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Saturday, June 19, 2021




Dated: 19.06.2021 

The Government has announced the formation of seven companies to take over the well-functioning 40 and odd ordnance factories in the country.  These factories produce the defence equipments needed for the  safety and security of the country.  It has come into being over the decades especially when the country faced the difficulties of procuring  weapons and other requirements for the armed forces from international market due to political reasons. 

The present decision of the Government is in clear violation of the assurances held out byit to the workers earlier on several occasions.  As is the case with many such policy  issues, Modi Government has been taking advantage of the acute covid pandemic situation to usher in schemes which in the normal situation would generate stiff resistance not only from the workers but also from the public at large. 

The Government is fully aware of the difficult situation faced by the workers due to the intensive spread of the pandemic in the country and the inherent weakness to make resistance to such anti-labour policies during the pandemic days.  The decision to hand over the factories to the newly formed companies amounts nothing but to sell away the national assets.  In the given situation, the ownership of these companies need not necessarily remain with Indians, as would be the case at the time of initial formation of these corporations.  The irony is that such decisions are taken while mouthing the need for an Atmanirbhan Bharat. The Government is clearly in the knowledge that the establishments  which are now slated for privatisation would be taken over the by the transnational corporations at not a very distant point of time.  How can then this decision by any stretch of imagination be characterised as in the National interest.  It would be pertinent to remember the treacherous act on the part of the Petroleum companies which were under the ownership of foreigners when they refused to provide fuel to our armed forces, when the country was in war with Pakistan during the Bangladesh liberation struggle.  Corporatisation is the first step, no doubt, for the privatisation of the ordnance factories and later for handing over this lucrative business enterprises to foreign companies. 

It is heartening to note that the Defence workers have decided to resist this renewed attempt on the part of Modi Government with all its strength and organisational capability at their command.  Their observance of 19th June, 2021 as Black day holding demonstration in front of all defence establishments is reflective of their determination to tread the path of struggle.

Confederation of Central Government employees and workers extend their full support  and assures the Defence workers of  solidarity actions to ensure that sufficient sanctions are generated to compel the Government to reverse its disastrous decision.  Confederation congratulates the Defence workers for their resoluteness and is certain that their endeavours and struggles will save the country from the eventual serfdom, which is certain if such decisions are taken and implemented by the Government of India.  


 Secretary General

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