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Saturday, November 3, 2007



A kind attention is invited to the discussions we had on 28.9.07 and the directions, you had given to the DDG (P) in our presence in resolving the burning following issues.


1.      LSG, HSG II & HSG I Promotions:


While we discussed about the non completion of LSG Promotion process in many Circles like Bihar, U.P. Gujarat, Rajasthan, A. P. etc, and also non according due HSG II & HSG I promotions, you have informed that a cut off date will be fixed and all the DPS & APMG staff will be invited and sort out all the pending issues. No improvement could be seen. The position remains static.


It is also instructed to the DDG (P) to depute one of the officers to Orissa Circle to sort out the mistakes in notional promotion. The assurance given in April 07 to depute Director (SPN) to rectify the mistakes in notional promotion has not yet been honoured. The senior officials are retiring every month with out any benefits.


2.      Filling up of Residual Vacancies


During discussions, you have directed the DDG (P) to cause immediate instructions to all circle heads to fill up all the pending residual vacancies irrespective of the years of unfilled and there is no need to obtain revival sanction etc to fill up the posts. No instruction has been emanated from your office so far. The Circle Heads are taking a ruse under seeking clarifications for their inaction to fill up the residual vacancies.


This serious issue is being delayed despite your assurances and instructions.


3.      Fixing incentive to WUMT services etc.


It was assured to fix incentive for the works like Western Union money transfer, processing of Pass Port applications, I.M.O etc. it was also assured to instruct all the circle heads to fix incentive at the time of introduction of any new service and supply the copy of the instruction to Unions. We could see no improvement in the assurance.


4.      Shortage of Staff


It was assured on 28.09.07 to formulate a new scheme of engaging retired postal employees to manage the shortage of staff with fixed remuneration.


Similarly it was assured to issue instructions to all the circle heads to grant OTA to manage the shortage in the Post offices.


It was assured to revise the LGO exam syllabus and conduct a special exam in Nov'07 to fill up the Vacant Posts.


It is constrained to note that no order is issued in these three vital issues confronting the Postal employees at base levels.


5.      Withdrawal of irregular order dt 21.05.07 on declination of LSG


While requesting to withdraw the order dt. 21.05.07 on declining the regular LSG Promotion affecting BCR, you have agreed that LSG is the regular promotion and TBOP & BCR are financial upgradation and the order is the arbitary and instructed the DDG (P) to withdraw the instruction.


This has not been implemented far.


In short, all the assurances and directions to DDG (P) you have given on 28.09.07 have not been carried out or implemented and we are very much fed up over the inordinated delay in mitigating the genuine grievances of the staff which were agreed for settlement in April 2007 itself. The staff are very much agitated and it causes a concern.


It is once again requested kindly cause appropriate action and orders on all the above items without any further delay.


A line in reply about the action taken is highly solicited.


With kind regards,



Yours sincerely,



(Balwinder Singh)

Offg. General Secretary

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