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Friday, December 14, 2007


Dear Comrades,
The National Executive Meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers was held in Bangalore on 9 th December 2007 under the presidentship of Comrade S.K.Vyas, Chairman Confederation. Comrade K.K.N.Kutty Secretary General Confederation explained the issues in detail. The NFPE, the Income Tax, the Audit, the Civil Accounts, the Atomic Energy, the Census, the Survey of India, the Foreign Trade organizations attended the meeting. Comrade K.Ragavendran, Secretary General NFPE, attended the Executive. The Executive has taken a decision to place for the consideration of the extended National Executive as to whether a three time consecutive absenteeism by the office bearers of the Confederation shall automatically debar them from the membership of the National Executive.


The following important issues were discussed with all seriousness"


  1. Review of 30th October 2007 Strike performance by each affiliate and steps to remove the weaknesses.
  2. Pay Commission related tasks and the extended National Executive Meeting.
  3. Urgent issues including Bonus Ceiling on which immediate action programme is needed.
  4. Parliamentary Committee on subordinate items and our task.


The Executive noted that there has been a better performance by several affiliates and the strike was a very successfully organized in many states. This naturally provides a sense of enthusiasm and encouragement but at the same time the Executive decided to look into the weaknesses in some areas in order to strengthen our future struggles. Various steps have been decided upon in this regard.


The Executive noted that going by the trends as available today, there is every chance that the VI CPC submits its recommendations before March or February 2008 and that many negative recommendations could be submitted on our basic issues like Need based Minimum Wage, Date of Effect, Increment rate, DA Formula, Defined Benefit Pension, Medical Care etc. The Government may also take a negative stand on these issues even if the CPC is in favour of some of the issues. Therefore the Executive decided that these shall have to be met with our violent reactions through our united might for which we shall have to be prepared. The exact form of our struggle will be decided in the extended National Executive Meeting to be convened in Mumbai during middle of February 2008.


On Bonus Ceiling, Arbitration Awards, Compassionate Appointments, Minimum wages of irregular employees etc which are not directly connected to the outcome of VI CPC, it was decided to organize a programme after 14 th December JCM National Council Standing Committee Meeting. In the event of any negative stand by the Government in the Standing Committee the following programme of action shall be organized"


  1. On 3.1.2008: Badge Wearing by all workers.
  2. From 7.1.2008 to 10.1.2008: Relay Dharna all over the country.
  3. On 11.1.2008 March to Raj Bhawan in State Capitals to submit Memorandum.
  4. From 7.1.2008 to 11.1.2008 – Our Delegation of leaders shall meet the Parliament Members in all constituencies and submit our memorandum seeking their kind intervention with the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

 A sub-committee consisting of six comrades has been constituted by the Executive to finalise the issues to be submitted on behalf of the Confederation to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on subordinate items which has sought our suggestions under Article 309 of the Constitution. All Unions are requested to make their suggestions before 15 th February 2008 on necessary changes to be made and reasons thereof about the Service Rules, Conduct Rules and Recognition Rules with a view to democratize them in the interest of CG Employees and Workers.

The National EXecutive was followed by well organised seminars on privatisation of social security and health care that was inagurated by Comrade W.R.Varadarajan, All India Secretary of CITU and addressed  by Comrades S.K.Vyas and K.K.N.Kutty the Chairman and Secretary General of Confederation respectively. A separate working women convention was also organised to mark the silver jubilee celeberations of C-O-C Karnataka Circle.

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