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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrades,

How are you? There is a gap of more than two months in seeing all of you through this desk. There is a dull and lull in implementation of the assured demands resulting in the JCA to revive its programme by launching one day fast by the General Secretaries in front of the Directorate and also the Circle Secretaries in front of Circle offices. We have been forced and pushed into walls to agitate and act by the administration due to its lethargic attitude and protracted delay in settlement of genuine demands. Now, Let us see the present position of some of the important demands.

HSG-I Recruitment Rules
The UPSC has not cleared the HSG-I Recruitment Rules so far. It raised many queries like variation in  the no. of posts (i.e.) as per the 1976 Recruitment Rules which is around 250 Posts and the present around 1700 posts. They are seeking the establishment sanctions for all the Posts created after the old 1976 recruitment rules. The UPSC, instead of behaving as a Govt. organisation like us is acting as the most superior in keeping pending of HSG-I Recruitment Rules. The department is now preparing a certificate about the existence of posts duly signed by the Secretary herself and is submitting to UPSC for approval.

Resultantly carving out of Postmaster Grade III is delayed; transfer of all the HSG I posts to General line will also be delayed. Once again, the DOPT is being approached for grant of further extension of 6 months in case of HSG-I adhoc arrangements due to non finalization of the HSG I Recruitment Rules.

We are insisting that in the absence of non approval of HSG I Recruitment Rules and protracted delay as seen in between the UPSC and the Department, the Circle Heads should be permitted to fill up all the HSG I posts as per the existing recruitment Rules for which the DOPT may be approached. The stalemate cannot be allowed further.

The Chief PMG, Tamilnadu Circle has been specially addressed not to terminate any adhoc HSG-I arrangements from 01.05.2012 until further orders.

Irregular interpretation of station tenure in the recent R. T. Guidelines
The Director (Staff) agreed to issue clarificatory orders immediately as station tenure is not applicable below to the Gazetted Cadre. All Circle Secretaries are requested to appraise the same to the PMGs and request them to stop their moves and tell them that if need be, let them seek clarification before such implementation.
Postmaster’s Cadre
There is no improvement or any decision taken and we conveyed our strong resentment over the delay in the decision. Merely sticking to the point of separate hierarchical cadre and denying the dues to the opted officials is mounting dissatisfaction and dissent over the cadre and will hamper the efficiency at one stage. If the Postmasters are not permitted to appear IPO/Group B Exam, we may be forced to demand merger of all supervisors and introduce exam for 1/3rd vacancies of all LSG and restore status quo ante as per the Sixth CPC which is not in favour of creation of new cadres.

Counting of Special Pay to PO & RMS Accountants
The Ministry of Finance advised the Department to file SLP against the High Court orders of Karnataka State and accordingly, the Chief PMG has been directed to file SLP against the High court decision. A great disappointment. Since we are not having any access to the nodel ministries in the absence of JCM National Council membership, we are loosing too many and out of which this is one among them.

GDS Demands
(i)        A D.O. letter has been written by our Secretary to Secretary MOF for consideration of revising Bonus ceiling of Rs. 3500/- to GDS by citing the Cabinet Secretary’s assurance during the strike period and Minister’s assurance. The expected additional expenses have been workout to 52 crores.
(ii)      The Committee constituted for consideration of GDS demands has recommended cash handling as Rs. 10000/- per point instead of Rs. 20000/-. One of the Finance Ministry official was also the member and visited Assam to know the ground level realities. The file has been put up for approval.
(iii)    The Committee has further recommended to include the cash remittance transactions for commutation of workload. The file has been put up to DG for approval.
(iv)     Protection of TRCA – in case of reduction of workload, the BPM will be issued notice to improve the work within one year. In case if not improved, then only the reduction will be effected. Thus, protection of the same TRCA drawn earlier will be provided up to one year. The file has been put up to DG for approval.
(v)       At the time of initial appointment the minimum of TRCA shall be fixed as per the workload existing in the BO and not the minimum slab of TRCA. This was agreed and the file is placed to DG for approval.
(vi)     25% outside recruitment in postman cadre has been dropped. The revised recruitment rules for Postman is under issue.

It is pertinent to note that all the above six items were properly focused and effectively presented and convinced the administration during the conciliation talks held in June 2011 & Jan 2012 by Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General and Com. K. V. Sridharan, Leader staff side.

