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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Camp: Chennai
Date: 14.06.2014

As scheduled the meeting of the representatives of various Central Government Pensioners Organisations took place today in Chennai. The meeting was presided over by one of the Vice Chairman of BCPC Comrade R.L.Bhattacharyya. 31 representatives from fifteen Organisations participated in this meeting. This meeting was called to discuss all the amendments and suggestions received on the draft memorandum prepared by BCPC and exhibited in the websites. Two organisations viz., All India Railway Retired Employees Federation, Secunderabad led by Comrade Y.N.Sasthry and All India Federation of Pensioners Associations, Chennai led by Comrade Balasubramanian have sent their written suggestions for amendment of the Draft Memorandum. Some of the representatives on the spot gave their suggestions either in writing or even verbally.

All these suggestions etc were frankly considered and either incorporated or ignored on the basis of consensus reached in the meeting.

It was also agreed that the memorandum should be submitted to the 7th CPC on certain fundamental issues relating to Pensioners so that these could be focussed and claimed serious consideration by the pay commission. It was also decided that some issues which were pressed hard by the representatives should also find place in this memorandum as miscellaneous items. Further it was decided that a separate Memorandum should be prepared by departmental specific Pensioners organisations like Postal Pensioners, BSNL Pensioners, Railway Pensioners etc, which should form Part – II of the Memorandum.

The final draft of the Common Memorandum would be finalised before 22nd June and would be placed in the websites of both the NCCPA and BPS. All Organisations are requested to post their comments and convey them through emails to NCCPA (nccpa.hq@gmail.com) latest by 25th June, 2014. After considering these comments, the final Memorandum will be prepared and submitted to 7th CPC on behalf of BCPC and all the participating organisations by 30th June, 2014.

A summary of the proceedings of this meeting is also attested.

Having succeeded in finalising a common memorandum on pensioners  related issues, the first step in the direction of uniting the pensioners has been taken. More than submission of this Memorandum to the Pay Commission, we should present it before the mass of pensioners all over the country and educate them as to why these fundamental issues have been raised with emphasis rather than raising all and sundry issues before the pay commission. The meeting unanimously accepted this approach and authorised the Secretary General to finalise with the following five points prioritised:
  1. Scrapping the New Pension Scheme and PFRDA.
  2. Parity of Pension between the past and future pensioners.
  3. Periodical revision of pension once in 5  years in future.
  4. Minimum pension should not be less than the minimum pay of the lowest cadre at any point of time.
  5. Quantum of pension @ 67% of the Last Pay Drawn or 10 months average whichever is greater and additional pension for older pensioners.
  6. Comprehensive cashless as well as hazzle free medicare scheme for all pensioners without any discrimination.

This memorandum represents the aspirations of the entire community of pensioners and therefore it is primarily meant to be addressed to them if the Commission does not impart justice on the issues raised by us in this memorandum. The membership should be prepared and united for appropriate action to back these demands.

It is hoped that all Pensioners Organisations would endeavour to involve the entire membership in  pursuance of these goals, which we have raised before the Pay Commission.

Comradely Yours,

Secretary General

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