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Monday, January 3, 2011


A DISCUSSION FORUM has been created and launched today for the benefit of branch / divisional secretary to offer their comments, suggestions on all issues and also to bring the problems of their division directly to the notice of the circle union and also CHQ. All are requested to REGISTER FIRST their names and create a USER ID for becoming a authorized member of the discussion forum. This will facilitates quick and transparent dealing of all issues pertain to our service between CHQ, circles and grass root. All are requested to record their post in their respective circle column. Let us make this FORUM a fruitful and a successful one.

The link for the forum


Unknown said...

This forum, apart from solving the problems of the staff members will certainly go a long way to mitigate the gap between the Divisions and CHQ.
Thanks a lot for the effort.
With regards.
Bruhaspati Samal
Bhubaneswar Division

Unknown said...

oh its wonderful its simply great and will definately dicrease the communication gape between branches of tree called AIPEU....specially in the union of department of communication it is well requred of optimum utilization of technology to keep our self ahead .......well done comrade keep it up........

karthikcananth said...

Sir, This is aa wonderful and innovative step to all the Divisional & Branch Secretaries to have direct inter-action with the Gen Secretary and also can have the first hand information reg working of CHQ.

With Regards.
Divl Secretary & ACS
A.I.P.E.U Group C
Bangalore South Division
MOB; 9886328440