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Monday, July 5, 2010

Postal JCA circular








Dear Comrade /Colleges,

We are in receipt of encouraging reports from various Circles/Division about the mobilization by gross root level workers for the total participation of indefinite strike from 13.07.2010 as per the JCA call.

The issues put forth in the charter of demands are basic and uncompromising ones. The total unilateralism and neglecting the staff Unions even in the decision relating to staff matters is causing serious concern. The silence over the consideration of cadre restructuring causes resentment amidst the employees in the back ground of considering such proposals in Railways and other departments. The employees equated to multitask staff in postal drawing the grade pay of Rs. 1900/- are elevated to the Grade pay of Rs.4600/-. 27% employees are benefited due to this cadre restructuring in Railways. But in case of Postal, the officials with the entry Grade pay of Rs.2400/- could not get even Rs.4600/- in case of promotes in 3rd MACP. No tangible action or discussion has taken place so far to consider the cadre review proposals submitted by the staff side 20 months before.

Due to irregular and wrong assessment of vacancies in almost all the cadres and in particular to Group- C more than 30, 40 % shortage is prevailing. The residual vacancies have not been filled up. The vacancies pertaining to the year 2009 onwards have also not been filled up. The candidates recruited for the vacancies pertaining to 2006-2007-2008 are not being deputed to training centre aggravating the shortage of staff to the extent of last straw on the camel’s back.

The department’s move by engaging Mc kensy consultancy is nothing but to the close down as many as sorting offices which will lead to total closure of RMS in future. The down gradation of EDSOs, closure of ‘C’ Class offices are nothing but anti employee, anti people policies adopted by the department.

Under the aegis of Project Arrow all the staff are extracted to work against the rules and detained beyond working hours without any extra compensation. The delivery staffs are being tortured on flimsy reasons there are being charge sheeted suspended and even punished.

The injustice caused to GDS employees on the quantum of bonus ceiling has been legalized by the department even though it has been struck down by many CATs. The unscientific reduction of norms particularly in cash handling has not been reversed despite our strong resistance. No action is initiated to frame norms to the GDS for the work related to NREGS, PLI, RPLI, Pension payments etc. The social security scheme to the GDS and medical insurance as recommended by GDS committee has not been implemented so for.

The drivers working in MMS are being exploited since from 4th Pay Commission. The demand for granting grade Pay of Rs.4200/- for MMS drivers on par with drivers of parliament secretariat based on the extraordinary responsibilities they are having apart from driving the vehicles have not given due considerations.

The services of the existing System Administrators over 10 years in making the department a full fledged computerized environment has not been recognized so for. The demand of creation of System Administrator cadre with higher pay scale and consideration of the existing System Administrators in token of recognition of their services and other issues related to this cadre are kept under cold storage and now they are becoming the most exploited cadre in the department.

The candidates selected by the Circle relaxation committee for appointment under the relaxation of recruitment rules are being tossed from pillar to posts over 15 years for their regular absorption. The inhuman approach in filing SLP in the Supreme Court instead of considering them for their regularization in the vacant posts is causing concern.

The vacant posts of Group ‘D’s have not been filled up due to non finalization of Recruitment rules and many of the senior GDS are losing their fair chances. The temporary status Group ‘D’s are neither observed in regular Group ‘D’ vacancies nor considered for any further promotions. The issue of amalgamation of Group ‘C’ in the accounts cadre of DOP and DOT has also not been considered.

Even though in all the departments in Government Service are causing various clarificatory orders about the application of bench mark particularly the average denial of regular promotion prior to introduction of MACP etc it is silent in our department and even the normal MACP promotion orders have not been issued in many Circles. The officials working in higher posts are denied the due officiating pay even though they have been granted 1622 HSG posts by surrendering 680 Postal Assistants. The OTA rates have not been revised over two decades and this is nothing but exploitation of labour. The demand of roll back of decentralization of PLI, RPLI, and augmentation adequate staff in CO, RO and DPLI are still unconsidered. Many of the PAs from Divisions are deputed to RO/CO to manage the work load keeping the divisions under unbearable shortage of staff.

In fact the department is mute spectator in respect of staff welfare activities, settlement of staff grievances and failed to mitigate the sufferings and sorrows of the grass root level workers who are the pillars of this organization. We have no alternative except to launch this indefinite strike as there is total silence in the negotiation forms and unilaterisation in implementing its own decisions and running a muck.

Comrades/Colleagues the clarion call as given by Postal JCA till this date, no negotiation has taken place no settlement of issues seems on the floor. We cannot be the silent spectators and we should resist the onslaughts unleashed against the postal workers by the Government.

Let us prepare ourselves for a massive break down from 13.07.2010 which alone could realize the Government to come forward and settle the genuine demands of the Postal workers. Please organize gate meetings. Meet each and every member. Propagate the crux of the demands and its justification. Organize all comrades and let us make the 13th July indefinite strike a historic success.

With Fraternal greeting,

D.Theyagarajan M.Krishnan

Secretary General FNPO Secretary General NFPE

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