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Friday, April 17, 2015

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                                    SOLIDARITY TO BSNL EMPLOYEES

                           All Affiliates & State Committees (COCs)

Dear Comrades,
                    As you are aware BSNL Employees are organizing TWO DAYS NATIONWIDE STRIKE on 21st & 22nd April 2015. Their main demand is "SAVE BSNL & SAVE NATION" ie:; to change the anti-BSNL and anti-people Telecom policy of the NDA Govt which is aimed at destroying the public sector BSNL paving way for for eventual privatization. After Modi Govt coming to power, the same policy is being vigorously pursued in all Central Govt services including the biggest departments like Railways, Defence and Postal. Needless to say that success of our struggle against this policy of the Govt depends upon the success of the struggle of BSNL workers. .
               National Secretariat of the Confederation calls upon all affiliates and COCs to express solidarity with the fighting BSNL workers by holding demonstration in front of BSNL offices at all important centers during the two day's strike.

 Yours fraternally,
 Secretary General,

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