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Thursday, November 13, 2008

General Secretary's Desk



As scheduled, the 27

th AIC will be held at Acharya Nagarjuna University Campus, Guntur from 30.11.08 to 02.12.08 with the notified Agenda.

The efforts to conduct a Seminar on "Changing Face of Global Postal services under the Globalization era and its impact on Staff and Customers" become futile due to the non availability of dates from the eminent professors & Departmental officers. Now, we are going to deliberate our subject Committee for whole three days without wasting any time.

Draft Resolutions will be supplied on important agendas alongwith the Biennial report which will be the basis for discussions. Separate Sub Committee meetings will also be held during the break hours of the Conference by the Conveners of the sub committees. We desire that this conference shall discuss all our issues threadbare and guide the CHQ for future functioning.

All Delegates are invited and they are requested to reach the Conference venue in time and submit the credentials from 29.11.08 evening so that we can compose the house on 30.11.08 morning itself. The Quota, Bhartiya Post dues & also the donations should be cleared in the Conference hall.

The Reception Committee has fixed Rs. 450/- as delegate fee, a nominal and decided to present compliments worth about Rs.200/- They strictly informed that all visitors should pay the delegate fee; otherwise they will not be allowed inside the campus. Please maintain discipline in this regard.

The Conference invitation will be despatched soon. All are requested to attend and cooperate to make the Guntur Conference a historical success one.


The NFPE Federal Secretariat meeting was held on 08.11.08 and discussed about the GDS committee recommendations and our role. The Secretariat felt that there are several retrograde, cruel recommendations in the committee's report and decided to launch joint struggle under the banner of JCA and with Confederation. A detailed note seeking the modification of recommendation will be prepared and submitted to the Department on behalf of Postal JCA soon.

The programme of action called for by the GDS union for protest demonstrations on 11.11.08 and Pada Yatra mass compaign from 20.11.08 to 26.11.08 has been unanimously endorsed by the Secretariat. All are requested to extend support to these programmes.


The NFPE calls 'A leaders convention' in Guntur on 29.11.08 consisting of all Circle Secretaries, CHQ office bearers of all the affiliated unions and also the GDS union. The issues like Need based minimum wage, Fitment Formula discriminative and biased against Employees, and also in grade pay enhanced only for officers, Government unilaterally implemented the modifications with out any consultation of Staff side etc will be discussed in the convention. Similarly, the retrograde recommendations on GDS will take prominent debates in the convention. The convention will decide proper agitational decisions by formulating charter of demands for effective struggles to wrest the demands. This will be

an historic event in the milestone of the history of Federation and its unions.


The Hon'ble Minister of State for communications & IT has invited staff side to his office on 11.11.2008 to give a briefing on the subject of 'Project Arrow', According the Secretary General of NFPE & FNPO along with the General Secretaries attended the meeting at 11.00 hours. The following problems developed due to implementation of 'Project Arrow' were appraised to the Minister through representation.

(i) Absence of transparency in implementation.

(ii) Curtailment of delivery and no proper scheduling of mail vans.

(iii) Shortage of staff; keeping full staff in project arrow identified POs; increase the leave reserve strength etc.

(iv) Training to staff on technology before introduction of new services.

(v) Demotivating the supervisory staff by identifying as regular & FTP. Training & Retraining will be the best solution for better efficiency.

During the discussions with the Hon'ble Minister, It is pointed out that the scheme may not be successful if the Department is not granted with exemption from screening committee and fill up all vacant posts including the residual vacancies. The Secretary (P) immediately reacted that the exemption to Postal department from the screening committee will be received shortly. Hon'ble Minister also assured that he will take immediate steps with FM & PM. After the meeting, Secretary (P) conveyed that she is expecting orders before the end of this month as all other formalities were over in granting exemption to Postal Department.

Hon'ble Minister conveyed that his doors are always open and he wants to make the postal services an efficient service. He is very much concerned with GDS. Minister & Secretary conveyed that they are studying the report of the Natarajamoorthy committee.

After very many years, the Hon'ble Minster invited the staff side and discussed the issues for about 25 minutes.


The project Arrow is the brain child of Hon'ble Minster of State (C & IT) Sri Jyotiraditya Scindia. Basically the project arrow is intended for two aspects:

(i) Making the core right (mail delivery is a core business and making it right is the main motto)

(ii) Look & Feel good of the Post offices (i.e.) the ambience of the Post offices (It is believed that a better and pleasant working environment can bring a change in the mindset of employees as well as customers)

This innovative idea has been derived in consultation with a company named Mckenze. Mckenze is a MNC which is solely functioning on consultancy pattern. Mckenze offers consultancy to many loss making companies, organizations in identifying the areas of loss and suggest to build up as a profitable organization. This concern is a successful one in that arena. The game plan is now being executed through this Project Arrow. The department is having a plan to identify further 4500 offices under the Project Arrow scheme.

Let us analyse further its out comes and its performance after some time.


GDS Committee headed by Sri R. S. Natarajamurti has submitted its recommendations on 29.10.08. Indeed, it is one of the report containing various cruel decisions and more retrograde recommendations equating the GDS with part-time employees like Anganwadi workers. Whatever be the loopholes already existing in favour of GDS employees like time factor, point systems etc, they have been properly searched and blocked. Almost the entire report is with pre conceived motivation to deny all legitimate right to GDS and treat them as second rated citizens of the Postal department. The report did not contain any justifications to deny the dues but merely treating them as part time employees having other avocation and income. Thus Sri Natarajamurti did the job effectively to bury the justice Talwar Committee with his bureaucratic language. Our comments were already exhibited in the website. Launching struggle unitedly is the only option for rejecting the retrograde and negative aspects of the report and save the GDS from further slavery.


The leaders of NFPE & FNPO observed hunger fast from 16.10.08 to 17.10.08 demanding to delete the discrimination in the bonus ceiling endorsement orders denying the ceiling revision to GDS on 21.10.08. Due to our effective negotiations, the Secretary (P) was pleased and directed to release fresh orders in supersession of 15

th and the orders were issued accordingly.

However in many circles, they have not drawn arrears bonus to GDS seeking unwarranted clarifications from Directorate. What kind of orders was issued during 1995, the similar kind of endorsement is made now by the revised order with the mention of superceding the order dt. 15.10.08. As such there is no need for any clarification and if any thing is made it is due to the lobby of the Establishment section of the Directorate which created the problem unwarrantedly on 15.10.08 by causing such a discriminatory orders.


(i) Modified ACP promotion orders are not yet issued by the DOPT. Only on receipt of the same, we can effectively pursue the case further for the extension of the ACP promotion to Postal employees.

(ii) Cadre restructuring proposal was sent by our CHQ earlier to the Department. So far no meeting is called for. We will pursue the issue further for early consideration of our proposals.

(ii) Revision of wages as per the revised pay structure based on Sixth CPC for RRR candidates, paid substitutes, casual labourers, contingent paid etc are being processed by the Directorate.

Let us meet at Guntur on 30.11.08 in the historic AIC. Till then, with greetings
Comradely yours,
(K. V. Sridharan)
General Secretary 

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