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Monday, June 1, 2009


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Stoppage of Emergency Services at CGHS Wellness Centre (previously known as CGHS Dispensaries)
Now emergency services in CGHS dispensaries have been discontinued with immediate effect. It is mentioned that in emergency, the CGHS beneficiaries can reach any hospital for treatment, and hence the emergency services in CGHS Dispensaries have been discontinued. Please find the full text of the orders by clicking the below link. NFPE has taken up this issue with the Confederation for necessary intervention with the Government.



Continuous Empanelment Scheme under CGHS stands  discontinued for revision of Guidelines:
Ministry of Health & Family welfare has decided to stop continuous empanelment of private hospitals through CGHS in the name of causing revision of Guidelines. The Confederation is trying to ascertain the type of guidelines under issue. The OM released on 20/05/09 can be found by clicking the link below:

Clarifications by MOF Department of Expenditure  on certain issues arising out of implementation of 6th CPC Recommendations:
Finanace ministry, Department of Expenditure in its order dated 29/01/09 has clarified some issues like:
Revised Option for fixation of pay on promotion and method of fixation of pay on promotion / Adhoc Promotion etc;
Methodology of rounding off while calculating the 3% rate of increment;
On Grant of Stagnation Increment.
Revision of rates of subscription of CGHS
Consequent up on the recommendations of 6th CPC, Ministry of Health&Family Welfare,Department of Health and Family Welfare has revised the rates of monthly subscription in respect of CGHS beneficiaries. The entitlements of wards also revised.
Up to grade pay Rs.1650/- = Rs.50/-;
from 1800/- to Rs.2800/- grade pay = Rs.125/-;
for grade pay Rs.4200/- = Rs.225/-,
from gradepay Rs.4600/- to Rs.6600/- = Rs.325/-; and
grade pay Rs.7600/- and above = Rs.500/-
To down load of the original order please click the link below


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