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Monday, June 4, 2012




Com. K. V. Sridharan, the dynamic vibrant, hardworking and fully committed Leader of NFPE and General Secretary AIPEU Group ‘C’ has retired from service on 31.05.2012 NFPE is really proud of our beloved KVS and wishes him a more colourful, wonderful and restless retirement life. On behalf of the entire Postal, RMS and GDS fraternity we wish him ALL THE BEST. Com. KVS will be leading the movement in the coming days also. Retirement is only from departmental service and not from Trade Union service = M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE.

It is an official objection through SMS, please note it and publish in your website, objection regarding the last line of your todays post in our CHQ’s Website. You don’t have any right to write that line. So please remove the line immediately. Otherwise I have to reach Delhi right now, & you know me, that I can. Yes comrade, you do not have any right to write “good bye”. So please delete it with remarks immediately. We all love you too much.
- Pinaki

Wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life. History of Postal trade Union movement will always remember KVS for his glorious and remarkable contributions and also making the CHQ acceible for the common members.

Dear Sir,

This time Secretary Desk is painful for us. you may retire from Department, not from movement. Your memories will never fade. It is only superannuation. It is not retirement. No retirement from your union activites. All the best.

Com. Happy Superannuation. You have inched your way to our hearts with commitment & sagacious functioning. You have taken P3 to new hights.

Wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life. History of Postal trade union movement will always remember KVS for his glorious and remarkable contributors also making CHQ acceable for the common members.
Biswas, Kol, GPO

Wish you all success in life. You are making your life meaningful. We have five wide space in our heart. We will be with you always.
Chandru, Kannan S

Wish you a peaceful retirement life. We want you presentation is the NFPE organisation and trade union movement.
- Rajendran P, Kerala

With you happy retired life. You are a great leader & your services are very much required to our union.
Janakiram, Bangalore East

My regards & love on the day of superannuation. You will never retire. We don’t need to say; we love you, respect you, you are a mile stone. Special thanks for personal guidance to me ever.
-          Rashmin

Respected Sir, good morning. Entire Asansol division wishes you a very happy, healthy and peaceful life after superannuation. You will always remain our supreme leader and guardian of Asansol family. With regards.
- Asansol

My dearest Comrade,

I know that retirement in your case will be beginning of the most creative period. Workers of the country needs leaders like you at this point of time. Your responsibilities and our expectations enhanced from today – revolutionary greetings.
V. K. Sivakumar, Tirur Kerala

With you a very happy and prosperous retired life. We will always remember your valued services offered to the Postal workers of the country.
Abdul Jalil, ACS, Assam

You have been very hard working. No one can replace you. We all miss you so much. I wish you happy and prosperous life ahead happy retirement life.
- S. K. Nema

Dear Comrade KVS,

We, on behalf of Sivaganga Divisional unions ,greet you on the occasion of your retirement . You have become General Secretary of the powerful  union federated with NFPE, the mighty organisation of the Postal Workers and served for the cause of the members at all times.. Your contribution not only to the Group C employees but also to other cadres of our postal people is laudable. Your rise from the Branch secretary to the top level of the union is   phenomenal and eventful. Your knowledge in rulings and writing skills in putting the workers problems to the higher-ups  are amazing. The books you have written during the tenure will tell upon them. They will long last and tell your name in the years to come.

We salute and wish you a hale and healthy life to guide the unions after retirement for the cause of the postal employees.  

Yours fraternally

Divisional Secretaries, P3, P4, GDS Unions
NFPE, Sivaganga 

Namaskarams, Just now I came to know that you have retired from service on 31st May, 12, through our blog.  I whole heartedly pray God to bless you with good health and wealth in the days to come.  HAPPY RETIRED LIFE SIR.  At the same time we are very unhappy to know about your retirement. 

