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Wednesday, October 31, 2007




All efforts will be made to protect the interests of postal employees. The strike period will be treated as holiday, said A. Raja, Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology.


Addressing a State-level conference of postal employees association held here on Sunday evening he said that steps would be taken to convene a tri-partite meeting between employees and the Government to settle the disputes and demands of the employees.


"I am supporting your demands. I fully believe the genuineness in your demands. At the same time, you should realise my position. What I can assure you is that I can take all your demands for an amicable solution. First, a meeting will be convened to sort out your problems," the minister said.


"At the same time postal employees must understand the changes taking place in service sector and its present scenario," he added.


Advance technology have changed the face of service sector and weeded out letter services. Technology development has not only brought convenience to people, but also paralysed the lives of thousands of postal employees, he added.


       Hindu (Chennai) 22.10.07


" The Minister while delivering his speech has mentioned that the strike period will be treated as leave and the Postal Employees will get fourteen days wages."          


Let us wait for the result.



(K V Sridharan)

General Secretary

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