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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Editorial - July Bhartiya Post

Positive Thinking

There is a misapprehension in the minds of our members that our Union / Federation has consented to the Government to expel or eliminate of ED Union from NFPE.

Not even an iota of truth in the purported false propagandas. The Federation Circular dated 29-05-2007 would have cleared all the doubts prevailing hitherto and no other explanation needs at this juncture.

The Department of Personnel which is the nodal ministry forming and framing the policy of the Government of India has categorically stipulated that Federations can be formed and recognised only among the unions which cover the Government servants to whom CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964 apply and granted recognition under the RSA Rules 1993.

Since the GDS Union is recognised under different set of rules framed locally by the Department of Posts, the DoP&T time and again rejected our request for the inclusion of GDS Union in the Federation. Now we are pushing to the wall either to accept recognition without GDS Union or remain without recognition.

We have not participated the first verification of membership in 1995 duly rejecting the various provisions of the rules. FNPO & BPEF participated. The FNPO, thus could secure more than 15%. Thereafter we participated in the second verification held in 1997 in which we secured the first position. In the first verification for GDS, in 1997, there is only one union (i.e. AIPEDE Union) recognised. If we would have missed the bus then, the loss would have been miserable.

Similar is the position now. FNPO has applied for recognition as per DoP&T guidelines. We cannot be left in isolation. The decision of the NFPE that we can get recognition first and continue our efforts for the inclusion of GDS Union is the only alternative available. Till then the GDS Union remains part & parcel of the NFPE as an associated member and will have all rights unofficially except in holding offices in which is prohibited due to the DoP&T guidelines.

In many circles there is no RJCM; No regular periodical meeting or Departmental Council meeting since 1995; No nomination of fresh members; Resultantly the conciliation machinery become totally defunct. Without official recognition, nothing is possible to mitigate demands and improve the situation. One should accept the fact that without proper recognition of the Government, we could not clinch even small issues and take forward our movement further. We have no other alternative!

Unless the policy of the Government is changed and liberalise the Federation recognition rules which is practically impossible to exercise since 2002 to till day, there is no chance in the immediate nearby to modify the policy of the Government in this regard.

Let us be practical and plain. Let us not drift or dither away with imaginary thinkings and forget the reality and reasons. Let us not play any game for the sake of others. Let us realise the reality and consider the only option available before us to accept recognition and fight further for the inclusion of GDS union in our Federation. Let us think positively, act, advance and achieve our goal to affiliate GDS Union in future by sustained struggles after availing recognition to our Federation.

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