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Saturday, March 18, 2017


General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrade,

On return from the CWC Meeting held at Raigarh from 08.03.2017 to 09.03.2017 and in the midst of various discussions and decisions in the CWC, I feel happy to share with all of you through this Desk with some other updated information.

The CWC meeting began with the colourful procession from Raigarh HPO to the Venue “Trinity Hotel” alongwith colourful folk dances of the Chattisgarh Tribals marvelously. The team led by Com. Virendra Kumar Goud, Divisional Secretary, Raigarh and Com. G. S. Sahu, Circle Secretary, Chhattisgarh have made wonderful arrangements for the CWC including a pleasant stay with delicious food.

The CWC was presided by Com. J. Ramamurthy, CHQ President, Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary, General Confederation & Ex-Secretary General NFPE & Ex-General Secretary P3 inaugurated the CWC. The other prominent speakers in the CWC were Com. K. Ragavendran, Ex-Secretary General (NFPE), Com. K. V. Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary (P3), Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary (R3), Com. R. Seethalakshmi, General Secretary (P4), Com. P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary (AIPEU GDS), Com. R. Sivannarayana, Ex-CHQ President, Com. Mangesh Parab, Ex-Working President (CHQ), Com. A. Manoharan, Working President, NFPE and Com. S. Ragahupathi, Asstt. Secretary General, NFPE.

The CWC was participated by 17 Circle Secretaries and 12 office bearers. Seven Mahila Committee Members were present. Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE and General Secretary P3 CHQ presented the draft report. A serious and elaborate discussion have taken place in the subject Committee and many issues confronting at this juncture were dealt. The following are the important decision.

While hailing the cadre review scheme, which provides more promotional avenues to the youngers with 3:1 preposition, the CWC took the method of unilateral implementation of the scheme seriously. It was decided to seek and immediate discussion with staff side and arrive a consensus and till then to defer the implementation. The following will be focused seriously in the discussion.

(i)        To avoid mass scale transfer the LSG and HSG-II should be made as divisional cadre.
(ii)      All the senior officials having services to acquire HSG II and HSG-I promotion shall be given notional promotion without joining the promoted post so that it will minimize the mass scale transfer. The relaxation of Recruitment Rules shall be obtained from nodal ministry in this regard.
(iii)    There is no uniformity in identification of upgraded posts in Circles. They act choosing as per their desires. This should not be and uniform instructions should be given.
(iv)     The post of treasurers need not be upgraded in to LSG. If it so, the tenure shall be four years at par with other LSG and also the treasury allowance shall be drawn to the officials deployed in LSG Cadre.
(v)       As per the agreement, all the HSG-I officials having two years of service shall be identified as NF HSG-I higher post. This has not been carried out. There should be no identification of NF HSG-I post after HSG-I promotion and it shall be based on the individuals without any transfer liability.
(vi)     PO & RMS Accountants and some posts of System Administrators shall be identified as LSG Posts.
(vii)   In the clarifications issued by the Directorate, it was mentioned as HSG-I I.P. Line is in existence. It was changed in the revised Recruitment Rules for HSG-I. (General Line).
(viii) When the 1+4 officials are upgraded to HSG-II, there is injustice to keep Grade-I Postmaster equivalent to LSG. Those post shall be upgraded to Grade-II, Grade-II to Grade-III and Grade-III to NF Grade-III.
(ix)     The minimum service condition of 6 years and 5 years for HSG-II & HSG-I shall be amended as if before to the extent of 3 years. This will facilitate in filling up the post without any delay in future.
(x)       Clear cut orders must be issued for drawal of officiating higher pay to the officials working in LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I posts on short and long term adhoc/officiating arrnagements.
(xi)     While identifying the posts, the bigger offices shall be taken due care of to avoid more transfers from the units.
(xii)   The applications of bench mark ‘Very Good’ shall not be applied up to HSG-I since the promotions are selection cum seniority and not by pure selection.

The above are few decision taken to insist the department at the time of implementation of the cadre review to avoid mass scale transfer and inconvenience. Further if any official declines promotion, that shall be accepted without insisting to join the promoted posts. We will a detailed letter to the Directorate seeking on interview to discuss exclusively on this issue to arrive solution to this issue and requested to defer the implementation till it is agreed upon.

The following issues have been discussed further and it was decided to address the Department to have a separate meeting to discuss and decide them.
(i)        Problems arisen due to the implementation of CSI – A detailed letter has been sent to the Directorate.
(ii)      Problems of women employees.
(iii)    Posts Bank of India.
(iv)     Problems remaining unsettled and also the demands put forth in the strike Charter.
(v)       Introduction of Pass Port Seva Kendra & Employment Exchange name Registration.

The CHQ office bearers and circle secretaries while deliberating, pointed out the following issues for the settlement.
(i)        Upgradation of all single handed office in to ‘B’ class offices.
(ii)      Enhancement of LR percentage.
(iii)    Unjust abolition of Posts under ADR vacancies for the years 2005-2008.
(iv)     Delay in Payment of personal claims like MR bills & other incentives.
(v)       Non maintenance of staff quarters.
(vi)     Non grant of extra remuneration for the Demonitisation work and Sunday/holiday duties.

The CHQ has prepared detailed letter to the Secretary today and we will pursue further.

In respect of organizational matters, it was unanimously resolved to make the 16.03.2017 strike a grand success. Further, the CWC took serious concern about the delay in declaration of membership verification results and unethical and unlawful extension of trade union facilities against the RSA Rules to BPEF Union. The delay in declaration of GDS membership verification was also seriously discussed. It is decided to have a meeting with the Secretary, Department of posts and discuss and in case of no settlement, it is propose to launch serious trade union action.

The Financial Secretary Com. Balwinder Singh pointed out that more than 20% branches have not remitted any Quota to CHQ over two years. The CWC decided in such cases, to issue notices to all defaulters informing them that CHQ will be forced to direct the DDOs to remit the subscription amount directly to the CHQ and suspend the branches. This will be implemented before the completion of this financial year.

Com. Janakiram, Circle Secretary, Karnataka Circle elaborately narrated the proposed arrangements for the AIC and the budget estimate over one crore and seeking the assistance of divisions and branches. The Circle Secretaries have responded positively in this regard. It is decided that our AIC will be held from 06.08.2017 to 08.08.2017 the delegate fee will be Rs.1500/-. All the divisions are requested to provide assistance to the Reception Committee by means of advertisement to the souvenir or donation.

The CWC ended with the vote of thanks by Com. Naresh Gupta, Asst. Treasurer CHQ. Our CHQ President Com. J. Ramamurthy. Conducted the CWC in such a pleasant and condusive atmosphere by providing enough time to the speakers and utilized the CWC to discuss our sectional problems mainly. The issues relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks with reference to the Kamlesh Chandra Committee Report was also discussed and it is decided that P3 CHQ shall make maximum effort for rendering justice to GDS.

The receiption Committee headed by Com. Virendra Kumar Goud and Com. G. R. Sahu deserves all round appreciations. By all means, the CWC was very unique in arrangements, stayal, food, deliberations and decision. Our senior leaders Com. M. Krishnan, and Com. K. v. Sridharan contributed then and there on all the issues and contributed a lot.

Bye Comrades! Let us meet in another soon.

With fraternal greetings,
                                                                                                                                    Comradely yours,
New Delhi – 110008              
                                                                                                                                    (R. N. Parashar)

General Secretary

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