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Wednesday, December 1, 2010



An informal meeting with DDG (Estt.) and other officers on the issue of cadre restructuring has been held at the Directorate on 26.11.2010 .All General Secretaries of NFPE led by the Secretary General in the discussions.

The following are the gist of discussions of the meeting:

1. Since , GDS officials could get their Gr. ’D’ promotion only after 45 to 50 years of their age ,in most of the cases, they could not avail further promotions under MACP before their retirement from service. MACP is nothing but a mirage so for this cadre is concerned. They should be provided three promotions during their service with smaller span of service which was agreed to consider the proposal.

2. Similar is the case of postmen. Many of them could not get third MACP due to paucity of required minimum service. Cadre review should be carried out to provide three promotions to postmen within a span of twenty years. We were asked that the postmen on higher promotions should make data entries in the postmen module which was in principle agreed by us.

3. Further it was informally discussed to provide 20% of LGO vacancies under seniority cum fitness instead of writing LGO examination.

4. In respect of System Administrators it was discussed to carve-out separate the cadre from PA and convert it as promotional post for PA/SA. It was informed that creation of about 2000 to 2500 System Assistant posts will require a matching savings around 3000 PA/SA posts. We sought Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- which is available in other Departments for the cadre of System Asstt. It was agreed to consider our proposal.

5. The Officials qualified in PO & RMS Accountants examination may be granted with Rs. 2800 Grade Pay and may be also posted in A/Cs Branches of Head Post offices. Carving out a separate cadre to Accounts line, shall also be explored for further promotional aspect to this cadre.

6. With regard to PA Cadre, the official side categorically informed that there is no chance of elevation of posts or hike in Grade Pay for any categories in the entry cadre under Cadre review proposals and only the number of promotional posts can only be increased on matching savings. We placed our concern about the justification of Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- to LSG which was finally agreed to consider.

7. Our demand to upgrade 11395 single handed Pos and 6719 double handed Posts Offices as LSG and 6621 present LSG posts to HSG-II posts and amalgamation of 1622 HSG-II posts and HSG-I posts to the present status of HSG-I will be considered. The DDG (Estt.) informed that in lieu of increased promotions. The Staff Side should come forward with proposals for matching savings. He suggested merger or closure of single handed sub post offices to the extent of 3000 in urban area which was strongly opposed by us.

8. We further demanded that at the time of upgradation of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts some decent nomenclature should be given instead of present nomenclature.

9. The proposals on SBCO and Postal administrative offices will be discussed in the next meeting.

10. In RMS, we have demanded to increase the number of supervisory posts at least by three times to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd promotions within 25 years.

11. The DDG (Estt.) refused to discuss about MMS drivers case since it is subjudice.

12. The meeting was only a preliminary one and detailed discussions will be held shortly with the members of the Committee with full fledged discussions.


One more meeting was also held on the same day to discuss about Postmen related issues. The following are the out come:

1. Postmen may not be entrusted with any data entry work other than issue of Speed Post and Registered articles entrusted for their delivery. Norms for this work may also be fixed.

2. Revision of norms on registered / un-registered articles delivered and also the time for distance travelled will be considered.

3. Norms will be considered for the left out items also.

4. A survey will be conducted to decide the minimum and maximum distance to be travelled by foot in congested and non-congested areas using milometer and cyclometer.

5. Distance conditions for cycle maintenance allowance may be reviewed.

6. Separate incentive for speed post should be given when the work is entrusted with normal duties.

We also opposed the unilateral introduction of single beat system in Metros and big Cities (e.g. Chennai). Proper compensation for excess duty or creation of additional posts should also be ensured.


There was another meeting on 26.11.2010 to discuss the System Administrator’s issue. It was agreed to release orders shortly on grant of conveyance allowance. The duties and responsibilities and other issues will be discussed in the next meeting. Carving out a separate cadre from PA will be considered taking in to account the existence of System Assistant posts in other departments.


The Department of Posts has released the Gazette Notification of Postmaster’s Cadre and numerous mails and calls are being received by Federation and CHQ. We want to make it clear that we are not against the creation of Postmaster’s Cadre. But we seek more betterment in the scheme. At present 1/3rd posts of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I are identified for Postmaster’s Cadre.

We are seeking further following improvements in the order:

1. Before finalizing the options for Postmaster’s Cadre all the LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts should be filled up or all officials in 1st, 2nd and 3rd MACP should be allowed to exercise option to the newly formed Postmaster’s Cadre.

2. 25% posts of PS Gr.’B’ (Gazetted) Post Master posts shall be filled up from among the existing senior HSG-I officials at the initial stage itself.

3. APM Accounts and Accountants shall also be permitted to opt for the Postmasters Cadre.

We further desire to discuss this issue in threadbare during discussion in the Cadre Review Committee. A detailed note on this issue will be published soon.

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