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Sunday, June 26, 2011



The Mail Network Optimization Project (MNOP) has become Mail Network Liquidation Project (MNLP). Implementation of the "Speed Post hub" experiment has resulted in reducing 315 National Speed Post Centres to 89 speed post hubs

. Introduction of the "First Class Mail hubs" will result in gradual extinction of 366 RMS Mail Sorting Offices. Delivery hubs will further result in withdrawal of delivery from hundreds of Urban Post Offices. The proposed closure

or merger of 9797 urban Post offices will sound the death-knell of Post services. Is it optimization or liquidation?

Department of Posts is paying Consultancy fees to Mckinsey and Mckinsey is not paying any money to the INDIA POST. But the Mckinsey is behaving as if they have purchased the INDIA POST and are the real owner of it. They are passing orders to the employees above the head of departmental officers. Even Heads of Circles are bound to obey Mckinsey. Voice of the right-thinking employees and officers are suppressed and only those support Mckinsey are allowed to run the show.

Creation of hubs has resulted in abnormal delay in conveyance and delivery of speed post articles and everywhere back-routing is taking place. Even articles meant for local delivery are unnecessarily despatched to the hubs situated hundreds of miles away and from there again back-routed to the delivery Post offices causing avoidable delay. Speed post has lost its speed and the faith of public in this premium services has been shaken. Number of articles and revenue has come down. Still the authorities blindly go on repeating that it is a great success. It is just like "operation is successful, but the patient died". The introduction of the first class mails hubs and delivery hubs will be the "beginning of the demise of the Postal Services in India".

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