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Saturday, June 2, 2012


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Secretary, Dharmshala
Himachal Pradesh

Our beloved General Secretary Com. K.V.Sridharan has retired on superannuation today from the post of Asstt. Chief Postmaster, Chennai GPO. He was in the office for last 6 years and during his incumbency, the entire Postal movement got a new momentum with the invaluable supports of Comrades K.Raghavendra and Com. M.Krishnan.

    We wish him a very happy future life and expect more from him in the movement of confederation to unify the movement of the working class in our country in the coming days.

West Bengal Circle
AIPEU Group ‘C’

Dear comrade,

I want your peaceful life after retirement from the Department of Posts. I want your presentation in all trade movement organised by NFPE.

I pray my God for your long and peaceful life
yamaji bamble
Secretary, Pune City East


Wish you happy and prosperous emeritus to Com. Sridharan jee, may god provide health & wealth. Your services to our union even after retirement is essential during this juncture to step ahead in trade union movements

Sreenivasa reddy
Divisional Secretary
Kurnool, AP

Com. K. Venkatachary Sridharan, our beloved General Secretary retires from service on superannuation on 31.05.2012. His dynamic leadership entriched with a new vision and approach has greatly benefited the postal employees.

With broken heart, the members of AIPEU, Group ‘C’, Assam Circle wish him a healthy and peaceful retired life.

L. P. Saikia
Org. General Secretary, P3

I wish you a Happy and prosperous peaceful retirement life Com. KVS. - 
Bharathi Latha

Dear Comrade, oh behalf of mysore postal division  i wish you a happy retired life.I am very fortunate to be the divisional Secretary in your regime as General Secretary and the co-operation you have extended to us is immense.  As I always said to my comrades, " you are the only General Secretary to become  AAM Admi ka General Secreatry. From the first visit to Mysore you have become very close to us and you have become the guiding force to all of us.   Its my pleasure to quote that You are the first General Secretary to attend the Mysore Divisional Conference and it is a matter of great pride to us.  We have benefitted by the memorandum you have submitted to the pay commission and numerous problems have solved in your regime. My hearty congratulations to you.  K.V.S. is a encyclopedia and fought very hard for the movement of AIPEU Group C. There is left say about you committment towards the welfare of the staff and the record speaks for everything. MY dear comrade, we are sorry you are departing from the post of General Secretary and please be in touch with us and you are always welcome to Mysore and I assure you that I will be at your service at any time.  We will always cherish the moments we shared with you and hope that you will guide us in future days. I ONCE AGAIN WISH YOU A HAPPY RETIRED LIFE.




Com. K V Sridharan, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C retired on superannuation

Com. K V. Sridharan, our beloved General Secretary retires from service on superannuation on 31.05.2012. His dynamic leadership enriched with a new vision and approach has greatly benefited the working class in general and the postal employees in particular.

With broken and distressed heart, the members of AIPEU, Group-C, Karimnagar Divisional branch wish him a healthy and peaceful retired life.

Ramesh, OA, Karimnagar DO

Hearty congratulation on your superanuation retirment from postal service .But we still wanted u in the forefront of our union 

Hoping a happy retired life  Thanking you sir


Venkatesh K Joshi HPO Koppal

I am deeply touched and emotionally moved by the achievent of this union during your tenure. You may be retired from the Govt Service but we think you can not take retirement from the trade union activities and also from our hearts.

B K Pathi
Secretary PIII

"Wish your very happy retirement life with your family and also with us. I think that not only all members of NFPE but also other struggling people of working classes always remember U. Hope u may never forget us.
Debansu Saha
Aska (Odisha)

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