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Tuesday, November 23, 2021



FROM 20th TO 21st NOVEMBER 2021

Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Group ‘C’ was held at Puri (Odisha) from 20th to 21st November 2021.


Following was the agenda of CWC:

1.      Organizational Review

2.     Policy offensives & Sectional issues.

3.     Holding of Next All India Conferences

4.     Financial Review

5.     Any other item with the permission of Chair.

     CWC commenced with flag hoisting on 20th November 2021.

     National Flag was hoisted by Com. K. V. Sridharan, Ex-Secretary General, AIPEU Group ‘C’

     NFPE Flag was hoisted by Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, Confederation & NFPE.

     P3 Flag was hoisted by Com. N. Subramanian, All India President, AIPEU Group ‘C’

     After that floral tribute was paid to all Martyrs and Comrades who lost their lives during this period by offering flowers on martyrs column, by all leaders, CWC members and comrades present there.

     A grand warm Welcome was given by Reception committee of Puri under leadership of Com. Rajesh Bohidar by presenting Shawls, garlands, flower badges and mementos to all Guests and CWC members.

     The CWC meeting started after paying homage to all Comrades, Trade union leaders, Political, social leaders and known and unknown persons who lost their lives due to pandemic Corona and other natural calamities.

     The agenda was approved by the house. Com. President asked General Secretary to initiate the discussion on agenda items.

1.        Organizational Review

General Secretary started that due to Corona pandemic union activities have been affected adversely for the last two years. But even then General Secretary remained at Head Quarter during the both waves of Corona and took up all the cases related to Corona and other matters and got so many orders issued from Directorate. We have been able to retain our membership in Circles and divisions despite so many odds and present political situation in which undue patronage is being given to one unrecognized union. The result of membership verification was declared in September 2019, so we have asked administration to continue upto 2024. We have got the trade union facilities extended upto December and 2021 and further upto March 2021 we have requested Directorate to extend for those unions who could not hold their Conference due to various reasons during this period of pandemic due to various restrictions imposed by Central and state Governments.

2.       Attacks on Unions and Sectional issues

Since 2014, attacks, dangers and onslaughts are being unleashed by the Govt. in various forms. First in the name of Scrutiny of Constitution, the administration tried to put restrictions but we have replied that whatever is acceptable will be accepted and the things which will adversely affect trade union functioning will not be accepted at all.

But the heaviest attack has come in the form of restricting the officials for holding two terms or Five years whichever is earlier and seeking permission under rule 15 of CCS (Conduct) Rules-1964 to hold union office bearers post. Directorate issued orders vide Dte. F. No. 18-01/2014-Sr dated 15th September 2021. We have opposed this order strongly as NFPE. We are fighting it organizationally and legally. We gave calls of agitations in phased manner.

P3 CHQ and Circle Union Tamilnadu filed one case in Madras High Court and got interim stay order. In this matter Com. K. V. Sridharan has done hard labour which requires every appreciation.

In Allahabad High Court also we have filed one case through Circle Secretary P4, Uttar Pradesh Circle and it is in hearing. Verdict is expected soon in this also.

3.     Policy offensives & Sectional issues

So many policy offensives in form of Dak Mitra, Common Service Centre, IPPB, Parcel Hubs, Nodal Delivery Centre, RTPN, Outsourcing in engaging Postmen and MTS are coming now a days.

We have decided to launch serious agitational programmes culminating into indefinite strike which will be finalized in Federal Executive of NFPE.

We will try to form PJCA with FNPO, but if they are not ready, NFPE will go alone.

4.      Holding of All India Conference

Keeping in view the present Crisis situation due to pandemic Corona, it is not possible to hold All India Conference like past. Still the restrictions on gathering have not been lifted by Central and State Governments. Therefore the AIC can be held with restricted presence. This time visitors can not be allowed at any cost and we would like to request all Circle, Divisional and Branch Secretaries to restrict the delegate participation in minimum required number so that the All India Conference can be held.

 We as NFPE have applied for further extension of trade union facilities upto 31st march 2022. Therefore the AIC may be held in March 2022. Punjab Circle has come forward to hold next AIC. Dates and Venue will be decided and intimated later.

 5.     Financial Review

The Financial position of CHQ is satisfactory. But some branches are not remitting due quota regularly and not clearing publication dues. Com. Naresh Gupta while presenting Financial requested to all Divisional and Branch Secretaries to clear Quota and other dues as early as possible. All circle Secretaries should issue directions to all Branches.

6.       Any other item with the permission of Chair

One case of election dispute of Tirupur Branch, Tamilnadu Circle was brought to the notice of CHQ. As per constitution this should be settled by Circle Union. So it is referred to Circle union and Circle Secretary, Tamilnadu has been requested to settle it under provisions of Constitution within reasonable time. If it is not settled at circle level then it will be settled in next Central Working Committee.

     All Circle Secretaries, CHQ Office Bearers and Women Committee members expressed their views on all subjects.

Com. K. V. Sridharan Ex-General Secretary also gave some guiding instructions while delivering his speech which were well taken by CHQ.

After threadbare discussion on all issues the following decision has been taken:

1.               To oppose strongly all attacks and offensives on trade union rights and in the form of policy offensives by launching serious agitational programmes culminating in to indefinite strike under banner of NFPE and PJCA for the following charter of Demands.


Charter of Demands:

      1.      Scrapping of NPS or grant of Minimum pension.

      2.     Drop the Proposal of Dak Mitra.

      3.     Withdraw 15/09/2021 orders curtailing trade union facilities.

      4.     Drop all outsourcing schemes including IPPB

      5.     Settle the Sectional demands of P3.

2.       Holding of All India Conference

After detailed discussion it was decided that this time All India Conference will be held in a restricted manner due to compulsions of restrictions during Corona pandemic period. Visitors will not be allowed this time. No concession to Visitors. If they come they will not be provided any access to stay and conference. So to avoid embarrassment please avoid participation of Visitors.

Further we request all Circle, Divisional & Branch Secretaries to restrict the number of delegates as minimum required.

Next All India Conference will be held in March-2022 in Punjab Circle

     The CWC was ended with shouting of revolutionary slogans.


We on behalf of CWC and P3 CHQ convey our sincere thanks and warms greeting to Reception Committee Puri under leadership of Com. Rajesh Bohidar, Divisional Secretary, Puri for making such splendid arrangements for stay and food for CWC members.

We would like to convey our sincere thanks to Com. B. Samal, Circle Secretary, Odisha and Com. R. C. Mishra, Ex-Circle Secretary, P3 Odisha and other leaders of sister unions of Odisha for extending their co-operation to Reception Committee for holding such nice CWC.

                                                     With revolution greetings,

                                                                                                                            Yours comradely,

(R. N. Parashar)

General Secretary

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