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Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Historic March to Parliament

A Mamooth rally to Parliament organized by C. G. Employees movements/organizations/BSNL Employees union against the PFRDA bill was established its great success and concerns on the cause. Thousands of C. G. Employees including Railway men participated the rally. NFPE, as usual proved its mite by organizing more number of participants in the rally. Our P3 comrades are second none in exhibiting their concern against the PFRDA bill and participated in large numbers. Details we will published shortly.

The meeting was addressed by Com. Basudev Acharya MP, Com. Tapan Sen, MP, Com. Sukomal Sen (AISGEF), Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra (AIRF) Com. S. K. Vyas and Com. K. K. N Kutty (Confideration) Com. M. Krishnan (NFPE), Com. V. A. N. Namboodri & Com. P. Abhimanyu. (BSNL EU), Com. Pathak (AIDEF) Com. K. Rajendran (STFI) after the rally.

The CHQ records its sincere thanks to the participants and congratulates them whole heartly.



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