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Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Secretary General, NFPE, Com. M. Krishnan met Sri. P. K. Gopinath, Member (P) Postal Services board on 29.09.2010 alongwith Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary, AIPEU Group ‘C’ (CHQ) and discussed the MACP related cases. DDG (Estt.) was also present. Member assured that favorable clarification will be issued on all points viz; (1) condition imposed by certain circles that that 10 years service in TBOP or 30 years total service is required for grant of 3rd MACP in case of promotees is not correct. 20 years service from the date of promotion to the PA cadre is enough for getting 3rd MACP. Completion of 10 years service in TBOP or total 30 years service is not required. (2) Defunct Accountant is not a promotion and 3rd MACP to be granted on completion of 30 years of service (3) Declining of promotion prior to issue of MACP orders by Department of Posts (i.e. 18.09.2009) shall be ignored and the officials entitled for MACP prior to issue of the order shall be granted MACP.

The issues regarding issuing of orders on certain issues discussed earlier in the JCM Departmental council such as officiating pay of HSG-II & HSG-I Grade, granting of additional two chances for LGO examination to those who have exhausted 5/6 six chances, Revision of FSC, clarification on dealing with contributory negligence cases are also discussed. Member (P) assured that orders will be issued soon on all the above issues as agreed in the Departmental Council Meeting. Issue of counting of special allowance of PO and RMS Accountants on promotion under (TBOP, BCR, MACP) for pay fixation was also discussed. Member (P) informed that the nodal ministries are not agreeing to the department’s proposal. However he assured that the case will again be processed and taken up with the DOPT/Finance. We pointed out the delay in declaring IP Exam Result. Member (P) assured that the result will be announced shortly.

Secretary General met Member (P) on 28.09.2010 also alongwith Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas, General Secretary, P4 and Com. K. Raghavendran Ex-Secretary General and discussed the issues of Postmen staff Tamilnadu especially the unilateral implementation of single beat system imposed in Chennai by PMG. Member (P) assured positive intervention. We met DDG (Estt) on 28.09.2010 and discussed the delay in issuing orders on revision of wages of casual Labourers (Full time & Part time). DDG (Estt) explained that Finance has returned the file and wanted the actual number of casual labourers in the Department of Posts and financial implication thereof Directorate has written to all Chief PMGs to furnish the information but only very few CPMGs replied. On getting the report from all CPMGs the proposal will again be submitted to Finance for revising the wages of casual labourers. We requested immediate action to avoid further delay.

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