Thanking you Sir,  
Yours sincerely,  

Respected my leader,


Retirement is the phase in life when leisure and family take our focus. We put to rest the hectic schedules we once adhered to and learn a new pace of living. Many people look forward to retirement, though they fear the uncertain. The thrill of accomplishing career goals, being esteemed by co-workers and colleagues in the work environment is passing away. For those who have always been defined by their career, recognized by their role, a new person must emerge-a retired person. On the other hand, for those who have had a long and stressful career, whose days dragged on dreadfully, retirement sounds like a heaven. Like others have said, I am happy for you and sad for us due to your retirement but happy for you is the bigger piece. Your care and concern were evident in every communication - emails to the group, personal emails, and in person. You set a great example for all of us about the value of "Trade Union" and we will miss you in the department , but not in the Trade Union 

 With Red Solute,


Congratulations for his success ad red salute to Com. K.V.SRIDHARAN, G.S., C.H.Q., on his superannuation !!!

Congratulations for his success ad red salute to Com. K.V.SRIDHARAN, G.S., C.H.Q., on his superannuation
AIPEU Howah, aipeugrchowrahdiv.blogspot.com

Com. Sridharan,

I wish you a Happy, Healthy and peaceful retired life. I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt greetings and wishes to you for the love and affection shown towards me since my joining in to the union. It is unfortunate that we could not have your presence as a General Secretary for atleast up to 2014. This is the real need of the hour of your leadership. You have a clear vision and road map to lead the union in this critical situation. However do not hesitate to share your valuable suggestions and guidance whenever we disturb you comrade. 

Once again thank you and thank you very much for everything we learn and you share.

With regards
A. Shravan Kumar
Office Assistant O/O the SSPOs
Secunderabad Division

"AIPEU Group-C CHQ remembers the services rendered by you in these 6 years. Your contribution in cadre restructuring, as a leader of departmental council, publishing of Venture and GDS crusader and Hand books, Designing of website for CHQ, As a member of Anomaly Committee, presentation before 6th CPC is memorable one.? You are one of the great leader who driven the NFPE towards victory. Thank you and Thankyou very much for all we learn and you share during the period. Red Salutes to you sir"
Shravan Kumar Addetla

We all wish u a Very Very Happy, Prosperous, Healty Looooooooooooonng Retired Life...

Thank you very much for your unaccountable achievements you gifted to all.

We all proud of you and miss you very much.

Heartiest Greetings and Regards.....
Bal Raj
System Administrator
Dharamsala-176215 (HP)

"Wish you a happy and peaceful retirement life.History of postal trade union movement will always remember KVS for his glorious and remarkable contributions & also for making the chq accessible for the common members."
Sachidananda Biswas

Dear Comrade,

                         As we do not believe in farewell in our organisational life, we would not leave you a parting message. We are sure that with you, retirement means greater opportunity to serve the fight of the trade unions with greater intensity. We are more than happy that we had you with us as the G.S. at a crucial moment, as you have shaped entire Postal movement during your incumbency of these years to a new dimension.

We hope your future days of life will be even happier with a fit body and mind. See you soon at Velllore CWC.

With Comradely greetings,

"Wish your very happy retirement life with your family and also with us. I think that not only all members of NFPE but also other struggling people of working classes always remember U. Hope u may never forget us. 
Debansu Saha

Respected com,

                            I am deeply touched and emotionally moved by the achievement of this union during your tenure. You may be retired from the Govt. Service but we think you cannot take retirement from the trade union activities and also from our hearts.

B K Pathi
Secretary PIII
Aska (Odisha)

Hearty congratulation on your superanuation retirment from postal service .But we still wanted u in the forefront of our union 

Hoping a happy retired life 

Thanking you sir

Com. K V Sridharan, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C retired on superannuation

Com. K V. Sridharan, our beloved General Secretary retires from service on superannuation on 31.05.2012. His dynamic leadership enriched with a new vision and approach has greatly benefited the working class in general and the postal employees in particular.

With broken and distressed heart, the members of AIPEU, Group-C, Karimnagar Divisional branch wish him a healthy and peaceful retired life.

Red salute to Com. K. V. Sridharan
Ramesh, OA, Karimnagar DO

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