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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


No.PF-01(b)/2012                                             Dated:  14th   August, 2012


            It is hereby notified in accordance with Article 12 of the Constitution of NFPE that the meeting of the Federal Executive of National Federation of Postal Employees shall be held at NFPE Office, 1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building New Delhi-110 001 on 27th September, 2012.The meeting shall commence at 11 A.M. on 27.09.2012. The following will be the agenda for discussion in the meeting:


1.         Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Federal Executive Meeting held at NFPE Office on 21.03.2012.
2.         Presentation of Organizational Report.
3.         Review of implementation of decisions taken in last Federal Executive.
4.         Review of Settlement of Strike Charter of Demands.
5.         Review of Parliament March on 26th July, 2012.
6.         Confederation Charter of Demands and one day strike on 12.12.2012.
7.         A.I.P.E.U. GDS (NFPE) - Grant of Associate Membership.
8.         Review of Financial position of NFPE.
9.         Postal Crusader.
10.       Finalization of the venue and dates of next Federal Council Meeting.
11.       Any other items with permission of the chair.

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General

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