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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From DoPT website – About Cadre Review

• Why do we need this Cadre?
• What is the Cadre Structure?
• How does it look?
• What are the Parallels for the Cadre Hierarchy?
• What does the cadre person do at the office?
 • Has IT Substituted him/her? A part of him/her?
 • Can IT and Law substitute Him/Her?
• What Functions can be Transferred Up/Down?
• How many such or similar cadres in the Department / Organization?
 • Can similar cadres be merged? – Vertically / Horizontally?
 • How many layers in the Cadre?
 • Where is the Decision Making Level?
 • How many layers before Decision Making Layer? 
• What is financial implication

Decision Making

• What Should be The Cadre Strength?
• What should be the ratio of Recruitment?
• How much by Promotion, How much by Semi Direct?
 • What should be the time before Promotions?
• When will Addition and Deletions to the Cadre strength become effective

All the above are the angles of administration.

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