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Saturday, May 26, 2007

General Secretary' Desk

Date: 26 May 2007

From General Secretary' Desk

All CHQ Office Bearers,
All Circle Secretaries,
AIPEU Group 'C'
Dear Comrades,

Meeting with DG on 23-05-2007

In respect of pending items on the settlement of demands, a letter was handed over and discussed with the Secretary, Department of Posts on 23-05-2007.  He assured to take appropriate action to cause necessary orders. The copy of the letter is enclosed along with this document.
It was assured to grant incentive / honorarium for all the new items of work introduced in the Department of Posts.

Seminar on 24-05-2007

The department organised a seminar about the proposal of the department for 11th Planning Commission and had interaction with the Trade Union leaders.  It lasted for 5 hours.  The important documents produced during the seminar are exhibited in our P-III CHQ E-Mail Box i.e. p3chq@yahoo.co.in Password for this E-Mail Box is aipeuc. Please download and keep for your records.
In the seminar, we interacted in many areas about revenue, Business Post, Training, incentives to staff etc.  In nutshell the meeting was purposeful.
Discussions with DDG (P) on 25-05-2007 about PO and RMS Accountants problems
The discussions had taken place on 25-05-2007 at 11:00 hrs. and I insisted the following to mitigate the problems.
(i)                  As number of APM LSG Accounts (Feeder Cadre) is lesser and many of them have been upgraded to HSG.II earlier, some HSG.II APM Accounts post be reduced to the status of LSG and maintain the ratio of LSG, HSG.II & HSG.I as 40:40:20.
(ii)                According to Recruitment Rules, the date of qualifying the PO and RMS Accountants Exam shall be the determining factor for promotion to APM Accounts and the vacant posts be filled up as per the Recruitment Rules.
From the department side, the following were stated:-
(i)                  Earlier, as most of the HSG.II / HSG.I vacancies were occupied by the Accounts line officials, the reservation of 20% has been withdrawn based on the demands of the staff side. As such there is no chance of revival of reservation to APM Accounts in HSG.II & HSG.I.
(ii)                If the General line officials in HSG.II are posted as APM Accounts, they can be imparted with adequate training on accounts matters since the Accounts line has lost its identity.
(iii)               If the LSG APM Accounts Rules is revived, there is a chance of occupying the HSG.II & HSG.I posts by such officials only and in long run it will deny promotions to General line officials.
Therefore, I discussed and suggested the following.
(i)                  Accounts line may be declared as a separate cadre and number of HSG.II & HSG.I may be provided for their promotional avenues.  There is no need to occupy their lines by General line officials and vice versa.
(ii)                The seniority list of PO and RMS Accountants qualified officials be maintained at circle level to accord LSG promotion based on the date of qualification.  The officials who did not get LSG promotion in Accounts line may join with the main stream and as and when due for regular LSG (General line) based on the PA Gradation list.
(iii)               As per the 1958 & 1959 instructions, fresh options may be obtained from the existing PO and RMS qualified officials either to opt or out from the Accounts line. Based on this Gradation list be maintained.
The Department in its sharp reaction mentioned that there is no chance of keeping two-gradation list for one cadre and keeping two avenues of promotions as per the DoP&T guidelines.  It sought and other suggestions other than this.  We did not subscribe to the revival of old defunct cadre of PO and RMS Accountant.
Finally, we told that the grievances of the PO and RMS Accounts qualified officials in according their LSG / HSG.II / HSG.I promotions should be settled based on the discussions to evolve any formula other than we suggested without affecting the interest of both Accounts / General line officials.  We placed that the PO and RMS Accountants posts should be upgraded to a promotional post equal to LSG to sort out the existing anomalies. The DDG (P) explained about the demand of the Postal Accounts to decentralise and taking in-charge of the Accounts branch.
The DDG (P) finally told that he is very clear in the demand of the staff side and in open mind, find out ways & means to sort out the issue at the earliest.  All Circle Secretaries are requested to send their opinions, suggestions too and equipping the CHQ for further discussions in this issue.
Discussions with DDG (Establishment)

FSC - Agreed and will accord orders early revising the rates of Fixed Stationary Charge.

Recovery for over payment - The recovery to Accounts branch officials for drawal of over payment to Postmen while fixation of pay after the 5th CPC -- This will be considered after having detailed study of the court cases - (We placed this as one of the item in the Departmental Council).
Special Pay to Accountant - A reminder will be sent to DoP&T & MoF for orders to treat the Special Allowance as Special Pay for fixation of pay on promotion to PO and RMS Accountants.

Norms for RD- The suggestions putforth by the CHQ is pursued and correction memo will be issued shortly.


Systems Administrators - A scheme to grant incentive to the System Managers is under consideration.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
 K.V. Sridharan
General Secretary

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