Position on other issues
(i)        Revision of Cash Allowance to SPMs in the absence of the Treasurer: - The file is submitted for approval to the IFW Directorate.
(ii)      Drawal of Special Allowance to MACP I, II & III officials for working in Treasury and Accountant Posts:- As per the IFW advise, a reference has been made to DOPT whether all Special Allowances are admissible to the officials posted such branches on acquiring MACP promotions.
(iii)    Orders for grant grant of further extension of Split duty Allowance for another three years is under process.
(iv)     Clarificatory orders on drawal of special pay to unqualified Accountants will be issued shortly.
(v)       The revision of option is respect of Accounts line official is applicable from the date of the original orders. The Department agreed to cause clarificatory orders to this effect (This is prevailing in Karnataka Circle).
(vi)     It is agreed to cause clarificatory instructions that stepping up of pay to Postmen/Group ‘D’ will be based on the divisional Gradation list, not as per unit list. (Problems prevailing in Karnataka Circle).
(vii)   It was assured to cause instructions that below the HSG-I Postmasters, no one needs to maintain/write APARS of the officials. (Case the AP & Karnataka Circles).
(viii) Chief PMG, Assam will be instructed that subsequent filling up of Postmaster Grade II shall be only from the Grade-I Postmasters.
(ix)     The irregularity in the initial constitution of Postmaster Grade II in Tamilnadu Circle will be set aside with due instructions shortly.
(x)       Protection of Pay of defunct PO & RMS Accountants by extending the benefits accorded to Punjab Circle to all – orders will be released shortly.
(xi)     Grant of Tribal Allowance to Koraput and other divisions of Chattisgarh circle will be processed on obtaining reports from the respective circles.

Casual Labourers
The file has been put up on Postal Board for decision and will be finalized shortly.

Cadre Restructuring
Unless the process of cadre restructuring is completed, the existing problems of PO & RMS Accountants, Systems Administrators, Creation of more posts to the Postmasters cadre to avoid transfers and declinations, providing more chances for LSG, HSG II & HSG I promotions etc. could not be resolved. We recorded our concern over the delay and proposed to hold token Fast on 21.05.2012 in front of Directorate & Circle offices.

Organisational Notes
   Postal welfare Board Meeting is scheduled to be held on 16.05.2012 at Dak Bhawan. Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO and Com. P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary, Newly Formed AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) are attending the meeting. We are expecting several welfare decisions in the meeting which is chaired by the Hon’ble Minister of State for communication & I.T.

   The NFPE Federal Secretariat is scheduled to be held on 21.05.2012 at 5 PM in NFPE Office. The 26th July March to Parliament and consideration of the request from the AIPEU GDS (NFPE) seeking for Associate membership to NFPE are the main agendas.

   All Divisional/Circle Secretaries are requested to hold Dharna on 21.05.2012 in front of Circle/regional offices demanding immediate settlement of assured demands. This JCA call may please be implemented in true spirit and exert pressure to the administration.
  All India Postal Sports Committee meeting is scheduled to be held at Hyderabad on 05.06.2012. Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General is attending the meeting on behalf of the Federation.
   All India Conference of Administrative Employees union was held at Kolkata from 28.04.2012 to 30.04.2012 General Secretary could not attend the AIC due to sudden laser treatment he underwent on his eyes. Com. M. Krishnan Secretary General & CHQ President attended on our behalf. Com. Ramesh, Com. Pranab Bhattacharya and Com. Maya Ram were duly elected as CHQ President, General Secretary or Financial Secretary respectively. The CHQ congratulates the newly elected office bearers.

   The National Executive of the Confederation met on 28.04.2012 and it is decided to organise March to Parliament on 26.07.2012 and also one day token strike in October or November 2012 demanding scrapping of New Pension, Formation of Next Pay Body, MACP anomalies etc. Details will be published in the Bharitya Post.

  General Secretary attended the joint conference of Koraput division on 22.04.2012. More than 1500 comrades participated. Com. R. C. Mishra, Com. Mohanty, Com. Nirmal Singh, Com. Gana Acharya were the prominent speakers beside General Secretary. There was total unanimous in all the elections. Com. Maharana, Com. Rajesh and Com. Suresh deserve all appreciations to maintain the division with rock like unity. Many kudos to them and also the newly elected office bearers.

  All India Conference of R3 Union was held in Kanpur from 03.05.2012 to 05.05.2012. due to ill health, General Secretary Could not attend and Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President attended and graced the occasion. Com. Bardhan, Com. Giriraj Singh and Com. Jagdish Prasad were duly elected as CHQ President, General Secretary and Financial Secretary respectively. Our CHQ Congratulates the newly elected office bearers.

All of you aware that I am due for superannuation on 31.5.2012 and my next General Secretary Desk which will be released shortly will bear my message of GOOD BYE. So, Please wait for some time. Let us meet in our next shortly.

With fraternal greetings,

Comradely yours,

(K. V. Sridharan)
General Secretary

Dated – 09.05.2012

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