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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Memorandum submitted by NFPE to the Sixth Pay Commission copy endorsed to Secretary Department of Post is published here for the benefit of our readers. Willing comrades may download by clicking the following link



General Secretary


G. Senthil Kumar said...

It's a remarkable work and should be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I have gone through the ED memorandum. It appears that the memorandum was drafted by some one from the postal side of the union and no one from RMS side of the union took pain to read or contribute any thing to the memorandum.
1. This memorandum do not see the fact that GDS in postal side and RMS side are two totally different categories.
a. In postal side GDS posts are norm based posts. certain works done in post offices identified and taken in to account for creation of different GDS posts.So in the memorandum we point out the work outside the approved norms and request to include them in assessing the justification of GDS posts.
b. In RMS, GDS are not norm based posts.
Like Mail Man ,GDS MailMan in RMS are created based on observation of work.It is still at the whims and fancies of the divisional head,GDS posts are created.So if the demands raised in the memorandum are accepted as such,it is not going to help the GDS MM of RMS.You cannot increase the working hours of GDS and combine the posts to create 8hour duty posts as there is no approved norms in RMS.

2. The major mention in the memorandum about GDS in RMS are
…………….Department letter No. 6-52/87-PE II (i) dt 11.12.87, it was ordered that ED
mailmen should not be engaged in larger platforms.
13-31.2 The Postal Department vide its letter No. 45/241-88-SPB I dt. 17.5.89 clarified
that there will be no other designation like Mazdoor, daily wages in RMS office
except full time or part time casual labourers. In order to engage the Mazdoors,
daily wage earners for eight hours and to make them as full time employees,
they have been employed as ED MM for five hours on provisional basis and
three hours as casual labourer daily.
13-31.3 The Department has further directed the Circle Heads vide its letter No. 45-
14/92-SPB I dt. 16.9.92 to examine the plight of casual labourers working for
five hours and more and make them as full Group D by readjustment or
combination of duties. The reference was very specific to Tamilnadu Circle.
13-31.4 The Department has further caused instructions vide its letter No. 2-10/88PE
I. dt. 11.5.89 about the modalities to absorb the casual labourer in Group D
posts in which it was directed to frame proposal for creation of all justified
Group D Posts by clubbing the duties of the casual labourers / ED MMs.

13-31.5 In the said Directorate order cited in Para -supra, it was further clarified that
the need of employing EDAs in RMS should also be minimal and ED MMs
should be phased out in all urban areas except to the extent permitted by the
Postal Services Board vide orders contained in letter No. 6-52/87-PE II (i) dt
21.10.87 & 11.12.87.
13-31.6 Based on the above said orders, the ED Mailman working in urban and larger
platforms should have been regularised in Group D Posts. This has not been
carried out despite categorical orders of the Department to dispense the
system of engaging ED MM in larger platforms and make them regularised by
clubbing the duties.
“ We request to issue clear-cut recommendations for the
absorption of the existing GDS MMs working in urban cities and larger
a. platforms………”

Why the memorandum refuse to demand the regularization of GDS in RMS w.e.f 11.12.1987
3. No where in the memorandum it is mentioned the fact that DOP had issued orders banning night duty for GDSMM.But later DOP had issued orders allowing night conversion to GDS.By night conversion a GDSMM doing 5hour duty should get 5hr 50mints as duty.
a. But they are not given this benefit in their TRCA.We have not placed a demand to that effect till now(as far as I know).For the Time Related Compensatory Allowance ,their “time”is taken as 5 hours only.The GDS in RMS are denied the benefit of existing orders on night conversion.
b. In many places the benefit of conversion is given as mazdoor charges and in no way going to help them.
These aspects are not included in the memorandum or in other words it is an exclusive Postal GDS memorandum