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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Delay in head post office construction

ITANAGAR: The Arunachal Pradesh unit of the All India Postal Employees' Union (AIPEU) has expressed strong resentment on the repeated attempts by some persons to stop the construction of the head post office cum director's office building here.
The long pending project of the postal department has been stalled and unnecessarily delayed as some persons claim that parts of the land where the office is being constructed was allotted to them, the union lamented in a communique on Wednesday.
The AIPEU has requested the persons to justify their claims with proper documents than rushing to the spot and disturbing the construction agency whenever they start the work. "It is unbecoming of a civilized society to pose a problem for others like this. They should come up with proper documents instead of verbal claims," it added.
"The postal staff are also being unnecessarily harassed and threatened for no fault of theirs," it rued. The building, if completed would provide better and improved services to the people of the state besides giving better facilities to the postal staff.
The AIPEU called for cooperation from the civil society on the matter and threatened to start an agitation if nothing is done to solve the matter.
Courtesy : Times of India 10.5.2012

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