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Monday, April 23, 2007

P3 CHQ Circular

All CHQ Office Bearers,

All Circle Secretaries,

All Divisional / Branch Secretaries,

Dear Comrades,

24-04-2007 – Indefinite Strike – Deferred

Consequent upon the talks held between the Secretary, Department of Posts with the Staff Side on 19-04-2007 on the charter of demands and other issues and reached settlement on many issues, the JCA met in Dak Bhawan on 20-04-2007 at 08:30 P.M. had unanimously decided to defer the indefinite strike programme.

The gist of decisions communicated by the Department vide its letter No. 8-1/2007-SR dated 20-04-2007 is enclosed herewith.

The gist of the talks and assurances is furnished below:-

  1. The Government will be approached once again to refer GDS issues to Sixth Pay Commission for consideration. The Officer's Committee already appointed has been dismantled.
  2. The Cabinet note will be submitted to seek exemption of Department from the purview of Screening Committee. In the meantime to manage the shortage of staff the following is agreed and will be implemented.

(i) Pending Residual Vacancies in PA cadre from 2000-01 to 2005-2006 will be filled up. (There is approximately more than 11000 posts. All Circle Secretaries to check and act).

(ii) The LGO Exam question paper will be modified according to requirement of job;

(iii) An additional LGO exam will be conducted.

(iv) Unfilled up vacancies will be thrown open to GDS possessing plus two qualifications with age limit. Details will be discussed.

In short all pending LGO vacancies will be filled up within three months.

(v) The Postmen & Group 'D' will be given additional chances to write the LGO exam.

(vi) OTA will be granted to Postal Operate staff to manage the excess work due to absentism and shortage.

(vii) Retired pensioners can be employed to meet the shortage of staff;

(viii) An Internal Committee is constituted to fix honorarium / incentive for the additional works like IMT, Passport processing, IT Returns etc. It is assured that incentive will be fixed to all marketing activities.

(ix) All vacant GDS posts will be filled up.

  1. (i) Regarding Franchise Postal Outlets, this will be reviewed and decided further in May 2007.

(ii) There will be no closure / merger of postal divisions.

(iii) There will be no curtailment of delivery. Even the circle heads were addressed to restore / revive second delivery wherever necessary to compete couriers.

  1. Care will be taken to safeguard the monopoly of the department while proposing amendment to IPO Act.
  2. Part time casual labourers may be considered for GDS posts.
  3. Filling up of LSG / HSG.II/HSG.I posts

(i) All LSG / HSG.II/HSG.I posts will be filled up in time bound action.

(ii) Issue on bench mark for LSG etc. will be examined.

(iii) Clarification in filling up of APM Accounts posts will be issued.

(iv) All APMG staff will be summoned to Directorate on 04-05-2007 and clarified the rulings on LSG/HSG.II/HSG.I.

(v) Another meeting will be held on 21-05-2007 to discuss about the pendency if any in filling up of LSG / HSG.II /HSG.I posts.

(vi) Clarification on Rule 38 transferees, preparation of Gradation list, seniority etc. will be discussed with us next week and finalised.

(vii) The periodicity of promotion to Sr. Accountant will be examined.

  1. (i) All pending bills will be cleared. Circle Heads are instructed to intimate the funds requirements.

(ii) OTA will be paid to post office staff wherever is justified.

  1. (i) All compassionate appointments will be considered.

(ii) The issues relating to some circles like Tamilnadu (one time absorption) will be finalised within three months. Serious efforts will be taken to absorb all the approved candidates.

  1. (i) Insurance Fund is under consideration.

(ii) POSB – the suggestions will be looked into.

  1. DoP&T agreed to grant recognition to Federation subject to conditions. The Federation is being addressed.

Apart from these, many more issues like tightening of norms like Stamp Vendors, etc. were discussed. There is a positive response from the department. The success is due to the unity exhibited in the Postal JCA.

Therefore, the JCA has decided to defer the Postal Strike commencing from 24-04-2007. All Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries are requested to translate the same in their regional language and circulate to all members.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.V. Sridharan

General Secretary

Date: 20 April 2007

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