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Wednesday, January 9, 2008



1.       Filling up of LSG, HSG II & HSG I Posts


(i)                   Recast the notional promotions since 1982/1983 onwards and fill up all vacant posts of LSG\, HSG II & HSG I.


(ii)                 Fill up 2/3rd unfilled LSG vacancies notionally from 7.2.02 to 18.5.06.


(iii)                Relax minimum qualifying service for HSG II promotion.


(iv)               Irregular application of bench mark of current period for notional promotions.


(v)                 Date of LSG Promotion be calculated from the date of issue of orders and not form the date of joining.


(vi)               Grant of Modification of LSG as one time measure for those aggrieved due to dearth of LSG vacancies/ Rule 38 transfers.


(vii)              Drawal of pay to senior BCR officials in HSG I posts as the pay scales of HSG II & BCR is one and the same & settlement of earlier officiating cases of Tamilnadu, West Bengal & other Circles as one time measure.


(viii)            Anomaly in the preparation of PA Gradation list. Date of confirmation should not be taken now and Date of appointment be taken for construing seniority. Fixing seniority based on the date of confirmation is unconstitutional and discriminatory.


2         Withdraw the draconian orders contained in Directorate letter No. 22-5/95-PE I dt 21.5.07 denying BCR benefits to those declining LSG Promotion. Several officials were arbitrarily, unjustified denied the due BCR promotion.


3         Filling up the APM Accounts LSG, HSG II posts as per 1976 LSG Accountant recruitment Rules.


4         Filling up Residual vacancies since 1999-2000 onwards without any further delay.


5         Immediate withdrawal of orders discriminating regular and FTP LSG and posting them in Delivery offices in the middle of the tenure.


6         Withdraw the Directorate letter dt. 22.10.07 on Systems Administrators and form uniform & correct norms & guidelines first before passing sarcastic comments.


7         Withdraw the orders fixing responsibility on D.D.Os/APM Accounts for the over payment of Pay & Allowances to Postman on account of Fixation under R.P. Rules.


8         Counting of special Allowance for pay fixation case of PO & RMS


9         Counting of Past services of erstwhile R.T.P for promotion & pension as per the Supreme Court direction.


10     Withdraw the condition in tenure posting of Single & Double handed offices & restriction in posting of SPM due to minor penalties/ CR entries which are in violation of provisions of statutory rules of volume IV.


11     Allowing all TBOP officials to appear for Group B exam to be held in Feb'08. as per original orders & various judicial pronouncements. The cut off date should be extended for the current exam as 01.01.2008. The exam should be conducted after completing the process of notional promotions to LSG in all circles.


12     Counting of Training period for increment and promotion to the departmental candidates also.


13     Revision of FSC to Post offices & Enhancement of honorarium for RD PMC work in Sub Offices, Department Exam invigilation work etc.


14     Implement the assurance made on 19.4.07 in fixing incentive to RPLI, IMT Pass port applications, NRGEIS, other business activities etc., Grant of OTA to operative staff to manage the shortage, Engagement of SDPA to manage the Shortage, Dispensation of Confirmation Exam etc.


15     Creation of Systems Manager/Administrators Posts & Marketing Executives. Grant of SPL pay and grant of Road mileage Allowance without restrictions. Trainers Allowance for imparting training Norms be fixed for Systems Administrators uniformly to all Circles; providing mobile phones, Fixing duties & responsibilities.


16     Allotment of adequate funds to clear all pending personal claims like OTA, TA medical etc. pending since 2002-03.


17     Spot payment of incentive to SPM/BPM for procuring RPLI business. Grant of incentive for schedule work in accounts branch.


18     Drawal of SB Allowances to all working in SB branches on computers.


19     Refund of Fee for appearing AMFI (Association of Mutual Fund industry) Exam to all candidates.


20     Revision of Bonus Formula & removal of 60 days cap.



(D. Kishan Rao)                                                                 (K V Sridharan)

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