III, FHB etc.

26.  Grant of Flexi working hours – Case of bigger Cities.

27.  Undue trade union facilities extended to Supervisors & BPEF Unions.

28.  Grant of MACP and Application of bench mark – reg.

29.  Grant of NFG promotion under cadre restructuring with retrospect effect – reg.

30.  MACP – Clarification for constitution of Screening Committee – regarding.

31.  Option for switching over to revised pay structure consequent on 7th CPC – irregular objection raised by the Audit – request intervention.

32.  Adhoc establishment norms circulated by the Department vide No. 25-11/2019-PE I/WS dated 24.05.2019.

33.  Date of commencement of service from the date of training as DCCS – regarding.

34.  Date of next increment under Rule 10 of CCS (RP) Rules 2016 - regarding.

35.  Draconian instructions about circulation of orders and apply the same as read by the officials – request to see to withdraw the instructions.

36.  Drawal of cash handling allowance to the treasurers working in the post offices – regarding.

37.  Proposed PA Recruitment Rules – introduction of probation period to promote officials also – request to take up the case with the Directorte.

38.  Providing one time chance for representation/appeal/review against the benchmark recorded in the APAR for the years 2016-17 & 2017-18 – regarding.

39.  R. T. Guidelines – Clarifications sought for.

40.  Revised procedure on payment of incentive – PLI and RPLI - Reg.

41.  Revision of Business hours of Pos – comments sought for – Reg.

42.  Strengthening of sub divisional offices in DOP refd under Dte. Lr. No. Q-25/01/2021-PE-I dated 08.01.2021.

43.  Suggestion for network issue, bandwidth issue, and procurement of hardwares – request to taken up at Directorate level – regarding.

44.  Request to take suitable action to raise the bandwidth of all offices and providing external antenna and 4G dongle for RICT device.

45.  Request to identify and post three officials from GDS and MTS for Aadhar enrolment and updation in P.O.s

46.  Request for provision of Home Guard to all HPOs/cash conveyance work, security to ATM and PSSK.

47.  Request for making modification to the stipulation incorporating in promotional order.

48.  Request for instructing the head of the Divisions, not to deny MACP for the declination of promotion ordered after the date from which MACP becomes entitled to them as per Para 25.

49.  Counting of training period for financial up gradation under TBOP/BCR – regarding.

50.  Discontinuance of SMR, Special Error book for not PB not received etc. which are being prepared by manual – request orders.

51.  Entry of interest in Pass books – impracticable procedure laid down – request to seek modification.

52.  Maintenance of QC work by LSG officials posted at CPC – regarding.

53.  Inclusion of PO & RMS Accountants in the formation of Bid evaluation Committee (BEC) for evaluation of technical specifications and price bids at the time of opening bids for purchases to be made in Gem Portal through bidding process.

54.  Delay in remitting the NPS Contribution – regarding.

55.  Maintenance of manual records even after full computerisation of service.

56.  Grant of Contagious disease leave in case of Corona positive cases – regarding.

57.  Inordinated delay/non grant of conveyance allowance to the PRI (P).



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