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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Historic National Convention of JCA held at Chennai on 19.06.2011

National Convention of Postal Joint Council of Action (JCA) comprising NFPE,FNPO and GDS Unions was held at Chennai on 19.06.2011.The Convention was presided over by Joint Presidium of Presidents NFPE,FNPO, AIPEDEU and NUGDS i.e. Com.D.K. Rahate, Com.T.N. Rahate, Com.D.N.Giri and Com.G. Satyanarayana Reddy respectively.

Hundreds of All India Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries of all unions of NFPE, FNPO, AIPEDEU and NUGDS participated in the convention from all corners of country. The convention was inaugurated by Com. D.Theagarajan Secretary General FNPO who described the need of calling National Convention of JCA to form a broader unity among the postal workers to fight against policies of Department of Posts and to resist Mckinsey dictated reforms. He appealed to entire rank and file to sink the differences if any between the workers and make the 5th July strike grand success.

Com.M.Krishnan Secretary General NFPE elaborately described all the issues confronting to all Postal, RMS and GDS employees. He informed that how the Postal Board is going ahead to implement the Corporate plan in the name of Mail Optimization and as per directions of Mckinsey Company going to minimize the number of RMS Offices in the name of Mail Hubs and reduction of number of Post Offices in the urban areas by way of closure/merger or relocation .He also stated that every cadre is being attacked by different ways. Formation of delivery hubs and abolition of post of Sorting Postman and non-fixation of any norms for the distance of beat to be travelled by Postman and arbitrary implementation of single batch system are the causes of trouble to Postman. Like wise the GDS is worst effected, 25% posts of Postman vacancies have been declared for open market. Cash handling point has been increased. Compassionate appointment ceiling has been fixed as 10% and now GDS conduct and employment rules have been modified as GDS Conduct and Engagement Rules.

The wages of contingent employees and Casual Labourers have not been revised till date. Like wise all cadres i.e. P.O. & RMS Accountants, System Administrators, Postal Accounts Staff, MMS Drivers and Artisan staff and other are the worst sufferers. He called upon the entirety of Postal, RMS and GDS employees to make every efforts to make the strike a grand success so that the existence of our Department can be saved. Now this is the time to "Do or Die" and "Now or Never". If we fight unitedly we can resist the attacks and dangers being posed by the Government and Department.

The Convention was also addressed by Com. K. Ragavendran Ex. Secretary General of NFPE. The General Secretaries of NFPE Coms. K.V. Sridharan P-III, Giri Raj Singh R-III, I.S. Dabas P-IV , P. Suresh R-IV , Pranab Bhattacharya Admn, T. Satyanarayana Postal Accounts, S.A Raheem Civil Wing and Appan Raj SBCO. The General Secretaries of FNPO Coms. G.P.Muthukrishnan (A.G.S.P-III) T.N. Rahate P-IV, A.H. Siddique R-IV, H.L.Ramtake Postal Accounts, M. Shivkumar SBCO and Antony –Dy. G/S Civil Wing also addressed the convention .

Com. S.S. Mahadeviah G/S AIPEDEU and Com. Gautam A.G.S., NU GDS also addressed the convention.

All the leaders appealed to all to make the strike grand success.

42 delegates who were the All India Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries of NFPE and FNPO and GDS Unions also expressed their views and assured to make the strike grand success.

A declaration in this regard was presented by Com. R.N.Parashar Asstt. Secretary General NFPE which was adopted by the convention unanimously.

Vote of thanks was given by Com. P.Kumar Circle Secretary R-III FNPO Tamil Nadu Circle.

The convention was concluded after the speech of President.

The convention was grand success.

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