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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Confederation on Mathruboomi News

Dear Comrades! Please find hereunder the Confederation Secretary General's comments on the news item published by "Mathruboomi" a malayalam news daily on the interim report of sixth pay commission submitted to the Government.


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New Delhi,. 110 001.

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President:                     Com.S.K. Vyas:           9868244035

Working President.       Com.C.C. Pillai:           9811213808

Secretary General:        Com.K.K.N.Kutty       9811048303

Dated: 29.09.2007.






One of the leading vernacular dailies of the country, "Mathubhumi", has today brought out a sensational news on the probable recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission purported to have come from a reliable source.   As per the report, the Commission has submitted an interim recommendation to the Govt. on a specific request made by the Finance Ministry.  In the absence of any provisions in the terms of reference for an interim report except on the question of   "interim relief", which the commission has flatly refused to  give, both the requisition made by the Ministry of Finance and the obedience thereof by the Pay Commission are startling. The report if it is true (we have no reason to disbelieve it, given to the respectability and reliability Muthurbhumi   commands amongst its readership), will trigger off serious industrial action, as the demand for minimum wage on the basis of the  need based minimum wage formula which works out to Rs 9730 as on 01.01.2006 stands rejected for no valid or tenable reason , especially in the present  socio-economic condition in the country and the financial resource of the Govt. of India.



K.K.N.Kutty ,

Secretary General.


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