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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Employees of Postal Department made New History – Be proud of this History

As like as yesterday (28.03.2022) today i.e. on 2nd day of All India General Strike there is almost the same impact in Postal Department. In some areas today success rate has slightly been increased while in some areas slightly decreased. Over all the 2 days’ Strike is massive, unprecedented and glorious. In General, the impact of strike in postal department is always more or less good. But this time the success is really encouraging and enthusiastic. In fact employees Postal department have made New History. Our employees irrespective of unions are the real architect of this success. Our organisers and leadership right from Divisions to Circles throughout the country have worked hard, conducted intense and effective campaign for the last three months. Employees of new generation have not only taken part in this strike at large but also they emerged as present organiser or future leaders of our union. It is our responsibility to take care of them. However, our All India Leadership also tried at their level best. So we are expressing sincere thanks and Red Salute to all.

One important point we have to keep in mind that behind this historic success, role of unity of Postal employees under PJCA (Comprising NFPE/FNPO) is most vital. It has again been proved that common employees are always in favour of unity, so leadership of the all unions have to take care of this important point, particularly when “one union in one industry/department” is our slogan. We express sincere thanks to leadership of FNPO for their wise and timely role.

However, we will strengthen NFPE and at same time work out to keep the unity of postal employees irrespective of unions protected for our betterment and also for our country.


NFPE Zindabd!                      PJCA Zindabad!!                    Working Class Unity Zindabad!!!




Com R A P Singh, our respected leader is encouraging the Striking Postal Employees in Ara, Bihar


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


Kavarathi HO - Lakadeevs, Kerala

Madhya Pradesh





Red Salute to the Sr Comrades/ Leaders for their bravo role and uncompromising fight. 

In Salem District Tamilnadu five comrades led by comrades K.R.Ganesan and T.Nethajisubash courted arrest by their participation in Picketing at the call of Central TUs and independent Unions. - KR GS AIPRPA



West Bengal


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