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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Charter of Demands is now with 18 Points - The demand for Enhancement of OTA [Over Time Allowance] and OSA [Out Station Allowance] has been included before serving Strike Notice as the 18th Point.

Comrades - Sink all differences and commence all preparations for a successful Programme of Action - Form Active Joint Council of Action platform at all levels - Observe the Programme of Action with all seriousness.

No Periodical Meeting by Department for years!
No holding of Departmental Council Meeting!
No Revival of GDS Committee Meeting!
All action of Department is unilateral!
No action for restructuring of cadres comprehensively even after one year but arbitrary piece meal cadre restructuring of Postmasters Cadre by Postal Board!
Arbitrary decision to close down all urban based 'C' Class Offices!
Retrograde decisions to downgrade ED SOs!
Inhuman torture in the name of 100% Delivery under Project Arrow! No Working Hours!
Outsourcing of Speed Post Processing - Mail Conveyances - Opening up of more Franchisees - Outsourcing of Data Entry Work - How long this outsourcing is going to be tolerated?
Staff shortage is still haunting us despite abolition of Screening Committee - Calculation of PA/SA vacancies not done properly in Circles.

The Indefinite Strike by Postal JCA is only to end this suffocation and suffereings. Get United - Get into Action!

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